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Exit Glacier Hike: Top 5 Interesting Things To Know

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Exit Glacier Hike is one of the most-awaited places to be visited in Alaska. It is one of the all-time favorite travel destinations for everyone and an unforgettable experience. This is because it is a remote and most beautiful place.

It is easily accessible at your comfort and a very famous destination located in the Kenai Fjords National park. Just walking in and seeing how much the Glacier has retreated is quite an experience.

You can find attractive and inspiring vistas ranging from the sea to mountains thrusting the summits so high. You might feel like reaching heaven!

exit glacier hike

10 Interesting Things You Need To Know About Exit Glacier Hike

1) Exit Glacier Hike: It Is Conveniently Located And Easy To Access

Exit Glacier Alaska is known as a drive-up glacier. It is one of the most-visited destinations due to the ease of approach. It is very convenient if you arrive in Seward via a cruise ship.

Even though this glacier will be open for the whole year, the roads will be closes for cars at the time of November snows. The hike to the overlook is easy.

You find this hike 3.7 miles north of Seward Highway, Alaska, and 125 miles south of Anchorage, Alaska. It is at the end of the Exit Glacier Road. The road is about 8 miles along the Exit Glacier Nature Centre at the end.

The planes leave every hour from downtown Seward. It is about a 15-minute trip along the Resurrection River, through scenic Kenai Fjords National Part until you reach the parking lot.

You have many important decisions to make about how to spend time, once you arrive at the parking lot accessible by road.

At Exit Glacier, there is no cell service. So keep an eye on the time as you will not call the shuttle company, You can either use your watch or cell phone to follow the time.

2) Exit Glacier Hike: It Is The Best Place For Nature Lovers

The Exit Glacier hike is the best place to attract nature lovers because of its spectacular view.

The Exit Glacier Nature Center, adjacent to the parking lot, attracts tourists with its beautiful view. But there is limited parking, especially during the hours of 10:30 am- 3:30 pm.

This center is open from Memorial Day weekend to the Monday of Labor Day weekend. You can also find exhibits about the Exit Glacier area.

There are also picnic tables available for resting and snacking. If you are thinking of bringing something for a meal, this is a wise decision.

There are rangers available for you to answer your questions about which hike is best for you. There are also bookstores as well if you want to take home a little memory of your trip.

The Parking in the lot will be full sometimes during the summer months. Especially in the afternoon hours when the glacier is most crowded, it is tough to park your vehicle.

Nature centre

3) Exit Glacier Hike: Bathrooms At Exit Glacier Hike are Clean and has Good Infrastructure

Exit Glacier Hike is a very manageable hike, even with kids. You experience a great view of Exit Glacier.

The trails, bathrooms, gift shops, and visitor centers are maintained in remarkable conditions without discomfort to the visitors.

When you first approach the Exit Glacier Nature Centre, you will notice the warmer months’ flush toilets.

During the summer season from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend, flush toilets are available.

There are some beautiful points along the way with great photo opportunities. It’s amazing to see the rushing water along the trail that’s coming from the glacier.

The trail to the glacier is an easy hike. And it is well worth your time exploring and taking pictures.

4) Exit Glacier Hike: There Is a Strenuous Harding Icefield Trail

This Strenuous Harding Icefield is found after traveling nine miles round trip from the Exit Glacier Nature Center. Stretching for 700 square miles, the ice field is the central feature of Kenai Fjords Natural Park.

It is suitable for the physically well-prepared and is considered a challenging day. It climbs in elevation one thousand feet per mile the first four miles.

You are advised not to take the hike on this day if you are not physically able. It was still a good 20 minutes each way and uphill at the same point with uneven, rocky ground.

It has a little danger to go all the way to the ice hold and back to the parking lot. Some of the areas you climb up and climb down have loose footing. So, be careful.

For this Icefield trail, no special equipment is needed. Just a hiking pole would certainly help.

You need not hike all the way to the top to experience the wonders of the trail, although the view from the top is well worth the effort.


5) Exit Glacier Hike: You Can Take a Ranger Led Walk

A variety of ranger-Led walks takes place during the summer season, all day. The rangers will explain flora and fauna and point out the glacial melting.

The walk will follow the trail to the glacier overlook lasting about 1hour, 30 minutes. Even the wheelchair is available during the course to the Glacier.

You can hire a ranger on the maintained trail to Glacier to experience the view of the Glacier. You can look out for pictures, and onto the Glacier overlook trail.

6) Exit Glacier Hike: Safety tips

If you are on a plan to visit Exit Glacier, you must follow some precautions. Notify someone about your plans for the day.

Whether at Exit Glacier is always very unpredictable and can change in a moment at a specific time. So, ensure the weather conditions on that day before starting the trip.

Bring plenty of water in a water bottle, and carry quickly and easy snacks along with you. Don’t forget to bring beach shoes for Alaska’s pebbly beaches.

You are recommended to carry unisex polarized sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

seward road


If you want to plan a trip for the Exit Glacier Hike, learn about the local area and glacier hikes available to you and general information about the Exit Glacier. Guided tours are more interesting, and you will experience a great trip.








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