Famous zoos in Iowa city Famous zoos in Iowa city

Wild Adventures Await: Explore Zoos in Iowa City for a Roaring Good Time

The zoo is one such place that can never go wrong for any age group. Whether or not you are a devoted animal lover, you will always enjoy a trip to the zoo.

And it’s not just about the fun; zoos are where many endangered animals are conserved. This helps to prevent the animals from extinction. Also, through the zoos, educating people in a fun way becomes easier. Education about wildlife increases people’s awareness of conserving different animals.

There are numerous zoos around the globe. So, you may find it a bit intimidating to choose one to visit with your family. But if you are planning a trip to Iowa City, USA, you must see the ones we mention here.

5 Famous Zoos in Iowa City

1. Blank Park Zoo

Blank Park Zoo is situated in Des Moines, Lowa City. Blank Park is a pure ground for knowledge about different animals and their habitats. It is the only accredited zoo in the state.

1.2 About the Zoo

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels;

The zoo is spread across 49 acres of land, making it home to over 800 different species of animals. This zoo is also a well-established Association of Zoos and Aquariums member.

The following are the major attractions of the zoo:

1.2.1 African Boardwalk

African Boardwalk is one of the key attractions in the zoo. On the African boardwalk, various species from Africa are kept in the natural environment. Here, you can find different African animals like zebras, ostriches, and giraffes.

1.2.2 Aquarium of the Discovery Centre

This aquarium includes aquatic animals from all around the globe. The main features include the coral reef and the Amazon River Pool, where you can find fish such as redtail catfish, tambaqui, and silver Arowana.

1.2.3 Australian Adventure

Australian Adventure is the spot where you can see Australian wildlife like Kangaroos.

1.2.4 Asian Discovery

In the Asian Discovery section, you will watch and learn about Asian animal species like red pandas, snow leopards, and tigers.

1.2.5 American Prairie

American Prairie is also an attractive section of Blank Park Zoo. Here, you will see the wildlife of North America.

1.3 Why Do You Need to Visit the Zoo?

The Blank Park Zoo, Iowa, offers dining options and gift shops. Also, the zoo arranges different types of educational programs for all ages.

But the special thing about the Zoo is that it participates in different breeding programs to save endangered species. Also, the museum arranges events to raise awareness about wildlife conservation

So, if you want to see animals from different areas, you must visit this zoo.

2. The Great Ape Trust

It is a zoo situated in Des Moines, IA 50320, Iowa. The Great Ape Trust is not a traditional zoo but focuses on research on primates. You will find a group of Bonobos.

Bonobos are the close relatives of chimpanzees. The Great Ape Trust was later renamed as Ape Cognition and Conservation Initiatives [ACCI].

The research on the cognitive ability of primates is done here, and along with the research, it protects and conserves these primates.

The ACCI offers educational programs and lectures. The outcome of the research is also shared here sometimes. Also, it promotes the conservation of the primates.

2.2 Why Do You Need to Visit the Zoo?

If you are interested in learning about primates and want to know more about bonobos, you must visit the ACCI. So, by visiting here you can enjoy your holidays along with gaining knowledge about the primates.

3. Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo

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Omaha’s Henry Zoo and Aquarium is located in Omaha, Nebraska. Its distance from Iowa City is about 220 miles. It takes approx 2-3 hours from the city to the zoo.

3.2 About the Zoo

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Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo is one of the renowned zoos in the United States and has been ranked one of the top 5 zoos in the world. It is also a member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums. 

The main focus of this zoo is research, education, and conservation.

Following are some top attractions in Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo.

3.2.1 Dessert Dome

It is one of the largest indoor desserts. Also, the unique thing about the spot is that you can watch the different animals and plants from the desert regions.

3.2.2 Kingdom of Night

In the Kingdom of Night, you will be watching the collection of various types of nocturnal creatures like bats.

3.2.3 Lied Jungle

Lied Jungle is an indoor rainforest. Here, you will get to see rainforests, waterfalls, and free-roaming wildlife.

3.2.4 Gorilla Valley

In the Gorilla Valley park, you will see an amazing variety of apes. And the kids will love the area by watching the fun things done by these apes.

3.2.5 Scott Aquarium

In the Scott Aquarium, you will be able to explore marine life from all around the globe. There is a shark tunnel, too, through which visitors can swim underwater.

3.3 Why Do You Need to Visit the Zoo?

In the zoo, various educational programs are offered. Also, by visiting the zoo, you can witness how the zoo participates in conservation efforts. To conserve endangered species, the zoo participates in different breeding programs.

The zoo also provides various amenities like gift shops and dining options. Every age group, by visiting the zoo in lowa city can enjoy their trip.

4. National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium

Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium, Dubuque, Iowa

You cannot miss out on this place being ranked the Outstanding Attraction of the Year in 2022. This is an aquarium that also features a museum and a science center.

As the aquarium is nestled on the banks of the Mississippi River, visitors can enjoy rides on steamboats. Visitors get the chance to learn about Iowa’s aquatic life and the Mississippi River.

Getting the full experience of the aquarium would take at least 4-5 hours.

Following are some of the best attractions:

4.1 Science Center

A center of education for all ages. Hands-on learning activities keep the visitors engaged and entertained at all times.

4.2 Museum

The museum is set to depict life on the river and the surrounding areas through interactive exhibits and artifacts.

5. Sunrise Children’s Zoo

A very special zoo in Iowa is the Sunrise Children’s Zoo which is built on land donated by a local farmer. The zoo is open only five months a year, from May to September, with no admission fee.

Volunteers run the entire zoo, and visitors get a chance to interact with the happy animals. The best part of the zoo is it is also home to cuddly animals such as goats, chickens, ducks, donkeys, deer, dogs, cats, cows, and even pigs.

One special thing about the zoo is that dogs and cats are also put up for adoption, so visitors can get a cuddly baby home, too. Since it is a children’s zoo, it also has a picnic area for families.

6. Conclusion

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Above, we discussed the zoos around Iowa City. In the zoo, you can explore a variety of wildlife. Also, the zoo provides a fantastic experience and knowledge about the importance of conserving animals.

So, if you simply love animals and want to feel connected with nature, you must try to visit the above zoos. Lastly, let me know which is your favorite zoo to visit.

Also, write your reviews about the museum you have recently visited. If you loved the article, don’t forget to share it with your family and friends.

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