Freestone Park: Top 10 Intriguing Facts

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Freestone Park

Craving for a vacation at Freestone Park, Arizona? Here is the best travel advice for you. If you are from Gilbert or planning to visit Arizona, you definitely should not miss it out.

Freestone Park: Top 10 Best Facts

1. Location  of Freestone  Park

1045E Juniper Road Gilbert, AZ 85234

Whether children, adults or senior citizens, the Park at Gilbert, Arizona, known as the Freestone Park, is loved by everyone. It contains various areas needed for spending a perfect vacation.

Freestone Park was built in 1988. It is the first district park, and since then, it is being developed. Most of you out there are older than the park. It can also be considered the heart of Gilbert.

The large stretches of land covered with greenery spread over more than 75 acres. Freestone Park has two lakes, where You can also see ducks. Behind the lakes are waterfalls that look even more beautiful.

This makes a perfect area for the best photographs. Palm trees in the Park provide a view of beaches.

Freestone Park is the best place if you want to spend some amazing time with your family, children and pets. You can sit and enjoy yourself on the benches and your children at kiddie rides.

If you are looking for a beautiful venue for your wedding ceremony, you can definitely check out Freestone Park. It is the perfect place if you dream about a park wedding with waterfalls and lakes around. You can make your bookings on the website.

2. Timings at Freestone Park

5:30 AM to 10:00 PM, including Sundays and other off days.

But there are certain rules which need to follow:-

3. Restrictions at Freestone Park

  1. Swimming in lakes is strictly not allowed.
  2. Alcohol consumption is punishable.
  3. Areas that are closed should not have interfered.
  4. Abusive behavior is not tolerated.
  5. Unreasonable noise can prohibit your entry into the amusement park.

Park has a good parking space to park more than 350 vehicles. Parking in areas not assigned for parking is not allowed.

Freestone Park has many playground equipment that children love. Swings, Slides, Mini Ferris wheel, Carousel and a mini train ride. Children enjoy playing on them without getting bored and definitely have a fun time in the amusement park.

cr scaled
Photo by Jhon Paul Dela Cruz on Unsplash

If you are a pet owner and you can go along with your pet.

But there are a few things you need to keep in mind –

4. Pet Requirements at Freestone Park

  1. Dogs must not be left open as the park have visitors as children too.
  2. A leash is required if you own a dog, and if not, the park rangers will fine you.
  3. The fecal matter and the leftovers from the food you brought for the dog must be disposed of properly.
  4. You should make sure that your pet does not get into fights with other dogs.
  5. You cannot take your pet to the playing areas.

Freestone Park also has a miniature train ride for children below 12 years of age. It gives them a complete round of the park. It is one of the most enjoyable places at Freestone by the children.

For those  interested in sports and games, you need not worry because different sports arenas are setup such as

1. Softball fields  2. Basketball courts  3. Tennis courts 4. Volleyball courts 5. Skate park

Every year Gilbert Arizona Parks organizes a Softball match during Winter, Spring and Fall. You can register your team online at the website.

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Photo by Rachel Barkdoll on Unsplash

All of the fields are properly lighted.

5. Restrictions on The Sports Fields at Gilbert Freestone Park

1. Golfing is not allowed in the park areas

2. Interference with reserved areas is not tolerated.

3. Animals are not at all allowed in the park.

4. Sitting or leaning and attaching items to fences like light poles, nets.

5. Glass containers, food, gum or drink except for water.

Fishing in the lakes of Freestone Park also attracts a lot of people.

6. Rules for Fishing at Freestone Park

  • Fishing license
  • The number of fish you can catch, depending on the kind of fish you are catching.

1. Kinds of Fishes at Freestone Park

  • You could catch rainbow trout and Channel catfish only 2 per day per person
  • 5 sunfishes could be caught a day
  • Largemouth bass and White amur are just 1 by one person.

Freestone Park also has picnic tables in the picnic areas and Ramada for the visitors to enjoy their picnic times. You can register the picnic tables at the

You can have your hands on small to large Ramada near Courtside, playground, tennis court, multiple playgrounds and many more.

Freestone Park also has a Freestone Recreation Centre amongst it’s picnic areas.

 7. Timings of Freestone Rec Centre

Monday- Thursday: 7:00 AM-6:00 PM, closed during Fridays

You can actually pursue a lot of amazing activities, recreation and cultural programs. You can be a member of the Recreation Centre by registering yourself. You can be a member for a day, a month, for six months or a year.  Registration fees are different according to the members’ age and how long they want to be a member.

There are many activities you can do after you become a member of the Freestone Recreation Centre.

8. Activities at Freestone Recreation Centre 

  • Lobby Game
  • Rock wall
  • Racquetball Courts
  • Fitness centers.

Activities at the fitness center:

  1.    CYCLING
  2.    YOGA
  3.    PILATES
  4.    ZUMBA
  • Locker-Rooms
  • Gymnasium
  • Steam Room and Sauna.

Freestone Recreation center offers paid classes for martial arts, youth sports, early childhood classes and more.

Birthday parties can also be celebrated at the Freestone Recreation Center.  By filling a form and paying a fee, you can book the center for a party.

9. Party Packages at Rec Center

  1. Free passes for children attending the party.
  2. Bags full of goodies for children.
  3. Foods and drinks.
  4. Rockwall certificate for the birthday child.
  5. Set up and clean up of the party decoration by the staff.

The recreation center also provides venues for your wedding ceremony. You can make a booking on the website.

10. Location of Rec Center at Freestone

East Guadalupe Street at Northern Gilbert.

Special attention is given to the security of the Park and the visitors. Rules and regulations are set up for each area of the Park.

Park Rangers are assigned to keep an eye on every strange activity going on in the Park. Rude behavior towards the staff of the Park can affect your entry at the Park.

Special Permits are required for the sales of any goods in the park.

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