Fun Ideas For Bringing A New Spark Into Your Relationship

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Concept of relationship. Silhouette of the gap between men and women in quarrel against the background of the sunny sky.
Concept of relationship. Silhouette of the gap between men and women in quarrel against the background of the sunny sky. Source: Depositphotos

Since the beginning of mankind, humans have tried to maintain happy and healthy relationships. It doesn’t really make a difference if you’ve been in a relationship for a short or long time, you and your partner should always work together to create a strong bond and add a spark to your love life. Daily tasks and routines tend to make life monotonous, and boring, and often require some fun activities to spice things up. Adding a bit of fun can help in making the difference you long for together.


Planning romantic dinners and fancy holidays is a great way to electrify the love and passion between you and your partner. However, in order for this love to continue, it’s important to turn normal days into enjoyable pleasures. You don’t have to spend tons of your money or go really out of your way to enjoy fun activities together. Here are a few ideas for bringing a new spark into your relationship.

Attentiveness to One Another

Over the years, many couples grow further apart since it becomes a habit to take one another for granted, ignore how the other part feels, and not pay attention to the small things that make them feel loved and needed. Regenerating feelings of love and sparks of passion start by being attentive to one another. Attentiveness is not fulfilled through romantic outings and candlelight dinners at home, it is achieved through communication (talking as well as listening).

Any kind of engaging conversation about different topics like movies, hobbies, family, or friends can create a bond that reconnects both of you. This works effectively, especially in long-term relationships; forgetting is a normal human trait, and people tend to forget each other’s interests and desires. Help each other to remember why you were attracted to one another in the first place.

Go On Dates

Enjoying your time together and going on dates is typically how any love relationship starts. Over time, the daily responsibilities and the unending needs of life, especially if children are involved, probably come in the way; chances of enjoying each other’s company and having leisure time together start to fade away. What’s left are tons of things to do, burdens, and responsibilities such that there’s no time left to go on a date and enjoy your time together like you used to do. Make the effort to plan a special date night whether it’s once a week or once a month. What matters is having something to look forward to with excitement until the day comes.

Flirt with Each Other 

Mutual flirtation can save your relationship or marriage, and we’re not exaggerating when we say that. Flirting is what got you together in the first place, it’s the thing that kick-started your love, and got you into the relationship you’re in right now. So how then can you expect this love to continue without this essential part as fuel to ignite the relationship and keep it going? If you stop expressing what you love about each other and what electrifies your desires, the playfulness and fun will be turned off for a long time. Flirting takes different forms and is usually triggered once you feel and look attractive to each other. Tell your partner how attractive you still find them and replace disconnection and resentment with love words and sexy attitudes.

Have Sex 

It takes one snatch and the thread keeps pulling. First, you stop being attentive, second, you stop engaging in fun activities and dating, third, you stop flirting, and finally, you stop having sex as you used at the beginning of your relationship. The desire to have sex with each other soon vanishes and feelings of resentment will grow as the days go by.

One of the best tips recommended by researchers and studies at is to practice new techniques that can level up your skills and trigger your sexual desire. Making the effort to engage in sex more frequently will keep you connected and increase your bond profoundly. Just like anything else in life, if you stop training, you lose your skills and desire over time.

Take the Initiative

This is a very important thing that creates a real spark in a relationship. Don’t sit out there waiting for a sign or the first move – just go and create it. Waiting kills the desire and builds a cycle of disappointment and resentment until it becomes a pattern. Taking the initiative has a powerful and magical effect on spicing things up; if you need to feel wanted and be seen you should be physically and mentally present. When you grow apart from your partner, always remember that this is the same person you fell in love with years ago. Try to figure out and rediscover your common interests and the simple things you used to enjoy together.

Surprises are Fun

Everybody jumps for joy when they are pleasantly surprised. Whether you’re young or old. surprises never fail to make us happy. A surprise shows thoughtfulness and gratitude, and it conveys that you still care about your partner. It’s the thought and effort that usually counts, so it doesn’t have to be a trip around the world or a piece of expensive jewelry. The simplest things in life make all the difference.


Being in a relationship that lacks fun and enjoyable activities creates dissatisfaction, resentment, and disconnection. The burdens and responsibilities are difficult to carry, and the responsibilities of everyday life never seem to end, so if you sit there waiting for the right moment to change things, this moment may never come. At the beginning of your relationship with your partner, dating and happy moments were probably all you experienced. Watching others struggling in their relationships was something you often felt awkward about and you might’ve even told yourself several times that this can never happen to your relationship. But then, you woke up one day and realized that you’ve found yourself in the very same situation. Scary thought, isn’t it? But that doesn’t have to be your experience. Go ahead and change things for the better.


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