The Glazer Children's Museum Adventure Awaits in Tampa! The Glazer Children's Museum Adventure Awaits in Tampa!

The Glazer Children’s Museum Adventure Awaits in Tampa!

Grab the Glazer Children’s Museum: General Admission tickets from Fever and allow your children to extend their horizons and learning through imaginative play in the city of Tampa.

If you are looking for a perfect adventure for your little one, then look no further because Glazer Children’s Museum is here to ease your worries.

Situated in the heart of Tampa, it is a world of wonder waiting for your little angels, calling them to play, explore, and discover a new adventure experience.

Location: Where Your Adventure Begins

In the heart of Tampa, where you can see the sun gliding upon the city’s skyline, this hub of boundless adventure – the Glazer Children’s Museum is specially designed for your kid.

A Day of Boundless Adventure

Don’t worry about the time, as general admission grants access for an entire day. Your kids will have enough time to enjoy their interactive learning journey. 

Things to Know

We welcome every child here, even infants under a year old. They don’t need any ticket for access but don’t forget kids need adults. Also, remember that Tuesday of each month opens doors for free admission. 

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Wheelchair users don’t have to worry as we have a wheelchair-friendly venue. The area near the exhibition for parking strollers is limited. Don’t forget our no food or drinks policy in the exhibition

A Place Where Learning Is Fun

Give your kids a young and vibrant mind, an atmosphere where they can get pure joy. At Glazer’s Children’s Museum, you will witness your little one immersed in a symphony of creativity. Observe them engaging in imaginative play, connecting them with a new world and an environment to enhance learning. 

Here, we have 21 exhibits meticulously designed to fascinate those little minds filled with curiosity. Each work has something different to express.

We invite you to explore various engineering, theatre, and art subjects. Here, your tiny one will get to play- become a doctor curing invisible ailments or an intrepid ship captain finding their way through the waters.

This is not just a museum but a canvas where their personalities and interests get a chance to unveil in a delightful way.

Witness your little ones embracing diverse roles delightfully, sparking their interest and nurturing individuality.

You will see them playing and discover their new sides, which you never knew existed before. They will take care of the “sick” to command imaginary vessels, and they are going to thrive in an environment of limitless possibilities. 

Get Your Tickets Now

Be prepared to witness the symphony of play and a  lively environment at Glazer Children’s Museum. Book your tickets now from the official Fever website, where the tickets for Seniors (65+) / Military / First Responders / Educators are priced at $16.00, for Adults (13-64) are priced at $18.00, and for children (1-12) are priced at $18.00.

Don’t forget to show those smartphone tickets at the front desk before your journey, and let the adventure begin. Are questions and curiosity bothering you? Worry not just reach out and create memories to cherish for a lifetime. 

A Quick Recap

  • What – Glazer Children’s Museum: General Admission, A day of endless adventure. 
  • When – Various days are available, and you can select your day from the Fever ticket selector at your convenience. 
  • Where – Glazer Children’s Museum, located at Tampa’s 110 West Gasparilla Plaza.
  • Tickets – Book the space for your little one from Fever


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