Amazing Health Benefits of Mango You Should Know About

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Mango is a word that reminds us of a juicy and tasty tropical fruit. Remember the dripping of the juices of that delicious fruit down your hand on that hot summer day or having the refreshing “aam-panna” after coming back from the heat? No wonder mango is also known as the “king of fruits.”

But did you know that mango satisfies our tastebuds and has several health benefits surprisingly as well?

Like many other fruits, mango is also rich in vitamin C. Rich in Vitamin C means it plays a vital role in forming blood vessels, supports your cardiovascular system, and even reduces inflammation of the heart.

1. Health Benefits of Mango

Mango, already known for being rich in vitamins, also has innumerable other minerals like magnesium, potassium, etc. These affect blood pressure and maintain a healthy immune system – such are the health benefits of mango.

Not only that, mangoes even have antioxidants and even over 20 vitamins, making them a superfood. When talking about the health benefits of mangoes, the list is never-ending.

It may appear as a surprise when we say that mangoes are suitable for people trying to control their blood sugar levels. Blood sugar spikes can be controlled if the serving is correct. Mango contains high amounts of dietary fiber and is a widely known low GI food, thus keeping your blood glucose levels and digestive health in check.

health benefits of mango
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This tasty tropical food helps you keep your eye health in check. Apart from all these health benefits of mango, it also has anti-cancer properties. It can reduce the chances of advancement of the stages when consumed within an appropriate time.

Mangoes contain Vitamin A, which is indeed an essential ingredient when it comes to maintaining eye health.

The health benefits of mango include maintaining healthy skin and hair health. Due to Beta-Carotene and Vitamin A, consuming mangoes reduces the chances of acne and is an anti-aging agent.

The oil of the mango seeds, when dried for a few days, can be mixed with fenugreek and Greek yogurt to get rid of dandruff and other hair problems.

Thus, mango fruit can be added to a healthy balanced diet if you need a dose of daily vitamins or need to consume any nutrient-dense fruit.

1.1. A Healthy Source of Adequate Vitamin C

Besides the health benefits of mango, it is also a great source of Vitamin A.

Each 100 gm of mango contains 36.4 mg of vitamin C. Thus, mangoes are rich in vitamin C, which plays a massive role in forming blood vessels and healthy collagen, thus making the healing process (when wounded) much faster.

Besides Vitamin C, mango also contains Vitamin A, Potassium, Beta Carotene, Magnesium, etc.

1.2. Immune System

Fresh mango is an excellent source of nutrients, which helps to strengthen your immune system. Apart from these health benefits of mango, because of their high amounts of fiber, mangoes also help keep your digestive system clean and healthy.

Polyphenol-rich mango can also help you ameliorate functional constipation symptoms.

health benefits of mango
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Thus, this stone fruit looks after your gut health, relieves chronic constipation, and helps prevent breast cancer and any heart disease.

1.3. Blood Sugar

As discussed earlier, mangoes have a low Glycemic Index and high fiber content. Fruits with high glucose levels may cause sugar spikes, but there’s no such risk involved with mangoes.

It is a widely acclaimed fact that the more fiber content, the lesser the sugar content consumed. Thus, diabetic patients should always try consuming the mango flesh but not in the puree form.

Ripe mangoes are excellent sources of nutrients. However, patients should always get their diabetes checked and consult a dietician for nutrition tips.

1.4. Weight loss

health benefits of mango
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Each 100 gm of mango contains 0 grams of fat. Mangoes can never make you gain weight but help you lose weight since they contain high fiber amounts.

If someone’s having mangoes as pulp or packaged or through flavored drinks, that can make you gain weight since it contains unhealthy amounts of sugar.

2. Is It Okay to Eat a Mango Every Day?

Is it okay to eat mangoes every day? – a question that prevents several people from savoring the taste of this tasty fruit.

Eating mangoes every day will cause no harm if consumed within limits. Food research on the daily consumption of mangoes shows it is okay to limit the daily consumption to 330 gm per day, which is equivalent to 2 cups.

This allows you to maintain a balanced diet, speed up weight loss, and even prevent several chronic diseases.

3. Can Mangoes Make You Gain Weight?

The answer is simple – NO! This tropical fruit cannot help you gain weight until you keep the consumption in check.

Mangoes should be consumed as they are and not in pulp form – i.e., mangoes can be included in a tropical fruit salad but not in smoothies and shakes. Diced mangoes make for an excellent breakfast because of the high amounts of dietary fiber.

One can undoubtedly enjoy mango if the consumption is limited to 1 and a half cups per day.

Thus, the health benefits of mango are never-ending.

4. Is Mango a Superfood?

Of all the carotenoid-containing fruits, mango, with its health benefits, vitamins, and other daily vital nutrients, and, of course, the taste, mango can be termed as a superfood without a second thought.

The health benefits of mango make it a worthy food component to be included in a keto diet. Another reason to eat more mango without feeling guilty!!

health benefits of mango
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Health professionals say that mangoes can effectively reduce the chances of cancer since they contain several unique antioxidants, bioactive components, and gallic acid compared to other foods known to prevent cancer.

Apart from that, mango contains the antioxidants lutein, which help maintain eye health. Even mango leaves are believed to be beneficial for diabetes patients. One can soak the leaves overnight and drink filtered water first thing in the morning to keep diabetes in check.

Thus, mango, a crucial part of Indian cuisine – a fruit bursting with vitamins, complex carbs, and an equivalent amount of taste, is a superfood. The health benefits of mango are endless.

5. Bottom Line

Mango has its share of disadvantages as well if consumed in high amounts. High consumption of mango means higher blood sugar levels. Not only that, but it can also cause diarrhea too.

The mango skin contains urushiol, which can trigger allergic reactions and cause red skin or patches when in direct contact with skin.

health benefits of mango
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Besides the health benefits of mango, we now know about its disadvantages too. Yet, mango continues to be one of the favorite fruits for everyone, and do we all seriously need reasons to eat mango? No way!

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