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8 Reasons to Choose Heritage Funeral Home Columbia TN

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Keith Baker is the owner of Heritage Funeral Home. Keith was born and reared in Maury County’s Santa Fe Community. He is the late Ralph and Mai Baker’s son. After graduating from Santa Fe High School, he attended Radio School in Atlanta, Georgia. Keith has ten grandkids and three children, Angie Roberts, Jeremy Baker, and Brooke Hensley.

Keith Baker Homes, a manufactured housing sales center, launched his successful business career in Columbia in 1976. Keith Baker Homes has been expanding for many years, with locations in numerous nearby counties and the ownership of several manufactured home rental communities.

On the other hand, Keith is now a regular visitor to the funeral home, where he plays an active role in the bulk of the memorial service. Keith has a strong desire to help others, and one of his favorite quotes is “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Keith has a servant’s heart, and during visitations and funerals, you’ll find him listening, consoling, and visiting with friends and family.

Keith is a member of the First United Methodist Church, the Kiwanis Club, the YMCA’s founding board of directors, and the Tennessee Manufactured Housing Hall of Fame. He has served on the boards of directors of several Maury County organizations. Keith does not hold a funeral director’s license.

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Heritage funeral Home Columbia TN
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A funeral home, often known as a funeral parlor or mortuary, is a company that specializes in providing burial service and funeral services to the deceased and their relatives.

Funeral homes plan services based on the requests of surviving friends and family members, whether immediate relatives or executors listed in a valid will. The funeral home frequently handles all of the appropriate paperwork and permits and has control of other procedures, such as arranging cemetery preparations and distributing obituaries to the news media.

The funeral industry has a report of a long history dating back to the Egyptians, who perfected preservation technology. In recent years, many funeral establishments have begun to post obituaries online and develop memorial webpages using materials provided by families.

These also help in advertising funeral homes. A viewing, a funeral ceremony in a place of worship or the funeral home chapel, and a graveside committal service are all part of a standard funeral service.

The funeral home receives the body, prepares it for the crematory, and files the necessary legal documents for direct cremation. The absence of a funeral service in favor of a quick, simple burial is known as direct/immediate burial.

Preparing a body for shipment in a coffin strapped into an arbitrary or a combined unit is the first step in moving it between mortuaries. This is typical when the person is buried in a location other than where they died.

Location: 609 Bear Creek Pike, Columbia, TN 38401, United States

Contact number: +1 931-840-4750

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1. Cemetery

The cemetery is a unique final resting place in the neighborhood. It is wonderfully planted and distinctively created to provide a park-like setting. On Bear Creek Pike, Maury Memorial Gardens is next to Heritage Funeral Home’s building. Ground burials and a chapel mausoleum with crypts and cremation niches are available.

Their tomb contains a climate-controlled enclosed chapel. The design creates a nice, relaxing ambiance in which you may sit and reflect on your loved one’s memories. There is a drive under the roof on the front of the structure and parking places on both ends.

2. Crematory

Heritage Funeral Home has Columbia’s only on-site crematory. Therefore, your loved one will always be under their care.

3. Life’s Decisions

In life, most of us plan things early. We make plans for our weddings, children’s educations, family vacations, and other major life milestones. We also purchase a home, auto, and medical insurance to prepare for life’s unexpected events.

Many people have begun to design their arrangements after learning about their advantages.

4. Online Scheduler

Heritage Funeral Home
Image Source: Heritage funeral

Heritage Funeral Home online planner was created to give you a different way of thinking about funeral arrangements in your time of need.

5. Mindfulness

Many people who have experienced the emotional burden of planning a funeral within hours after the death of a loved one have decided to pre-plan their funeral. Planning ahead of time at Heritage Funeral Home will relieve you from the burden of decision-making during a time of loss and emotional hardship.

6. Personal Preference

Funeral planning is a very personal decision. Preparing ahead of time allows you to make sensible, thorough decisions that suit your standards, lifestyle, taste, and budget. Heritage Funeral Home guarantees that your decisions will be carried out as intended for you and your family.

7. Cost Cutting

Heritage Funeral Home can estimate the entire cost once you’ve finalized your strategy. You can assist in relieving yourself of unnecessary future stress and your survivors of an unexpected expense by locking in today’s funeral costs and ensuring that the necessary funds are set aside.

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8. Staff Members

Heritage Funeral Home Columbia’s TN staff comprises caring and experienced experts who recognize that each family is different and has its traditions and demands. They place a high value on their requests and traditions.

There are many differences between their funeral homes and others, but what sets them different are their people and the quality of grief support they deliver. Every family in the Heritage family is treated as if it were its own.

Their employees are passionate about the people and community they serve. They want you to find solace in their employees and facilities during these trying times. They are here to help you at any moment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whether it’s to establish plans, make immediate needs arrangements, or provide aid after the funeral ceremony is over.

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