Visiting Highland Springs: The Amazing 2021 Travel Guide For You

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Highland Springs
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Highland Springs is one of the most diverse suburbs in the state of Virginia, USA. It is located just 15-20 mins away from Richmond, the capital of Virginia. As a major Eastern part of Henrico County, it has a more comfortable environment than the west side.

Before 1890, Highland Springs was considered a rural area. Later on, it was developed by Edmund Read, who was into real estate.

If you wish for a tranquil, fulfilling vacation, this suburb provides you with such an experience because it’s amazingly in-tune with nature. A place like this has beauty which could make you feel at home.

Since planning well and getting to know important details is crucial, a travel guide is filled with all the information you need to know before you hit the country roads.

All About Highland Springs: The Beneficial Information You Need To Know

1. How To Reach

For non-residents of America, you can always book a flight to any of the airports in Virginia, preferably the Richmond International airport. If you already live in the US, this could mean a fun road trip, whether you’re traveling solo or with your loved ones! You can take a bus or a cab to reach your destination. The distance is approximately 9-10 km if you travel via Triangle Rd, S Laburnum Avenue.,


The services in this district are not as expensive as those in the western areas. Today, you can experience dining, leisure activities, hotels at more affordable rates than in the city.

2. Environment Of Highland Springs

The summer season isn’t ideal because the heat gets unbearable as the temperature rises. It attracts a higher number of travelers during the winter and spring seasons.

With the onset of spring, from early April to early June, the temperature is normal in the daytime, although it may get cold or even frosty at night. The same happens in autumn, although it gives a beautiful sight as the colors begin to change the entire vibe of the area.

Overall, the weather conditions are usually a little unpredictable as the seasons blend into one another. You have to be prepared with a variety of clothing to suit the day as well as nighttime.

Not to forget, the localities are clean, highly maintained with wide roads which give off an old-school, ghetto vibe. It has a safe, jolly environment. The houses are built close to one another, and the locales are pretty friendly.

Here’s a fun fact: Highland Springs’ founder named all the streets based on his favorite plants and vegetation, like cedar, juniper, maple leaf, and oak, all in alphabetical order.

3. Where To Stay: Finding Wonderful Hotels In Highland Springs With A Comfortable Environment

You can find a wide range of inns providing several facilities, only within a distance of few miles. They offer twenty-four-hour services. Need to gather more information on these lodges? Which hotel is the best? To find the answers to your questions, take a note and keep reading further!

 3.1.    DoubleTree By Hilton, Richmond Airport

 This well-maintained 3-star hotel is just 7-10 minutes from the main region. You can get free parking, free Wi-Fi, indoor pool facilities.

Swimming Pool Facilities In Hotels
Source: Engin Akyurt/Pexels. Copyright 2021
3.2.     Homewood Suites By Hilton

This high-class hotel is comparatively a little far from the suburb- approximately 7 miles, but it offers better amenities to an individual. It’s a great option for families while being a marvelous example of a luxurious suite.

You wouldn’t want to miss the free breakfast, which has a high rating, along with the bar/lounge on request: air-conditioned rooms and comfortable beds. The view from this hotel is pleasing to the eyes.

Other hotels are far away from the central area- Hampton By Hilton Inn and Hilton Garden Inn, to name a few. Several small guesthouses are available near the airport as well.

4. Excellent Places For Dining- A Variety Of Restaurants

Although most hotels provide food services, it’s still a great idea to explore the nearby restaurants and different cuisines in the area. Since food interests vary for each person, here are a few dining options.

4.1. 9 Mile Grill – Serves all kinds of high-quality food. A clean place with welcoming staff.
4.2. Yummy Chinese Restaurant– offers a wide range of Chinese meals. Well-maintained. Also has a T.V. Open all day till 10 p.m.
pexels vincent rivaud 2147491 1
Source: Vincent Rivaud/Pexels. Copyright 2021
4.3. Anna’s Pizza Pasta and Subs– Famous for Italian and fast food. Open all day till 10 p.m. Has a pleasant environment.

5. Which Places To Visit And Their Timings

5.1. Chickahominy River

When you plan to explore the suburbs, don’t forget to include the Chickahominy River in your list. The river is 87 miles in length.  Fun endeavors include fishing, camping, kayaking, and canoeing- or you could relax by the water body.

pexels roman pohorecki 241044
Source: Roman Pohorecki/Pexels. Copyright 2021

Another place you can go for fishing and several water activities is Tuckers Branch. Its distance from Highland Springs is only 2 miles.  You would need to request to go fishing and follow a set of rules and regulations.

A lot of people go there to learn fishing if they are not experts. You can also participate in fishing competitions. You’ll come across some fishermen daily since they’re committed to their work. The best time to hit this place is between four p.m. to six p.m.

5.2. Robinson Park

You can go to Robinson Park for fun and games. The park welcomes all people to enjoy the beauty of nature. It is well acquainted with several playgrounds. You can play on the tennis court. There is an open basketball court, the only court in the area.

Source: Kelly Lacy/Pexels. Copyright 2021

You can choose to play tennis and have a fun picnic under the shade of large trees. It also offers access to nicely managed restrooms.

Address: 214, Westover Ave, Richmond.

5.3. Highland Springs Golf Course And The Exciting Springs Recreation Center

This center range is situated near a branch of the Chickahominy River. The center was initially named Confederate Hills Recreation Center; then, the government switched it to Springs Recreation Center.

golf e1627049977608
Source: Kindel Media/Pexels. Copyright 2021

The whole region of Highland Springs has a chic aesthetic, and the recreation center remains open on weekdays. You can explore the riverside on one side or play golf and enjoy the green pastures on the other.

Address: 302 Lee Avenue.

Book your tickets soon, and you’re in for a delightful time!


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