3 Best Things About Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort

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Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort

Brief Overview

Honolulu Waikiki Beach Resort
Stunning panorama of Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort.
Bernard Spragg. NZ /Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Founded in 1955, it is the largest hotel in the Hilton chain of hotels. The resort has over 3804 rooms in total, with five massive guests towers and five swimming pools, one of which, the Super Pool, is 10000 feet large. It is no wonder it is often ranked among some of the largest hotels in the world.

Its sprawling size guarantees visitors the complete Hawaiian experience. The Village’s public areas like pools, spas, and a fitness center are free to access for all.

Honolulu parking in-site restaurants
Nights over the hotel.
Edmund Garman/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Meanwhile, trips to the Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon, a great night at the Waikiki Starlight Luau, and other special bonuses can be arranged at an additional cost.

3 Best Reasons to Visit Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki                                Beach Resort

16178632002 fedce8532b k
Five massive Guest Towers surround the 22-acre Hilton Hawaiian Village property.
Edmund Garmand/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

The Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort has several imposing towers surrounding villages and shops. Ali’i Tower, Kalia Tower, Rainbow Tower, Lagoon Tower, Diamond Head Tower, Grand Islander, Tapa Tower, and Grand Waikikian.

Among these, Diamond Head Tower and Ali’i Tower are premium towers. Guests here get access to special privileges like an exclusive terrace pool, a private elevator, and a fitness center, as well as a panoramic ocean view.

The on-site sauna is open-access for all hotel guests.
Milka Silfverberg/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

All guests of the resort can make use of the general services available on the hotel property. This includes the sauna, fitness center, bar, as well as sumptuous food from the hotel’s on-site restaurant.

1. Location

274073213 7ddacf9252 o
Duke Kahanamoku Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii.
Loren Javier/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

The resort’s sprawling property overlooks Duke Kahanamoku Beach, regularly featured on the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Diamond Head
Diamond Head Plateau, Honolulu, Hawaii.
Eric Tessmer/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Visitors to Waikiki Beach, Honolulu who opt for the Hilton hotel experience will not be disappointed. Many also make it a point to visit the gorgeous Kahanamoku Lagoon and the unique-looking Diamond Head Plateau.

  • Getting There

Honolulu International Airport is easily accessible from the resort.
tomboypaperclip/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

The Hilton Hawaiian Village, Waikiki Beach resort, is twenty minutes away from Honolulu International Airport. Cabs to the hotel are available for hire, and the rates are fair too. The Wiki-Wiki shuttle buses running from Honolulu International Airport are local icons.

Bustling Honolulu is only 3 miles away.
Bernard Spragg NZ/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Meanwhile, Honolulu, Hawaii’s bustling city, is also only three and a half miles away from the resort on Waikiki Beach. So, a day trip out to explore the place should find a place in your itinerary.

  • Check-In

Thank You (21 Millions+)/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

The front-desk service at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort runs like a well-oiled machine. The sprawling 22-acre property and three massive visitor towers mean that travelers always check-in/out. The resort has set up express check-in/check-out desks specifically to target the possibility of overcrowding at these stations.

check-in, check-out service
ATMs can be found at the hotel check-in.
Francisco Anzola/ Flickr/ copyright 2021

The front desk also handles currency exchange and baggage storage. A dedicated tour desk and ATMs can also be found at the check-in counters.

English is the primary language spoken by the staff here. But service in Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Filipino is also available for travelers who’d prefer these languages.

  • Trip Booking

hotel booking
Online booking can grab you some great deals.
ericnvntr/Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Visitors planning a trip to Honolulu can opt for online booking as well. The hotel has an official website with a minimalist booking section that is easy to navigate. As expected of a major corporation like Hilton Hotels, the servers are smooth and lag-free. It allows you to select dates, compare room rates, and see special discounts without the slightest hitch. The site also offers more details about the lodgings and services provided by the hotel.

Rooms are also available for booking via third-party sites. Service providers like Hotels.com, Expedia, Booking.com have been known to offer special rates and discounts. Comparing rates on these different sites before booking for the trip could bag you a good deal.


Check-in: 16:00
Check-out: 11:00

  • Nearby Attractions

i) Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon

pool, lagoon, beach
The nearby lagoon is a longtime tourist favorite.
Loren Javier/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

The Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon is the highlight of Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort. This artificial salt lake is over 4-5 acres in diameter and consists of a boardwalk, a popular beach area, and a tiny island with palm trees.

pool guests
Mermaid costumes can be rented for the day.
Harshlight/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Visitors can choose between swimming, paddleboarding, or simply lounging under the divine Hawaiian sun. For those who have always dreamt of being a half-fish, half-human creature of myths, there is even mermaid-inspired swim gear available for rent!

Recent upgrades and renovations of the lagoon filtration system keep the water fresh and clean day and night.

ii)Arizona Memorial Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

The USS Arizona Memorial.
Thank You (21 Millions+)/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

The December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor occupies a monumental place in American history. Today the Arizona Memorial sits on the hull of the sunken USS Arizona warship. The memorial marks the final resting place of 1102 American sailors here who perished during the war.

The resort arranges for boat rides to this memorial where visitors can pay their respects to the heroes of this tragedy.

iii) Atlantis Submarines

Atlantis Submarine
The Atlantis Submarine before a dive.
Wasif Malik/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Are you getting sick of the gorgeous ocean view of Waikiki Beach? We don’t blame you. Each sight in Honolulu is just so beautiful that things can get a little dull over time.

If such is the case, then the Atlantis Submarines experience is the answer for you. A trip under the sea, among colorful fish and blooming coral, awaits.

One of the great things about Atlantis Adventures is that they are fully committed to supporting sustainable tourism. The 25-acre diving location that the submarine ‘explores’ includes the wreckages of a small ship and an old passenger plane. These were deliberately sunk underwater to create a natural environment for the fish. The group has also installed artificial reefs around its dive sites to create a sustainable habitat for the fish.

Atlantis 2
Interior shot of the submarine during a dive.
bizmac/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Moreover, the submarines used by Atlantis are all battery-powered, producing zero waste and operate with low sound. Such dedication to creating a green, sustainable tourism alternative is admirable and heartening to see. So do make sure to leave a glowing review or two after your fantastic trip 100 feet under the sea.

For Reservations

Check the official website for more details.
Telephone: (808) 973-9811 or (800) 381-0237

2. Amenities/ Services

i) Pools

The ‘Big Pool’ at the Hilton Hawaiian.
Yoshika/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

There are five pools spread over the 22-acre property of the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort. The largest among these is the aptly named Super Pool. Along with Paradise Pool, this 10,000 feet swimming pool is one of the two swimming areas intended for families. Meanwhile, the shallower waters of the adjacent Keiki Pool are reserved for kids.

The terrace pool is reserved for guests of The Ali’i
Lee Coursey/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

The pool on Kalia Tower is adults-only, while the stunning swimming area on the posh Ali’i Tower is for exclusive use for the tower’s guests.

ii) On-site Restaurants

in-house restaurant
There’s delicious food to be found in all of the resort’s in-house restaurants.
Hallenser/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

The resort has nine on-site restaurants offering both à la carte and buffet service. The food and service will pleasantly bowl over travelers who visit only for the beach and the ocean view at the resort.

Try the delicious Japanese food at Hatsuhana Restaurant.
Ryan Lock/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

The cuisine is varied and delicious, ranging from burgers and fries at CJ’s NY Style Deli to sashimi at Hatsuhana Japanese Restaurant. Even Mexican food finds a way to the table here, at the jolly Hau Tree Cantina.

iii) Business Center

Contact the resort’s front desk to book the meeting room here.
PortoBay Hotels and Resorts/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

The resort also has a well-equipped business center for those emergency work meetings. Available for an additional charge, you can take advantage of the meeting rooms here, which come complete with high-speed internet and a fax/photocopying machine.

For bookings and more information, contact the concierge at the check-in desk.

iv) Parking

honolulu parking resorts
Parking here is 49 USD/ day.
radcliffe dacanay/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Parking at the resort requires no prior reservation. However, it is not free, and the per day fee for using the private garage is 49USD. There is a charging station available on-site for electric vehicles.

Parking here is secure as the security is here is round-the-clock.

v) Basic Amenities

The resort has 24/7 wi-fi service, free up to 2 guests. As per hotel policy, the login details are provided during check-in.

Waikiki Beach Resort
The resort enjoys top-notch housekeeping and laundry services.
PortoBay Hotels and Resorts/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

The rooms get daily housekeeping with free laundry and dry cleaning services. Ironing costs extra, though. For the adults who are planning a night out minus the kids, babysitting and childcare services can be arranged for, with additional fees, of course.

3. Highlights


Waikiki beach location resturant
A traditional Hula performer.
Ray-LAC/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

No trip to Hawaii is complete without attending a Hawaiian’ luau’. This event has gained widespread popularity mainly because of its portrayal in films and television.

The luau is the local name for a Hawaiian feast serving traditional fare. This includes local food like poi made from taro root and kalua Pua, another staple of Hawaii. Traditionally, the people were served on the floor while local music played in the background.

But of course, both the menu and the setting have been vastly updated for the hotel. Hilton Hawaiian Village’s Waikiki Starlight Luau is a lavish affair.

hotel property Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort
Fire dancers accompany the performance.
Timothy Tolle/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Here, fierce-looking fire knife dancers twirl alongside graceful performers dancing the hula kahiko. The on-site restaurants serve the guests on the hotel’s Great Lawn. Local delicacies and tropical cocktails combine with the heady thrum of the music to deliver an unforgettable experience.

free parking check in
Traditional music plays in the background.
United States Mission Geneva /Flickr/ Copyright 2021

It makes you want to never check out of the magical hotel and for the night to go on and on. Just be careful not to get too carried away by too many Mai Tais during the night. You don’t want to be nursing a hangover at the breakfast table the next day.


5:30 pm onwards, Wed-Thu-Fri at the Village Lawn. Timings may vary depending on the weather. Check the notifications and more details here before you select dates.

ii) Mandara Spa and Fitness Center at Kalia Tower

spa resort
The Mandara Spa boasts a wide array of massages and treatments.
Badruddeen /Flickr/ Copyright 2021

The brochure at the Mandara Spa calls the entire experience “the mystery of the East meeting the science of the West.” Staff at the spa uses traditional Balinese methods fused with modern scientific means to create the perfect wellness technique.

hotel resort location spa
The Lomi Lomi Massage is a regular favorite.
Unique Hotels /Flickr/ Copyright 2021

The Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage and the Fire and Ice Massage are two of the top options among travelers. The former is based on the traditional healing massage of the Hawaiian royalty and uses long, soothing strokes to relax the body. On the other hand, in the Fire and Ice technique, heated basalt stone and cool gels work in tandem to soothe and detoxify the body.

fitness center
The fitness center is famous among the guests of the resort.
Cantaur City Hotel/Flickr/ Copyright 2021

The fitness center is also a popular space among people who visit the resort. Guests get access to the gym’s many types of equipment with no extra fees. This includes essentials like ellipticals, bikes, and free weights. In addition to this, the center also offers an enviable city view from its expansive glass windows as you work out.

More details about the spa treatments and procedures can be found on the official website here.

iii) Shopping at the Towers

honolulu lagoon waikiki beach
The Hilton Hawaiian boasts prime shopping areas.
Thank You (21 Million+) / Flickr/ Copyright 2021

The resort’s 22-acre property has grown to be a central commercial hub in Honolulu. Travelers love to sample unique local and high-end items at the shops and malls at the location.

The towers here are known for their stunning ocean view, free pool access, and other visitors benefits. But aside from this, each block at Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort also provides a unique shopping experience.

3337859466 18a682eef0 k
The LV store at Hilton Hawaiian.
George M. Groutas/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Tapa Concourse at Tapa Tower is a luxury boutique in Hilton Waikiki Beach. The Louis Vuitton store is popular among visitors here. People love the gorgeous jewelry collection, bags, sunglasses, and other accessories at this French designer store.

Visitors also often leave a glowing review for the Martin and MacArthur boutique here. The store is best known for its elegant handcrafted furniture based on local Hawaiian designs.

Hawaii Honolulu Waikiki Beach Resort
Check out local jewelry at The Pearl Shop.
Ryan/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Several exciting shops and stores can be found at the Rainbow Bazar at Rainbow Tower. You can pick out those obnoxiously colorful Hawaiian shirts to take home at Crazy shirts. If decor is more your thing, you can pick out some pieces for your home from The Pearl Shop.

4674464500 03bcc3557a o
Lappert’s Ice-cream is a Hawaiian treasure.
ccdinges101/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Meanwhile, right across the plaza is Lappert’s Ice-cream. The decadent, delicious treats at this 70-year-old ice-cream shop are a major crowd puller. You cannot make a trip to the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort without visiting this iconic diner. Order the cafe’s Blue Kona Coffee. Your taste buds will thank us.


Room Rates

Single-bed rooms: 249 to 376 USD, minus taxes
Double-bed rooms: 249 to 644 USD, minus taxes
Suites: 654 to 864 USD, minus taxes

The rates vary depending on whether the room is full or partial ocean view. Added amenities may also add to the final amount.

Please note that pets are not allowed on the hotel property. For more information, visit the official site of Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort.


2005 Kālia Rd,
Honolulu, Hawaii 96815,
United States
Contact Details: +1 808-949-4321
For more details check: www.hiltonhawaiianvillage.com.

Hilton Honolulu: The Complete Hawaiian Experience

Honolulu, Waikiki Beach, Hawaii
There is a reason why Hawaii is an enduring tourist destination.
Bernard Spragg, NZ/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Pristine pools, luxurious rooms with prime ocean view, lavish night soirees, out-of-the-world spa service- one cannot say enough about the delights of this hotel. The Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort is not one of the most luxurious hotels in the world for nothing.

The sheer number of activities available to access across its 22-acre property is incredible to see. Honolulu is made accessible in the process- trips to Diamond Head Plateau, the war memorials, underwater trips can all be arranged via the resort visitor center. The staff at the resort are dedicated to catering the most exciting and memorable trip for their patrons.

service Honolulu Hawaii
Ride to Honolulu on Waikiki’s iconic Wiki-Wiki bus shuttle.
Andrew (Megan) Laing (Hack)/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Thus, one’s stay with Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort is nothing if not thorough. The hotel leaves no item unticked on your bucket list. It is an experience full of color and festivity, and most likely, you’ll be back in a few years, asking for that same room with that same spectacular ocean view. And to tell you the truth, we don’t blame you a single bit. Chances are, we’ll be right beside you, doing the same. No one can escape the Hilton spell after all.

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