How Can I Heal A Cavity Without Going To The Dentist?

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Knowing that you have cavities on your teeth is such a significant inconvenience. It’s a dental problem that requires immediate attention and treatment before it starts getting ugly and you find yourself unable to accomplish your daily responsibilities properly. But, unfortunately, not everyone has the time or financial capability to go and book an appointment with a dentist. If it’s still bearable, most people opt for home-based solutions instead of reaching out to professionals. 

This is not an entirely wrong thing to do, though. You just have to make sure what you’re following is proven and has been scientifically tested. Suppose you live around Florida with the current experience of discomfort due to dental cavities and want to seek professional treatment. In that case, there are a lot of good clinics that offer excellent dental fillings in Tampa area.

However, dental caries and cavities can be altered, and dental fillings aren’t the only option. If you don’t have the time and luxury to seek medical help, we have listed down some easy measures you can take to heal cavities without making an appointment with the dentist.

Nothing goes right with too much SUGAR.

If you want to heal your cavity without going to the dentist, then you have to establish better self-discipline and start avoiding food and drinks that have too much sugar on them. It’s sad to say, but sweets are not for those with weak teeth. Sugar consumption is known to be one of the major reasons for cavities. Sugar reacts with oral bacteria to establish an acid that erodes tooth enamel, making your teeth weak.

Try some ancient techniques with OIL PULLING.

Oil pulling originated in Ayurvedic medicine, an ancient method of homeopathy. It entails splashing a tablespoon of sesame or coconut oil in the mouth for a set amount of time before spitting everything out. Although some assertions about oil pulling are unfounded by science, recent research shows that it can improve dental health. It is found that applying sesame oil in the pulling method lowers cavities and bacteria to almost the same level as the effects of a mouth rinse.

Invest in supplements that contain VITAMIN D

Although not everyone is aware of it, vitamin D supplements have been scientifically proven to help reduce the occurrence of dental cavities. According to research, there is a positive effect in eating foods high in vitamin D and calcium, such as yogurt, if one is trying to get rid of cavities. If you’re not lactose intolerant, dairy products like milk and yogurt include vitamin D, so start adding them to your breakfast routine.

Pick out a toothpaste that has a rich amount of FLUORIDE.

Fluoride is essential for cavity prevention and enamel decalcification. It is a known fact that cleaning your teeth with fluoride toothpaste on a constant schedule helps stop cavities from getting worse and can even aid in making your teeth healthier. What’s the easiest way to get rid of cavities, you say? Brushing your teeth three times a day. It’s something most of us just look down on most of the time without knowing its real significance and effect on our overall dental health.


While all of these techniques are proven to be effective in preventing and reducing cavities, the best way to immediately get rid of it still is by consulting a dentist. So, if the discomfort continues despite following these measures, do not be afraid to seek medical attention.

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