How can you identify sunrise and sunset?

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Sunrise and sunset are those intervals of time that occur during the course of the day in which day turns into night and vice versa. The sunrise is the exact moment in which the earth receives the sunlight as a consequence of the earth’s rotation.

On the other hand, there is the sunset, which is the instant in which the point of the place where you are on the earth has rotated and moves away from the sun, so you do not receive light. The rotation process exerted by the earth takes place twice a day in a 24-hour period of time, which is why we daily witness the Sunset and Sunrise Time.

Differences between sunrise and sunset

Both sunrise and sunset are totally opposite moments that occur in the day, however, they have the characteristic that one does not exist without the other, here we show you some of the differences that exist between these two fantastic moments that nature gives us.


  • Dusk is the precise moment before nightfall, while dawn is the beginning of the day when the sun has not yet risen to the horizon.
  • The sky at dusk is more colorful than at dawn.
  • At dusk, the atmosphere is warmer than at dawn.
  • Sunrise produces brighter skies and sunset produces darker skies.
  • At sunrise the Rayleigh effect makes the skies look bluish, unlike at sunset which makes the sky a little reddish.
  • The red color in the skies at dusk is also a consequence of all the pollution produced by companies throughout the day.
  • Sunrise is from the east and sunset is from the west in all places.

Similarities between sunrise and sunset

Sunrise and sunset are special events where sunlight takes center stage and while they are quite different from each other, there are some things they share in common.


  • Both sunrise and sunset are produced thanks to the backscattering caused by the sun in the lower part of the atmosphere.
  • Both in the morning and in the evening the sun has the same distance and although there are people who notice it a little closer in the morning and a little farther in the afternoon, it is only an optical effect.

Correctly identify a sunrise and a sunset

If you have ever wondered how to identify a sunrise and a sunset, there is certainly no method to know through a photo that shows you that you can correctly identify if it is a sunrise or a sunset.


However, the most recommended and most used is always that you look closely at the colors of the sky, as usually the sunset usually has more intense colors, tending to become reddish, while the sunrise is usually with more subdued and subtle colors.

Sunset and Sunrise Times

Sunset and sunrise times is a free essential page so that you can know the times from anywhere in the world where you are, it will keep you up to date with the time of sunset and sunrise, as well as sunrise and sunset.

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