How Do Casinos Use Data Analytics?

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Data analytics.
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The global hunger for gaming simply seems to increase with each passing year. It’s expected that by 2025, the market for the online gambling industry will reach $112 billion.

The opportunity to play online has given far more people access, and this has increased the appetite for it. Even countries that have no bricks and mortar casinos can now play online, depending on state regulations. 

Internet access, which is now relatively cheap in most countries, has truly changed the world of gaming.

Growing Competition in Different Markets

The U.K was an early adopter of online casinos, with the first one, albeit simple, opening in 1994. With the evolution of smartphones, many people play daily on their commute to work.

The law changes in Canada in 2021 opened up new possibilities for operators and players. Ontario led the way, being the first to introduce European-style licensing for online operators.

Even in countries like Ireland, where land-based casinos are illegal, online casinos are legal and have become increasingly popular. With a lot of the population enjoying online gambling, this has become a lucrative market for foreign operators.

With the demand increasing daily, major online new casino providers are entering the Irish market and players are keen to try out these new sites. To remain competitive, developers are introducing games and promotions regularly to attract the new players. 

How Do Casinos Stay Ahead?

Casinos have always used data to inform their targets, but this is now more sophisticated than ever. Knowing the types of players that play at different times and what they like is vital.

Data analytics may sound futuristic to some, but in fact it is no more than analysing data to make predictions. Now, using software, models can be built quickly and using the way people have behaved previously is a good indicator.

Analysing the data shows the online casino:

  • Who is playing when?
  • What is their preferred game or games?
  • How do they like to pay?
  • How much are they spending?
  • What bonuses do they go for?

At the end of the day, this improves the experience for the players too. The casinos are always keen to see what impresses the players most and make that happen for them.

The information collected is often called Big Data.

Ways Data Analytics are Used

The first way data analytics are used in the casino industry is for security purposes. This is good as it protects both the online casino and the player against fraud.

Programs that analyse the data are developed to recognize suspicious activity or behaviour. This means if someone else is trying to hack your details, it’s unlikely they’ll do so through a casino site.

It’s important that players check that the sites they are playing on are legit and licensed by local authorities. 

Online casinos have now added AI to their advanced set-ups, which adds more protection.

Marketing Made Easier

Marketing the sites and games is obviously important, and this is another area that data comes into play. 

When a player registers, their personal information is given, and their profile is attached to this. Thus, the site will have a record of every time the player logs in and plays.

This shows them when it’s good to market directly to a client too. If a player normally logs on at 10.30 pm, then it makes sense to send them an offer at 10.25 pm, right?

Data analytics has become a valuable marketing tool. It allows the sites to target their customers at the right time, rather than a “spray and pray” approach.

Software developers and marketers are constantly honing the system, so it becomes more effective. That’s why now customers don’t even notice – it is all part of the process.

Targeted emails and promotions tailored especially to the player can be created using big data. The companies have so much information at their disposal and intelligent programs to manage it.

Taking Note of Gameplay

The actions people make when they are playing the game are also gathered by the software. If one action seems to put people off, that feature is tweaked or removed.

Of course, if there’s a feature that seems to keep people playing, that will be kept. Overall, this makes game playing a positive experience for the players.

When people enjoy a game and keep coming back for more, they become loyal. This is highly prized by the online casino operators, who have to deal with competition from new sites.


Online casino operators can also use their purchasing power to buy data from other companies. Getting a better understanding of what their competitors are doing well serves to enhance their own offering.

Data analytics is well suited to the online casino industry and is another method used to improve it. As long as customer’s information is protected, which is a regulatory requirement, then it has a positive impact.

Players who understand this can also use it to their advantage. If they adapt their behaviour to show what features they like, then the analytics will show that.

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