How Technology Goes Hand In Hand With Health And Fitness

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There are two industries that have seen a rapid rise in popularity over the past couple of decades, and mainly because they have both become highly important for us humans. Technology has now taken over the world as virtually every task has been digitalised whether it be working on a computer, creating shopping lists on your phone, or watching tv through a streaming service, all of this is through technology.

Moreover, fitness has also become a vital part of our lives as the importance of living a fit and healthy lifestyle has now been proven to offer us a longer and better quality of life; but do the two industries go together?

One of the best ways in which technology and fitness can go together is that we can now wear wearable technology in which we can track our workouts. The best forms of this can be through a smartwatch which offer an unbelievable amount of value in tracking your workout, tracking your progress and being able to track key factors like heartrate and recovery time as well.

Smartwatches have become that popular and not just for the fitness capabilities but also other benefits like messages, phone calls, e-mails, and other everyday features.

Other industries that go together with technology industry is that of the entertainment business, as many of us now digest our entertainment through technology. This comes In many different formats including watching your favourite TV shows and films on streaming services, gambling online in which you can benefit from this bet365 promo code for new customers, and even through social media where you can find multiple different forms of entertainment and share easily with friends and family. 

Another great way in which technology has been able to promote a fit and healthy lifestyle is by creating applications in which you can track calories through apps like MyFitnessPal. Many personal trainers will say that your fitness journey is 20% training and 80% nutrition and therefore knowing exactly what you are putting in your body is highly important for your fitness journey. MyFitnessPal works in the way that you can scan barcodes and will automatically load what macronutrients you have which each mean onto the app and will highlight what you’ve eaten in the day – a great way to ensure you are hitting the right nutrients. 

And finally, another way which has certainly growing popularity over the past year or so during covid has been live streaming classes which have ensured that consumers have been able to get their fitness fix from the comfort of their own home. During the height of Covid, many of us didn’t have a choice but to use live-streaming classes as our way of working out as we were all in lockdown and therefore PT’s like Joe Wicks were able to benefit from this trend and even now are continuing to benefit as many prefer to be able to use these online classes as a way of them doing fitness as they feel much more comfortable working out in their own homes. 

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