How to Apply at Boonville High School: Your Best Guide [2022]

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Boonville High School, located in Boonville, Indiana(U.S.), is a public high school that comes under the Warrick county school corporation. Boonville High School is the oldest high school in the country. 

There are three high schools, including Boonville High School, that comes under this corporation and are a member of the Indiana High School Athletic Association(IHSAA). The Boonville high school is authorized by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and is an associate of the Pocket Athletic Conference. 

According to the 2021 national ranking of best High Schools, Boonville high school is ranked #10,785, #190 in Indiana High schools, and #3 in Warrick School Corp High schools.

  • Type- High school
  • Establishment- 1958
  • School district- Warrick County school corporation
  • Classes- 9 to 12th
  • Team name- Pioneers
  • Techers-students ratio- 1:14
  • Total enrollment- 914
  • Graduation Rate- 84%
  • US government course pass rate- 60%(currently)
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Pillars of Boonville High School

a) Mike Whitten (Principal)

b) Willie Wilder (Assistant Principal)

c) Stacey Flamion (Counselor)

d) Amy Ulrey (Counselor)

e) Jeff Yando (Counselor/Administrative Assistant)

f) Kevin Davis (Athletic Director)

Building Infrastructure

The Boonville High School was built in 1958 and spread over 34 acres, and the site borders the north first street in the city. A series of renovation, addition, and technology improvements were experimented with and completed in 1976, 1983, and 2000.

In 1983, the band room, auditorium, kitchen, and cafeteria were renovated. In 2000, an indoor swimming pool with spectator seating, adjacent locker and dressing rooms, faculty office space, and a gymnasium were the new additions.

The renovation project of 2000 remodeled all the previously existing classrooms, and a new technology education wing, art classrooms, an agricultural science facility, and a greenhouse were added at that time.

The Corporation increased the networking in the entire building and set up computers in all classrooms with installed software for the betterment and expansion of the curriculum and to increase student services. The local network internet access was also completed at that time.

Outdoor Section

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On the north and west side of the main building, there are a football stadium, basketball gymnasium, track, five lighted tennis courts, a baseball field, a softball field, and an indoor practice facility.

Boonville High School provides a complete and wide-ranging curriculum having Vocational school-to-work, arts, pre-college preparatory, advanced placement, and courses to get college credit available for the students.


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The School provides the opportunity to the students to participate in Clubs. The Clubs will meet during the school day and will be sponsored by School Faculty members as well as certain members of our community.

The organizations like future farmers of America, Nineteen varsity sports, competitive marching band, drama, vocal music, Business professionals of America, Student Council, Key clubs, and many other groups allow all students ample opportunity to take part in extracurricular activities.


Boonville High School sports
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For boys:

  • Baseball- Varsity, JV, and Freshman
  • Basketball- Varsity, JV, and Freshman
  • Cross Country- Varsity
  • Golf- Varsity
  • Soccer- Varsity and JV
  • Swimming- Varsity
  • Tennis- Varsity
  • Track & Field- Varsity
  • Wrestling- Varsity and JV

For girls:

  • Basketball- Varsity, JV, and Freshman
  • Cross Country- Varsity
  • Golf- Varsity
  • Soccer- Varsity and JV
  • Softball- Varsity, JV, and Freshman
  • Swimming- Varsity
  • Tennis- Varsity and JV
  • Track & Field- Varsity
  • Volleyball- Varsity, JV, and Freshman

Athletic eligibility criteria:

The contestants who represent their high school and compete in the contest conducted by the IHSAA must be certified with the IHSAA by the high school principal. This certification includes:

a) Passing Grades are a minimum of five.

b) Full credits at the end of each nine weeks grading period.

c) Meets residency requirements of the IHSAA and the corporation.

d) Submits a physical form signed by a licensed physician to the IHSAA.

To see the achievements go through their Twitter handle @BHSAthletics.

Corporation-Provided Mobile Technology

WCSC may provide laptops, tablets, iPads, or iPods to students to be used at school and off WCSC property. The gadgets will run with software under Childhood Internet Protection Act. The staff members will supervise the usage and be responsible while students are using technology.


a) Mobility for moving on the campus using the wireless network.

b) Provides educational productivity and, for that, can use at home.

Home Use:

a) The students can’t save their personal files.

b) The device is not for family use.

Apply to Boonville High School

Student Admission:

The students who do not belong to the Warrick county school corporation but wish to enroll in the school will be considered if:

  • The non-resident enrollment is primarily for education reasons
  • The student must be good in his/her resident school corporation
  • The guardians agree to provide transportation to and from the school
  • The guardians agree to pay the transfer tuition at the time of enrollment

The decision of the admission of eligible students will be based upon:

  • The student’s attendance and academic record
  • The student’s previous disciplinary record

Apply for a Job:

Through Online Application:

The Warrick County School Corporation provides an online portal to look for jobs in the schools. One must complete an online application to be eligible for employment.

In-Person Applications:

There are two stations at the kiosk in the main building of the Administration building. The desk will help you to assist, or you can bring anyone along to assist with filling out the application.

After the appropriate posting period, all the candidates who have applied for a position are screened by the director, manager, or principal who is responsible for filling the position. The candidates have to appear for an interview after the selection process. Interviews are then conducted, and the decision is made by the interview committee.

The formal written recommendation of selected people is sent to the superintendent of the schools. The letters are then submitted to the Warrick Country Board of School Trustees for approval.

Check out the jobs for teachers and many other posts in Warrick county school corps jobs.

College Credit Requirements

To graduate from high school, seniors must complete the graduation criteria of getting 40 credits. Regardless of the credits to graduate, there are required courses.

The courses are:

  • English language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Social Science
  • Health
  • Science
  • Physical Education

District Schools of Warrick County School Corporation

There are 3 high schools that come under the Corporation.

#1 Castle High School (Newburg, IN)

#2 Tecumseh Jr-Sr High School (Lynnville, IN)

#3 Boonville High School (Boonville, IN)

This was all about the Boonville High School. If you liked this article, do let us know in the comment section below.

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