How to Apply to the University of North Dakota?

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University of North Dakota
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Located in the Upper Midwestern, North Dakota is one of the states in the United States of America. Generally known as Great Plains, the state is the 19th largest in the States and has amazing plains, geography, and vast agriculture productions. It is the leading producer of spring wheat, edible peas, durum wheat, honey, flaxseed, and Canola.

Besides being an agricultural state, North Dakota has rich educational culture and has one of the oldest and largest universities in the USA, which is the University of North Dakota. (Check out this link to get information on other Universities.)

A. University of North Dakota

The University of North Dakota (UND) the largest university is a public-based university located in Grand Forks ND 58202, a few miles from the Minnesota border. Its foundation was laid in 1883 for liberal arts and was later expanded for scientific research.

University of North Dakota
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The University of North Dakota offers degrees in 225 courses which include 108 Undergraduate majors, 69 minors, Masters’s programs, 37 doctoral, and 2 professional programs. The university is the only one in North Dakota state to offer both medicine and law courses.

UND has 10 academic division which includes:

  • John D Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences
  • Colleges of Arts and Sciences
  • Nistler College of Business and Public Administration
  • Colleges of Education & Human Development
  • Colleges of Engineering & Mines
  • School of Graduate Studies
  • School of Law
  • School of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • College of Nursing & Professional Disciplines

The academic division of UND John D Odegard School of Aerospace Science was all over the news after becoming the first school in the country to offer a degree in Aircraft Systems Operations.

The total enrollment for undergraduates in the University of North Dakota is 10,163 and promotes an acceptance rate of 87 percent.

It operates under a semester-based academic calendar. Fall Session class starts from August to December. Spring Session extends between January to May and Summer Session between May to August

In the latest edition for Best Universities, the University of North Dakota secured a ranking of 258. The University of North Dakota also has an interdisciplinary program allowing students to obtain degrees in any field. This interdisciplinary program consists of a series of online classes and degree programs for students from the USA and all around the world.

B. Campus Life at University of North Dakota

The main UND campus of the University of North Dakota is in the middle of Grand Forks on University Ave and it has 240 buildings surrounded by lavish green settings on 550 acres of land. The campus from east to west stretch is divided by the meandering English Coulee.

Central Campus is one of the oldest parts of the University of North Dakota and has the most academic historical buildings. Central Fritz Library sitting at the heart of the campus, is the largest library in North Dakota.

University of North Dakota
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The Eastern edge campus has Energy Environmental Research Center which also includes National Center for Hydrogen Technology and the Grand Forks Human Nutrition Research Center.

North Campus has a School of Medicine complex, Biomedical Research Center, and the Neuroscience Research Facility.  Also in the area north of the main campus, there is a place called University Village which is used by Men’s hockey team and has a current new Student Wellness Center known as Betty Engelstad Sioux.

Western Part of campus is home to the newly developed John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences. Residence Halls and Student apartments are also in this part.

University of North Dakota
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C. How to Apply to the University of North Dakota?

Enthusiastic Students interested in taking admission to the University of North Dakota can visit the official website for the application process and eligibility.

The University starts admissions for Fall, spring, and summer sessions. It welcomes over 1,000 international students from 85 countries to start their careers at UND. The university also provides financial aids and affordable university education and other scholarship grants for these students.

1. Acceptance Rate and Required GPA for University of North Dakota

UND has an 87 percent acceptance rate. On average, the ratio of males and females getting admission in UND is almost equal with over 85 percent for the former and 88 percent for the latter. If you follow up with the required documents and have all the qualifications you have a greater chance of getting into the UND.

The frequent question that came into everybody’s mind is; how much GPA do you need to have to get selected into UND?

For a fresher applying at UND, an average High School GPA of 2.75 or higher is required. Grades earned in the core classes of the High School are mostly preferred.

University of North Dakota
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However, It is essential to acknowledge that there are different criteria for freshers, transferred students, graduates, and diplomas. You have to follow up with the website to see the criteria which you fall on and what documents you need to submit.

All other processes for the application forms are the same for all.

There will be an online application which you need to complete- it is mandatory for all regardless of the program in which you want to enroll in. The students should contact associated authorities in case of any discrepancy.      

2. Admissions Requirements

All the applicants are required to check the University websites to verify the requirements for admissions. There are specific requirements for each, whether you are a fresher, transfer student, international student, or a veteran. All information regarding the specific criteria is available on the website.     

3. Admission Account

Students interested in applying at the University of North Dakota need to create an admission account. It is the portal where you will get all the information regarding your application. You can log into your admission account to start, finish and check your application status.

4. Application Fee

At the time of submission of the application form, there will be a payment due of $35 as an application fee which can be made through credit cards or debit cards.

Only after submission of the application fee, your application can be considered submitted.

Note: McNair students get their application fees waived.     

5. Required Documents

The documents required are different based on the programs or courses in which you want to enroll in.

You have to furnish all of the required documents completely, so that your application can go for reviewing for admissions.

The Transcripts for the graduates are official copies of all the colleges and universities they have attempted and will include all their undergraduate and graduate work.

For freshers taking admission in undergraduate courses, they need to submit official high school transcripts from the schools they have attended to.

 International Students

All the above processes are the same for students who have done their graduation or post-graduation from universities other than Canada and the USA. However, the university mandated the completion of their immunizations and TB screening and to submit the report.

University of North Dakota
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In general, UND also asks certificate of finances as if you are planning to enroll in the University of North Dakota you are required to certify that you can afford the program and accommodation there. To get your student visa this is mandatory to submit.

Graduated applicants are also required to submit letters of reference and cover letters.

There are two ways to send the transcripts to UND

i) Transcripts can be sent through the electronic transcript exchange program of which UND is also a member.

ii) Another way to send transcripts are by mail in a sealed envelope to the University of North Dakota Admission Office 3501 University Ave Stop 8357. Grand Forks, ND 58202.

6. Test Scores

All graduate programs conduct an entrance test for enrolment and the scores must be sent to the testing center of the University.

For the application of Summer 2023, the University of North Dakota has waived the test scores of SAT or ACT for domestic students. But if you took SAT or ACT you can just submit your scores, this will only help to increase the chances of getting admission.

Typical SAT scores accepted are:  Reading and Writing 500-620, for math 510-630

Typical ACT scores are: 20-26

7. English Proficiency

International students need to provide University proof of their command over written and spoken English. Any student whose first language is not English must score minimum as per the University requirements in the English proficiency test to get considered for admission.

Some of the English Proficiency tests for Undergraduates are

  • TOEFL (Test of an English as a Foreign Language)
  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System)
  • PTE Academic (Pearson Test of English Academic)
  • Duolingo English Test
  • Completion of ELS Language Centers’ Intensive Level 112 to be sent directly from the College Entrance Exam Board.

    University of North Dakota
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Also, various programs and faculty have different requirements, so be sure to go through them before getting through the enrollment process.

5. Application Deadlines

Keep in your mind the dates of the application deadlines. The applications submitted after the deadline even if you have paid the application fee, will not be reviewed.

D. Tuition Fees at the University of North Dakota

Let’s say your application got accepted into UND, but what about the finances? How much tuition fees would you need to pay to get a degree?

While it is recommended that you must go through the details on the website but by any chance, if you haven’t gone through that, worry not we have got you covered.

For in-state, tuition is $10,276 and out-of-state tuition is $14,546. Room and board costs are $9,976 if you opt for living on campus.

The data provided here is from 2020-2021, for other estimations of tuition and other fees, applicants should go through the official website.

Factors like the cost of the specific program which you want to enroll in, your accommodation, academic record, and financial aid package all affect the tuition at the University of North Dakota.

E. International Scholarships

In General, most of the scholarships available are for US citizens and Canadians but there are prominently two international scholarships that grant financial support to international students.

1. Nygard Endowment Scholarship

This scholarship is available in two terms $1000 to the students who fulfill their eligibility criteria.

2. Hanying Xu International Spirit Scholarship Endowment

This scholarship is available as one time grant of $1,000 to the student who fulfills their eligibility criteria.

While UND offers meritorious scholarships to support their students, however, one should always check the website for additional details. International students can also check with their specific faculty to apply for other academic scholarships.

For more information on scholarships, you can visit this page. 

F. Student Life at University of North Dakota

Currently, home to 9,796 undergraduate students, the University of North Dakota has an exciting cultural fast-paced city setup and great student services. The ratio of enrollment between men and female students is even.

University of North Dakota
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1. Student Housing

UND has a student housing facility on campus and students have the option of living on-campus or off-campus and about 22 percent of the students in general, reside on

University of North Dakota
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campus. There are  14 residence halls and 700 student apartment units as well as 20 fraternities and sororities.

Most of the students live in the residential complex and the housing average rate starts from $ 553.50. Also, students do have the option of living in a private or shared room.

UND has appropriate dining resources on campus. They have 2 dining centers providing a vast cuisine food menu. Convenience stores are nearby which students can access for getting food. Students can also order food from several food applications.

2. Organizations

The University of North Dakota has many student communities and organizations which see active participation from both domestic students as well as international students.

Student Government is the organization that oversees the issues faced by students and if found any, they will lead them to the University office to get it handled well. Elections are held so that everyone gets a chance to be in the student body.

UND student events are the main attraction for students from around the University to join the Student Organizations and community.

3. Greek Life

There are 13 active fraternities and 8 sororities communities whose roots run deep in the University of North Dakota culture.

Students are provided several opportunities to develop excellent leadership skills, get a scholarship, or contribute to University after they join in with a particular community.

Fraternity and sorority recruitment takes place in September and January to February which includes events

4. Athletics at UND

The North Dakota Fighting Hawks are the athletic teams of the University of North Dakota whose student athletes play and compete in NCAA Division I.

The UND football team participated in the Division I Football Championship Sub Division of the National Collegiate Athletic Association(NCAA). The team also won the Division II national championship in 2001 and was the runner-up at Alerus Center 2003 game. The Fighting Hawk Logo is used to formally represent the University’s NCAA teams, North Dakota Athletics department, and related groups.

The men’s Hockey team also competes at National Collegiate Hockey Conference. The team, which plays in Ralph Engelstad Area made news when it came home with eight national championship titles and has been runner up almost five times. No wonder it is the most popular and recognizable team of the University of North Dakota!

University of North Dakota
Image Source: Ron Lach on Pexels.

While the Women’s Ice Hockey team competed in the Western Collegiate Hockey Association, it got dispersed from 2017 to 2018. The women’s ice hockey team still plays and competes in Ralph Engelstad Arena.

Other than that Fighting Hawks athletes have also competed in Basketball, Volleyball, and Swimming. Even the Women’s basketball team managed to get their hands on three national championship titles and had been runner up in 2001.

University of North Dakota
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 5. Alumni at University of North Dakota

Alumni of the University of North Dakota have become remarkable in various fields of Sports, politics and government, business, science. Eight Governors of North Dakota state including Allen I. Olson, 28th Governor of North Dakota, graduated from law faculty. He is one of the recognized Greek Alumni and was Ed Schafer former Us Secretary of Agriculture for a period of 2008-09.

Former player and National Basketball Association Phil Jackson graduated and played in athletic teams of the University of North Dakota.

Other than that Former Deputy National Security Advisor at White House  Mark Pfeifle is a 1997 graduate from the faculty of Mass Communication and Journalism; Many US Senators and Representatives of Dakota state are also graduates of the University of North Dakota.

In the business, UND has many noteworthy alumni including Mark Chipman who is the Chairman of TNSE and President of the Winnipeg Jets Hockey Club. Current president of the Buffalo Wild Wings Sally J. Smith., former Las Vegas casino owner Ralph Engelstad and former CEO of American Skandia are also notable alumni of the University of North Dakota.

Other than that notable und alumni in Science and Literature includes NASA astronaut Karen L. Nyberg, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Maxwell Anderson, poet Thomas McGrath and actor Sam Anderson.

UND also hosts Alumni get-together events round the year to share their history with the recent students and other Alumni.


Now there you go, everything you need to know about the University of North Dakota.

Looking forward to applying to the University of North Dakota? Hopefully, our article was able to shed some light on the topic. However, we would definitely like to recommend you to keep a check on the website of the University of North Dakota for detailed clarification and information.

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