How to Choose a Moving Company?

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When moving across the state, several factors come into play, from purchasing packing equipment to planning logistics. In addition to this, you also have to find a moving company near you.

Most people, especially first-time movers, will prefer asking friends for help when relocating than hiring shippers. The reason some say is they can’t afford their estimates or don’t trust shippers to complete the task to their liking. 

However, the fact is that while most shipping companies come with a high price tag, hiring shippers will help you move effortlessly as they simplify the entire process from packing to logistics. Moving is grueling, and with help from the professionals, you get to pass on the responsibility of heavy lifting while enjoying the whole process.

If you are considering hiring shippers on your next relocation, this simple guide on how to choose the suitable moving company will show you how. 

  • Get reliable Recommendations from Loved Ones

The first step on how to pick a good moving company is by asking for referrals from friends and family with a history of hiring shippers. Most people would prefer searching for shippers with a strong web presence and experience on Google. But, the truth is that Google isn’t always the most reliable source for referrals since people are allowed to alter information on Google. In fact, the most prestigious company you find on the internet may not be reliable. When you ask for referrals from someone you trust, you are more likely to get honest opinions and ratings about local shippers. 

  • Find at Least Three Shippers

Today, there’s competition in almost every industry – the transport industry is not excluded. This competition simply tells you that you will find more than one option that pleases you from meeting your financial expectations to your special needs. So, before hiring shippers, make sure to get more than shipping contractors on your list. 

  • Stick with Transparent Shippers

One thing you need to look out for when conversing with a relocation company is red flags. Most shippers prefer to hide behind a mask of professionalism to extort you. From increasing their rates to asking for extra fees and large deposits, you will notice various warning signs that tell you the relocation company is not transparent. 

  • Go for Insured and Licensed Movers 

Another fact you need to know about how to choose movers is to never go for a relocation company without a license and insurance. 

We live in a world where any group of people can pose as professionals in any industry. Only those recognized by the government body of the state in America where you stay can transport you and your belongings safely to your new apartment. Check with the Department of transportation to find out if the company is licensed and insured. 

  • Verify Shipper’s Service History from the BBB

Another thing you need to know about how to choose a removal company is that no matter how welcoming and professional moving contractors are, there might be some loopholes in their pristine presence and services. For this reason, you need to contact the Better Business Bureau to know how reliable your choice of transport contractors is. The best part about reaching out to an agent from the Better Business is that they give you access to past reviews about your choice of transport services. 

  • Verify Legitimate Certifications

Want to know if the transport contractors you choose to hire has the proper expertise and experience you need? Then ask for legal certifications like the AMSA (American Moving and Storage Association) certificate that proves their expertise. Rip-offs won’t have legal certifications, but reliable contractors will willingly offer this you request. 

  • Check if the Address is Valid

Millions of people relocate each year fall victim to moving scam. It’s not because they weren’t thorough with their research; it is because many unreliable shippers know their way around deceiving others. 

One of our best tips on how to choose a long-distance moving company is to confirm that the address they make available is valid. Most shippers will only offer a P.O. Box address, falsify their address, or won’t have any legitimate physical location they operate. The United States Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration does not recommend using such movers without an official physical commercial quarter they operate from. 

  • Request Quotes from More Than One Mover

Since you know what to watch out for when choosing a transport company, you want to focus on getting the right estimates that would agree with your finances and budget. 

Imagine getting up to three quotes from three different shippers only to find out that one offers low rates, good customer service, and renders services for your special needs like lifting and hauling heavy items. You enjoy more benefits when you don’t just focus on getting quotes from one group.

  • Get Every Bid and Agreement in a Penned Contract

You also want to ensure that any contract you receive from your choice shippers contains every agreement and bid discussed with the company. If it doesn’t, contact them to rewrite the contract. When you overlook this important step, you give way to extortion and are inadequately serviced for the price you pay. 

  • Choose Experts that can Help

All transportation companies won’t offer the same services. Some only offer logistics services, while others provide for your packing, unpacking, heavy lifting, and logistics needs. So, before you hire any shipping company, make sure they render the type of services you require.  


No doubt, you will find several moving companies to choose from no matter where you live in the USA. But no matter how numerous they are, make sure to research them before choosing one to avoid mishaps and moving scams. Overall, you want to go for that group with a record of providing quality service, reliability, and security. 

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