how to decorate a bedroom dresser how to decorate a bedroom dresser

Decorate a Bedroom Dresser: Elevate Your Space

Many of them have bedroom dressers in their houses that look less attractive. Decorating a dresser is not only to attract others but also to create a pleasant and soothing environment around you. Whether you are a creative person or not, you can still creatively decorate your bedroom dresser. In this article, you will get a bunch of decoration items to choose from, how to decorate using them, and some best practices.

1. Basic Ideas to Decorate a Bedroom Dresser

1.1. Choosing Your Dresser 

There is not a single-bedroom dresser; you have lots of dresser options to choose from that match your bedroom’s style. You have a dresser with open shelves, a dresser with wheels, a dresser with a top shelf, a plastic dresser, a metal dresser, and so on.

Choose your favorite style, size, color, and material type according to your space that fits correctly. If you have many items to place, choose a tower-sized dresser. If you have fewer items to place, choose a dresser with fewer drawers. 

How to decorate a bedroom dresser?
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1.2. Selecting Your Color Palette

Different colors have different emotions. First, consider the color of your bedroom wall and choose a dresser according to it. If your wall color is green and you buy a yellow-colored dresser, it won’t go well with it. So, do thorough research about color combinations before buying your dresser.

For example, if you want your dresser to look cute, you can go with pink, or if you want a fresh, calm look, you can go with green or blue. These are just small examples, and you have a lot of other colors and themes available.

Ensure the Dresser Complements the Bedroom

Mark Buskuhl, the Founder/CEO of Ninebird Properties, advises selecting a color palette for your dresser that complements both the bedroom’s color scheme and your personal taste:

“When choosing a color palette for your dresser, it is crucial to consider the overall color scheme of your bedroom. This thoughtful consideration ensures a harmonious and cohesive look that complements the aesthetic of your space.

It will ensure that your dresser blends in seamlessly with the rest of the room and creates a cohesive look. Take note of the dominant colors in your bedroom and choose complementary or analogous colors for your dresser.

This will create a harmonious balance and make your dresser a standout piece in the room.”

Mark Buskuhl - Featured
Mark Buskuhl

3. List of Decoration Items for Dresser

3.1. Table Runner

Using a table runner or clothes to decorate your bedroom dresser is a great idea. It creates a smooth and elegant base for your dresser. You can choose natural, rustic, or any table runner that fits your theme. Place the runner on your dresser smoothly to avoid a mess.

3.2. Mirrors

Usually, most of the dressers come with built-in mirrors, but if not, adding a large mirror is a great option. It is a great decorative piece that enhances the look of your dresser and gives convenience. You can choose a rectangular centered mirror and place it above the dresser. Otherwise, you can choose different sizes of hanging mirrors and place them above the dresser.

3.3. Art Work

Placing wall art as a decor piece in a dresser is a useful way to establish the size of your dresser and a key to scale the size of all your accessories. It improves the depth of the look and improves creativity. You can also use your artwork or find anything in the shop you love the most.

3.4. Storage Basket

You have something important in your hand while cleaning your bedroom, but there is a lot of chance you can miss it again if you place it aside. Here, a wall decorative basket comes to save you. There are modern, traditional, and stylish storage baskets available in the market. It gives your dresser a great traditional touch as well as helps to store items easily.

3.5. Greenery and Glass Jars

This is a great option if you are a plant lover. Placing lavender, jasmine, spider plants, and so on in glass jars or pots adds height to the dresser and gives green vibes to your room. Greenery always gives a relaxed feeling and helps to reduce your stress. The glass jars add a shine to your dresser and increase good feelings.

Green Leafed Plant in glass jar
By Ylanite Koppens / Pexels Copyrights 2019

3.6. Customized Items

Who does not love customized items? Customized items add a personal touch and are always close to our hearts. At the same time, it is a great decorative piece for bedroom dressers. It can be any customized product, such as ring lights with photos, framed photos, gift boxes, names, mugs, so on. It catches the attention and makes the place look lovely. 

3.7. Books

Why not use books as a decor piece? Books are mostly like a color palette for your bedroom dresser. Placing books with different colors makes the dresser look colorful. You can place the book horizontally or vertically as per your wish. These books can be used as the base for other small decor items, which give a personal touch.

3.8. Lamps

Mostly, the first decor item that comes to our mind while thinking about decorating a bedroom dresser will be a beautiful lamp. Lamps provide a great ambiance to your bedroom and save a lot of space. The lighting works for decoration can be a bit costly, and using lamps for decorations will be cost effective. The light lamp grabs attention and creates a subtle look.

decorative vases with dry plants on desk near wall with clock
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3.9. Trays

Serving trays can be placed on the bedroom dressers as a layer for other decoration items. Nowadays, serving trays come with great patterns and designs, and even that can be customized as per your wish. The trays can display colorful flowers, personalized cups, and cute candles. It adds a unique style and comes in various materials. So, you have plenty of options to choose from.

3.10. Clock

Clocks add some functionality to your decor. This is where practical decor comes in; you are making your decor look great as well as useful. You may place a tabletop or alarm clock on the top of your bedroom dresser. Otherwise, you can hang a wall clock behind the dresser. These clocks give you aesthetic looks, and you will love the finish.

3.11. Accessories and Perfumes 

Bedroom dressers have drawers where you can place all your cosmetics, hats, jewelry boxes, and other pieces of stuff. But putting some good-looking cosmetics on the top of your dresser can make it look even better.

You can set your makeup brushes in your customized cup and place other products above the tray you have already placed or hang your hats behind the dresser. Placing a transparent perfume bottle above the tray will make your dresser look attractive. You can also place a double-layer cosmetics holder on the dresser to organize your cosmetics.

Clear Glass Perfume Bottle
By Dids / Pexels Copyrights 2018

3.12. Candles

Placing wax candles on your dresser can promote well-being and a warm feeling. Today, you get candles in various shapes and sizes that suit your mood. For example, you can get leaf-type candles, heart-shaped candles, photo candles, collectible tall pillar candles, flameless tin candles, and so on. If you are a DIY or aesthetic lover, try making your candle according to your theme. It lights up your space and gives a pleasant smell.

3.13. Eyeglasses

If you have a collection of eyeglasses, don’t hesitate to add them as a decor piece. Place your top favorite glasses above the book or the tray you used. It is also like a color palette for your dresser. Choosing the frame colors according to your painting is very important to make it look flawless. It adds a trendy look to your bedroom dresser.

3.14. Positive Affirmations

Affirmations are motivating quotes like “I can do it” or “I will achieve it.” If you love these kinds of affirmations, you can place those affirmation cards or frames on your bedroom dresser. These quotes will be a great boost for you when you wake up and will make your day positive.

3.15. Dresser Drawers

Even the pulls and knobs of your dresser drawer can elevate your dresser look. These pulls and knobs come in various sizes, styles, and colors, and you have a plethora of options. You have flower brass knobs, round brass knobs, butterfly brass knobs, hammered brass knobs, and so on. Even you have theme-based options like, retro knobs, modern minimalistic knobs, and whatnot?

A bedroom with a wooden dresser and white curtains.
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4. How to Decorate a Bedroom Dresser?

So now I will share five decor ideas to decorate your bedroom dresser.

4.1. Layering

Layer your books on the leftmost corner of your dresser. Place the flower vase or any plant on the top of those books. In the middle part of your dresser, place a tray with perfume on it. In the rightmost corner of your dresser, again layer your books and place your personalized photo frame over it.

4.2. Aesthetics

Towards the leftmost corner of your dresser, place your favorite lamp. In the middle, arrange your 3-4 books horizontally and 2-3 books vertically, balanced by a small personalized cup. The right-most corner will be the place for an affirmation card and two small, good-looking perfume bottles.

4.3. Placements

In the leftmost corner, place one medium-sized cup and two small-sized cups. Place your favorite artwork with green leaves surrounding it in the middle. In the rightmost corner, place your storage basket for convenience.

4.4. Further Decoration

Use a flower pattern table runner on the dresser top. Then place your basic cosmetics or accessories in a holder. In front of it, place your cute little flameless candles. In the middle, place an oval-shaped mirror. You can decorate the mirror as per your wish with clothes. In front of the mirror, place 3-4 books and keep your eyeglasses over it. In the right-most corner, place one medium-sized plant and two small-sized cute plants.

4.5. Themes

Let’s see a butterfly-themed decoration now. Use butterfly-themed table runners and butterfly-themed knobs for your dresser drawers. Place a tabletop clock over the dresser in the middle. On the left side, place affirmation cards with butterfly designs.

Behind the cards, place a large-sized flower vase filled with colorful flowers. In the middle, place a photo frame of a butterfly or any customized photo frame. In the rightmost corner, place a tray with perfume bottles or place a butterfly-themed lamp. Give a good finishing touch to your decoration.

5. Tips to Decorate Your Bedroom Dresser

A bedroom with white dressers and a wooden floor.
By Curtis Adams / Pexels Copyrights 2020

5.1. Planning

First, before starting to decorate your bedroom dresser, lay everything out to get an idea. Don’t put your accessories or decorative pieces in a box, and think about decorating. Take everything out and check which goes well with which one. By doing this, you can get great combination ideas to decorate your bedroom dresser.

Before sticking to a particular category, try to consider a couple of categories that work well. Maybe some decor pieces don’t go well with others. Placing a lot of decor items can make it look messy. Check out which category of items works well with another. For instance, affirmation cards go well with candles. Artwork goes well with storage baskets. So, try different combinations and select which looks perfect.

5.2. Creativity

When decorating your bedroom dresser, you have so much room for creativity. No one can stop you from doing what you like. It is your bedroom, and do whatever you love the most to make it attractive. Everybody has different tastes, so your decoration must reflect who you are.

Now, you may be wondering how many items you should place on my bedroom dresser. There are no restrictions; it depends on your dresser size. But placing items like candles and cups in groups of three will make your dresser look neat.

5.3. Decoration

While placing the items, start with the largest piece so that it helps to establish the size of your dresser. Then, place medium-sized ones and style your bedroom dresser. So that you don’t dump items on your dresser.

When you are decorating your dresser, you should be practical. It is better not to just place only static decorative elements on your bedroom dresser. Consider using lamps, clocks, baskets, and holders, which will be very handy and helpful in many situations.

Make sure you feel happy after seeing the output. When it comes to decoration, you can easily make changes to it. So, make changes according to your mood changes with my tips.

Multifunctional, Customizable Dresser Designs

Jessica Wilson, the Editor at INYOUTHS LED Mirrors, talks about the types of bedroom dressers that are currently trending and how the design and functionality of dressers have evolved over time to meet consumer preferences:

“In my extensive experience as an interior designer, I’ve observed a notable shift in bedroom dresser trends. [Currently], there’s a strong inclination toward multifunctional and minimalist designs [that] seamlessly blend style and practicality.

Floating dressers or wall-mounted units are gaining popularity, contributing to a sense of visual lightness and maximizing floor space. The emphasis is on clean lines, organic materials, and neutral tones, reflecting a contemporary aesthetic.

Functionality has evolved to address modern needs, with many dressers incorporating smart storage solutions like built-in charging stations, hidden compartments, or modular configurations.

Customization options allow individuals to tailor dressers to their specific storage requirements, aligning with the growing demand for personalized, efficient storage solutions.

Overall, the evolution of dressers reflects a commitment to both form and function, catering to the dynamic preferences of today’s consumers.”

Jessica Wilson - Featured
Jessica Wilson

6. Final Words

Decorating your bedroom dresser is an enjoyable work that gives you happiness. After choosing your right dresser and color palette, use these decorative items to decorate your bedroom dresser. Always be practical and design as per your wish so that it matches your vibe.

Guest Author: Saket Kumar

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