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How to Decorate a Corner in a Living Room: 5 Amazing Facts

Whether you are re-decorating your home or decorating a completely new one, furnishing it perfectly is extremely important. A lot of planning goes behind how you should beautify everything, especially when you must do that on a budget. You need lots of creativity, from furniture to colour scheme, to make your space look captivating.


When it comes to the living room, one of the most critical parts of your house, designing it the best is essential. Whether you have a small apartment or a massive house, the living room is a place that can be designed most artfully. Sometimes, decorating the living room can seem to be the most challenging task as we are not sure how to decorate a corner in a living room, what elements we can add that will suit our preferences, and how we can beautify it.

The living room corners can be of any shape and size, so you must make the right choices to make it look unique and captivating. Leaving that corner of your living room empty can seem odd, as a space left untouched can leave a bad impression. But don’t worry this blog will give you ideas on transforming your empty living room corner. There are many stylish ways to change neglected nooks into something worthy and beautiful, such as a cosy reading nook, bar cart, extra seating area, coffee station, an art gallery wall, put tall plants, etc.

2. Living room corner idea

But before the main decorative objects, consider the following points, which will give a practical idea for your corner space.

2.1. Examine your space!

Before you start with the decor, it is necessary to assess your corner properly. Examine the layout and size of your living room and then the corner. 

2.1.1 Measure the blank space 

Measure the blank space so you can plan your furniture and decor accordingly.

2.1.2 Color scheme:

If you are redecorating your living room corner, consider the existing colour scheme of your house and plan the furniture accordingly. If you are decorating from scratch, plan it keeping in mind the color scheme you have chosen for the living room, use the same colour to create a living room corner. 

2.1.3 Lightening:

Also, consider if enough natural light is coming into your unused corner. Considering the amount of natural light in your empty corners is essential as it can determine how much artificial light you need and you can choose your colors and decor accordingly.

2.1.4 Decor! 

If you are decorating your room corner for the first time, make sure your living room matches your house’s vibe. There are several types of decor styles, such as contemporary, minimalism, bohemian, etc., which you can choose for your living room. 

2.2 Define your purpose

The initial decision that you must make is for what purpose you want to use your living room corner. Your purpose is directly linked to your choice of furniture and decor. Some of the purposes for which you can transform your awkward corner into something useful are listed below:

2.2.1 Office work

Make your living room corner into your temporary office. You can now use corner space for your office work which will help you to be productive at home. The day when you are working from home and need proper seating, this desk in the corner of your living room could be a big help. 

2.2.2 Cozy reading nook

Create a space you can use to feel cosy and relaxed. This is where you sip your favourite tea/ coffee while pondering about something or reading a book. It is a place where you can unwind after a tiring day. You can gossip with your loved ones or just look outside the window and listen to rain. 

2.2.3 Bar cart

Set up your favourite alcohol bottles and glassware in your corner space. These bar carts will always attract attention in your empty corner when your best collection will be displayed here. When you have guests, you can serve them from your collection of wines without leaving your room. Bar cart can also a decorative look to your living room. 

2.2.4 Display art and achievements

You can also put up your art, collections, artefacts, or achievements, adding a personality to your unused space. Art always adds a different type of aesthetic to your room; choose the one according to your house aesthetic. Besides these, you can put a glass shelving to show what all you or your family members have achieved. You can also opt for open shelving. 

2.2.5 Extra seating

Create an extra seating space for your intimate conversations. It can be your comfortable and cosy space where you can relax with your favourite movies and snacks. Whenever you have extra guests, your extra seating can be used. Extra seating always adds a touch of grace in your living room.

2.2.6 Decorative corner

You can also add elements such as floor lamps, large mirrors, your favourite things, sculptures, etc., according to your aesthetic. Art pieces, sculptures, etc., add a personality to your living room. Your decorative corner can be changed according to the festivities or seasons, for instance, put up a Christmas tree on Christmas, etc. It will give a new look to your living room throughout the year. 

2.2.7 Green Corner

For the ones who love nature and always want to relate to, add your favorite plants in your corners. It can bring nature inside your house and will add freshness to your living room. Indoor plants can purify your room’s air and provide a calming atmosphere.

Now let’s delve into how you can personalize your empty living room corner.

2.3 Choose suitable furniture

The next step after finalizing your purpose is the choice of furniture, which depends on your usage purpose. Below are some of the recommendations for the right furniture for your corners. You can purchase your furniture from websites such as West Elm, Amazon, Pepperfry

2.3.1 Office Area:

pexels ksenia chernaya 3952034

Ksenia Chernaya / Pexels Choose a chair:

Choosing the right chair for your office area is extremely essential. While working, you may have to sit for long hours, so make sure you set up a chair that is comfortable enough to make to sit on it all day long without any tiredness or stiffness. Also, you can choose an adjustable chair if you have people of different heights working at your in-home office. Also, don’t forget to match the style and design of your chair with the rest of the set-up and the living room. The right table:

Choose a desk depending on the kind of work you do. If you need more storage, go for the one with drawers and shelves. The size and shape must fit according to the available space in your living room corner. Also, the height must be considered in addition to the style and design of your living room. In addition to that, the material you choose, such as wood, glass or plastic, must align with your preferences and durability. Lightening:

Lighting up perfectly for your office area is extremely essential. You must keep in mind both the aesthetics and functionality. Choose task lighting to illuminate your desk. You can go for an adjustable desk lamp or headlamp. Make sure your light is durable and it compliments the rest of the room too. Storage shelves: 

Your need for storage depends on the type of work you do. You can opt for a desk with built-in drawers if you need less storage. Desks with built-in shelves and cubbies are also available for organizing books and other stuff. Cable management is also necessary, so to keep your cables organized, look for desks with built-in features for cable management. 

2.3.2 Reading nook: Shelves:

 A corner shelf will be better to keep your favourite books so you can easily access them. These shelves can serve as a decorative element to your corner. Adding a shelf can also make your living room corner a mini library. Side table:

Add a side table to keep your book, reading glasses, coffee/ tea or other drinks and you can also keep a scented candle. You can also keep a small plant pot on your side table. While choosing a side table, keep a note of the available size. Lightening: 

Adequate lighting is a must for your reading nook. A reading lamp on your side table is a must to ensure your space is sufficiently illuminated. You can also put a floor lamp instead of a table lamp if you exclude a side table to make it a cosier nook. You can also position your reading nook near the window to get natural light. Seating:

For sitting, you can place any comfortable chair, lounge or sofa according to your preferences. Armchairs, recliners or a chaise can be your options. You can also add pillows and cushions to make it cosier.  

2.3.3 Bar cart: Cabinets: 

You can add corner cabinets to store your glassware, cocktail accessories, and bottles. Rolling tables can also be an option when you want to take your bar cart to another place at your home. Extra furnishing: 

You can also add a wine fridge and a few shelves for your mini bar every time you throw a party. You can also place bar stool chairs for seating purposes. Coffee station:

You can also convert your bar cart into a mobile coffee station. Put some cups, coffee and sugar. It will serve a two-in-one purpose. Crockery:

Keep different types of glasses for different drinks, such as martini glasses, wine glasses, highball glasses, and lowball glasses. The quantity of glassware you can keep depends upon the size of your table/ cart. 

2.3.4 Display art and achievements: Cabinets:  

Use cabinets with glass doors to showcase achievements such as trophies and medals. When your house accumulates lots of dust, but you still want to display your art, trophies and medals, opt for glass cabinets. Cabinets with built-in lights can highlight your items. You can also use open shelving for the display. Floating shelves are also a good choice. Credenza

Set up a credenza or a sideboard to display your stuff. Credenza can also add a unique style to your living room. Easels

Put a decorative easel to display artwork larger in size. Easels can easily be moved when you want to change your style; also, they will add elegance to your living room. For purchasing art, you can visit websites such as Etsy, and Artfinder

2.3.5 Seating Area Chairs:

 When it comes to the chairs, there are a variety of options available such as chaise lounges, recliners, ottomans, pouffes, egg chairs, rocking chairs, Barcelona chairs, wing chairs, bean bag, chesterfield chairs, club chairs, etc. You can choose the right one depending on the style and aesthetic of your house. An accent chair can also be a great option to give your corner a classy look. If your space is much bigger, you can opt for sofas. Tables:

A central piece table to keep your coffee, some snacks and a book will be a perfect choice. You can also add a small side table or an end table. Or you can put a bigger round table in between two chairs/ sofas. Nesting tables or C-shaped tables can also be used. Depending on the available size, you can also choose a trunk or chest. Seat for two!

Instead of one, if your corner is more significant in space, create a conversation spot by adding two comfortable chairs/ sofas. It can be a corner where you chit-chat with your loved ones, a place to share and laugh. Cushions and rugs

To decorate and give your space a cosier look, add some plush cushions or pillows. While choosing the rug, consider the size, style and colour. To add a touch of warmth to the space, you can keep some blankets and throws. Window seating!

If your empty corner is near a window, you can make your space cosier by setting your bench/ seat near the window. A window seat can be an excellent option when you want to see rain from indoors, see the twinkling stars, experience natural sunlight or see the snowfall. Window seats are best for rest.

2.3.6 Decorative corner Decorative items: 

Keep sculptures, antique pieces or tall flower vases with artificial or natural flowers in your corner. You can also display your artwork on an easel. Or, put a decorative ladder to hold blankets or hats. You can also purchase a ladder bookshelf, which will serve a 2-in-one purpose of a bookshelf and a decoration.

If a single bookshelf is insufficient to hold all your books, you can opt for a pair. Items such as telescopes, built-ins, shiplap and musical instruments can also fill the empty corner of your living room. Lamps and mirrors:

Keep stylish floor lamps, which can prove to be a statement piece in themselves.  A large mirror is a nice option for your living room makeover. A mirror often suits every decor style and proves to be an attractive element. It can reflect light and add a unique touch. A large piece of artwork will also complement the place. Fireplace:

Another element you can go for is an artificial fireplace. It will add warmth and cosiness to your living room and home. Tables:

A small console table in your blank corner will not only fill your space but also provide you with extra storage. You can keep smaller plants, and frames and use the top for serving meals. A round table to keep your vase and decorative stuff is another alternative. 

You can go to websites such as Urban Ladder and Ikea to purchase decorative items for your home. 

2.3.7 Green corner Size matters! 

Plants suit every home style and design. Depending upon the space available in your corner, you can decide the size of your plant pot. You can opt for medium-sized vases/ pots to fill your empty corner. When you are looking for a large piece, tall plants are the ones to choose. Planters:

When it comes to planters and pots, you can choose from a variety like plant stands, hanging macrame planters, vegetal frames or vertical gardens. Pots:

You can choose your plant pot according to your home aesthetic. There are a variety of pots available to choose from, such as ceramic pots, metal pots, hanging pots, plastic ones, wooden planters, terracotta pots, etc.

For plants, visit websites such as Ugaao and Kyari

2.4 Appropriate lightening

Lighting is one of the most critical factors in enhancing the mood and ambience of your living room. The placement of lights depends on your purpose. The lighting in the living room corner must complement the overall decor.

2.4.1 Office area:

Task lighting is necessary on the desk. You can choose either a pendant light or a desk lamp. The rest of the living room must have ambience lighting to balance and reduce eye strain. Floor lamps or desk-mounted lights can also be installed in your workspace.

2.4.2 Reading nook:

If you are putting a reading lamp, it should rightly focus on your book. If you are opting for a floor lamp, it should lighten up your whole desk. Your lamp can have a warm glow to promote deep focus. You can also go for swing-arm wall lamps which help create a focused reading environment.

2.4.3 Bar cart:

For your bar cart, the lighting must be stylish and luxurious so that it can be one of the inviting spots of your house. So, you can opt for hanging lamps, task lighting, table lamps, or adjustable wall sconces. Dimmer switches can also be installed that will help you control the intensity of the light depending on the mood, occasion, or time of the day.

2.4.4 Display artwork:

For your artwork, track lighting, adjustable spotlights and wall-mounted fixtures will perfectly highlight your art and achievements. You can also go for track lighting or picture lights. LED Strip lights will be perfect for your framed art.

2.4.5. Extra seating:

You can keep table lamps or floor lamps for your conversation corner. Wall sconces are also suitable when you must fill the wall with elegance. You can also opt for candles which you can put on a small side table to create a cozy corner. You can also go for string lights to add a pleasant touch or small chandeliers to showcase luxury.

2.4.6 Decorative corner:

Combine accent and ambient lighting to create a balanced scheme. If your decor is small and is placed on a table, opt for a table lamp or a floor lamp. Wall sconces, adjustable spotlights, etc. can also be used. LED strips placed properly can give a sleek look. Pendant lights can strike a focal point in your corner.

2.4.7 Green corner:

For your plants, natural light is the best option as it will complement your greenery and provide natural sunlight for them to grow. Artificial lighting options such as pendant lights, floor lamps, and wall sconces can also be chosen.

Lightening is always the most essential so if your living room corner has natural light then it’s the best. But do remember that at night you might need artificial lights. Also. make sure that the placement is correct and that your choice of lights matches the style and aesthetics of your house.

2.5 Wall Decor

Leaving walls empty might not be a good idea as decorating your walls can add personality and character to your living room. So here are some ideas to decorate your living room corner walls.

 2.5.1 Artwork and Photos

If you are an artist and have lots of drawings, paintings, and sketches of yours, frame them and hang them on your corner walls. Or if you have no connection with brushes or pencils but are fond of paintings and art, buy a piece that suits your budget and style. Framed wall art is never a bad choice. You can also consider creating a gallery wall. Add your favourite picture frames, which can be of your old memories, achievements, favorite place, or any other aesthetic.

2.5.2 Shelves

You can also go for wall-mounted shelves or floating shelves which will serve the purpose of storage for books, small plants, and other decorative stuff as well as for displaying art and achievements. You can also go for small open shelving cabinets.

2.5.3 Mirrors

Huge mirrors are good for reflecting light and will make your living room beautiful. Choose mirrors of different styles and frames to suit your aesthetic.

2.5.4 Wall hangings

You can hang macrame or tapestries on your wall to give a bohemian vibe.

2.5.5 Wallpapers and stickers

Wallpapers and stickers of various prints are available in the market based on your house color scheme and style.

2.5.6 Decor items

You can also hang musical instruments, vintage signs, plates, etc. to fill your wall.

2.5.7 Colors

The furniture, lighting, and decor should match the colour scheme of your living room and your house. The colors, textures and wall paint/ wallpapers should enhance your room.

You can buy your decorative items from HomeTown and Nestasia

2.6. Your corner decoration

2. 6.1 You can personalise your corner Depending on your choices and interests. You can put up family photos on your walls. Travel souvenirs and mementoes on your desk/table. Also, you can put your books vinyl records. You can also keep a vintage suitcase or trunk or a statement sculpture. 

2.6.2 Also, you can add textured rugs, drapes, and cushions that you can purchase from Myntra and D’decor

2.7 Storage

Storage is extremely important, so ensure you have enough shelves, storage ottomans, tables, and cabinets, depending on your purpose. You can also use decorative baskets to store items such as newspapers, magazines, blankets, etc.

3. Bottom Line

So, decorating your living room corner can be fun if you know which furniture, light, etc., to pick. It doesn’t matter if your living room corner is big or small; you can use it once you have defined your purpose. Don’t clutter too much with the decoration stuff. Keep it simple, unique, and beautiful. Wake up your inner designer and make your living room corner one of the most spacious places in your house.

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