How to discern good CBD vs. bad CBD?

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CBD has gotten a lot of press attention recently, and rightfully so. CBD can cure a variety of ailments, including epilepsy.

When searching for CBD information online, several inspiring personal testimonies about how the cannabinoid helped treat people’s diseases may be found, which has resulted in a significant surge in people looking for CBD products.

But how can customers be sure that they function, and how can they find the difference between good and bad CBD products? Do you want a way to bring a little more wellness into your life? Check out the best quality CBD oil tinctures here

3rd Party Lab Testing

Lab tests performed by an independent testing organization are one of the most popular means of determining good CBD products.

The word “independent” comes to mind here, as the testing lab should be entirely separate from the corporation selling the goods. It ensures that lab results are unbiased, unaffected, and accurate without any fuss.

If only “in-house” lab testing is used, there is a risk that the results will be distorted and manipulated to fit the company’s image and sales figures.

A Full Lab Report

These lab testing should be extensive as well. The more information contained in the lab report, the better. It is an area where caution and research are required. Some firms will try to deceive you with a lab report that is missing essential components.

Any reputable company will give a comprehensive report that describes the product’s cannabinoid profile, including the levels of CBD, THC, and other cannabis chemicals and the company’s business practices. However, it should also include pesticide, heavy metal, solvent, and microbiological residue testing.

Out of the whole lab report, these are some of the most crucial readings! What you’ll notice with a less-than-stellar CBD firm is that they provide cannabinoid tests but not pesticide, heavy metal, solvent, or microbiological testing due to the product’s ability to exceed safe levels.

So, if you’re looking at a CBD lab result, don’t just seek a link. At the very least, check on the report and read through it. There should be sections explaining the many types of tests conducted, and if the heavy metal, solvent, pesticide, and microbial testing sections are missing, this is a major red flag.

U.S. Sourced CBD & Hemp

Another crucial consideration in ensuring that you’re obtaining high-quality CBD is where it’s created and where the Hemp is from.

We advise you to look for companies established in the United States that also employ Hemp cultivated in the United States, as required by state pilot programs. DESPITE THE LACK OF REGULATION, the USDA issues broad rules and permits for licensed farmers who are held liable for their plants.

Hemp is a bioaccumulator

While Hemp is a bio-accumulator, meaning it absorbs harmful chemicals from the soil in which it is cultivated, one must farm the plants cautiously to guarantee that heavy metals and other toxic substances present in the surrounding soil environment are not present when harvested.


If Hemp is produced without care and continual attention, the plants may have a genetic makeup that is less than ideal, which could include these potentially dangerous compounds.


CBD From Other Countries

CBD companies can acquire their extract from various nations because Hemp is grown all over the world. That creates danger because many countries have laxer regulations, leading to the extract being unsafe to use. When sourcing from outside the United States, the cost to the end customer may be lower, but there is a greater possibility of dangerous substances being present.

That is why we favor Hemp cultivated in the United States and firms located in the United States that are somewhat controlled and mandated by U.S. law.

Extraction Methods

The extraction procedure utilized to create the end product is also one of the most significant parts of developing a high-quality CBD product.

CBD and other cannabinoids must be extracted from Hemp using a chemical separation from the plant material. Manufacturers have a variety of possibilities, some of which are better than others.

Supercritical CO2 Extraction

Supercritical CO2 extraction and ethanol extraction, for example, are two of the most widely considered as safe extraction procedures. Many people believe that the Supercritical CO2 method is the safest because no chemical solvents are required in the extraction process. Instead, the plant’s cannabinoids are extracted using carbon dioxide and pressure. As a result, the ultimate product is less likely to include solvents.

Ethanol Extraction

Another extensively used approach is ethanol extraction. However, verifying the usage of human-grade Ethanol is a critical element. There are several grades of Ethanol, and you should be sure the one you’re using is suitable for human consumption.

This approach differs from the Supercritical CO2 method in that it uses Ethanol as a solvent, which is typical alcohol for extracting chemicals from plants. There is a greater chance that solvents will end up in the final product with this process, but there shouldn’t be any if done correctly. They are making a solvent-free extract with a high concentration of cannabinoids, including CBD. This implies the oil will no longer include any alcohol and will be entirely safe for use.

Take A Look at the Brand

Our final piece of advice is for you to do some research on the brand you’re considering. Customer satisfaction and transparency are essential to companies seeking long-term growth. Consumers are searching for brands with integrity and a dedication to providing high-quality, safe items for them to enjoy.

The brands you should buy from will be transparent and back up their claims with everything we discussed earlier. That is lab tests and showing you where Hemp is farmed and what extraction processes they employ. All of these criteria should be easily accessible on their website at any time for anybody to review.

Final Words

So we have discussed a few methods for determining the quality of a CBD product. When purchasing a product intended to enhance your health, we encourage you to research and take precautions.

Keep in mind that there are still a lot of unknowns, and regulation is still a work in progress. Many businesses are merely interested in jumping on the CBD bandwagon and riding the wave. So don’t believe assertions that aren’t backed up by evidence. Any brand you buy from should provide you with transparency, trustworthiness, and a commitment to you.

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