How to do the Vogue Challenge – A 2022 Update

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How to do the Vogue challenge - a black woman's cover on Vogue magazine on a white bed.
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We all have one big dream that we think will get fulfilled one day. Everything which wasn’t possible 25 years ago, is feasible now. Thanks to technology, everything is at your fingertips.

Such big dreams do come true and that too with little to no effort. The same is the case with the recent Vogue cover challenge on different social platforms.

The Vogue trend has been popular since last year, especially when it’s associated with the celebrated magazine Vogue known for its fashion and lifestyle monthly issues. Before we know ‘how to do the Vogue challenge’, let’s catch up on it.

The fun and fulfilling challenge ensures you get your presence on the cover of the leading Vogue magazine. So, what is this Vogue challenge all about?

About Vogue challenge

A lighted Vogue logo.
By: Romy Xu on Unsplash

Trends are responsible for people to come together and join in the fun or any movement of social importance. One of the most relevant trends during the pandemic was the mental health matters trend stressing the need to open up on mental health issues.

Similarly, the new trend of Vogue surfaced all over social media channels like TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram backed by a social theme of injustice.

It all started with TikTok and the cover challenge had been started by Salma Noor, a student of Oslo city. Let’s witness why the trending Vogue challenge started.

Why and how did this challenge start?

The premise for this trend was the Black Lives Matter movement which started in July 2013 on social media in response to the racial injustices and death of an African-American.

It got aggravated again in May 2020, when an unarmed black man, George Floyd, got killed by a white police officer.

People protesting against racial injustice.
By: Chris Henry on Unsplash

Salma Noor posted her black and white Vogue cover with captions “being black is not a crime” in one of her posts on Twitter. She said that she wanted to support the just cause and didn’t think it’d go viral.

Besides, Anna Wintour took responsibility in a letter for not giving enough space to coloured people during her 30 years of editorship. That sparked the craze among people, especially blacks to find their due space themselves.

History is done! Now comes the know-how. Two Vogue challenges caught people’s attention.

Two challenges

Challenge number 1

Two girls having fun by lying on their backs and legs up.
By: Olena Sergienko on Unsplash

The first challenge started after the pandemic during the lockdown and is more a light version of it, initiated by TikTok users.

In this challenge, you’ll have to make a video with your partner (a man or woman) to get yourself in such a position where one has to hide behind the other, only showing their legs.

Then you’ll have to dance lying on your stomach by swaying your legs. You can use drag queen Naomi Smalls’ song ‘Legs’ to play in the background as most people are mostly using.

Challenge number 2

The second Vogue cover challenge started in support of the Black Lives Matter movement by Salma Noor and to bring equality among people when black stylists didn’t get their talent noticed in so many years.

How to do the Vogue challenge?

Now, time’s come to talk about the new Vogue challenge in which you pose yourself right onto the cover of Vogue magazine.

What you need

1. Selfies or a few photos of any kind.

2. A photo editing app, just like Adobe Photoshop or PicsArt.

Alone or in a group?

You can do this challenge on your own and it doesn’t even require any expertise to create your cover.

These simple steps would lead you to the dreamlike magazine covers and add to your charm in just a few minutes.

Number 1

Download an image editing application where you can find templates to make your cover in a super simple way.

Number 2

Choose a template from various options, add your favourite photo, and start editing it. Aesthetic pictures, your pet’s photos or anything you like. It’s your cover, so make it as you wish.

Number 3

Choose the Vogue font sticker from the search option of stickers and apply the one you like out of many variants. You can edit the Vogue logo to suit your style.

Number 4

Now your perfect Vogue cover is ready to use. You can make it more stylized by adding filters and meaningful headlines that tell something about yourself.

A grey book in which unseen Vogue is written on the one side and a tall girl's cover on the other.
By: Simran Sood on Unsplash

There are options for changing fonts and colors and resizing them. Choose what you fancy and customize it to make it even more vibrant.

Number 5

You’re all set to share your very portrait of a magazine cover. You can post just this single piece on Twitter or Insta or if you wanna be more creative, go to the next step.

Number 6

At this stage, when you have one Vogue cover, you can make a TikTok. For that, you’ll have to make a regular video of yours of 7 to 8 seconds with no make-up look.

Then with the help of an editing app, merge that video with one or two Vogue covers that you’ve made to make it look like a transformational video in which you moved from a simple look to a fashionable one.

Number 7

In the end, use any copyright free music. TikTok users are using the sound by a TikToker Ismael el Cuhh which is a part of the song ‘Out West’ by JACKBOYS and Travis Scott ft. Young Thug to give it a real feel.

You can use the same if you wish to. Lastly, upload this video on TikTok or any other social platform to earn more followers.


Social media trends come and go within weeks but trends like Vogue cover continue to remind people of certain aspects of significance.

Besides driving new and hidden talent to the cover of the prestigious magazine, the Vogue trend did more than just pose a craze.

It added strength to the BLM movement with numerous black people finding their voices and upholding new standards of beauty in all aspects and getting more opportunities for a better future.

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So, that’s all about this trending Vogue challenge on TikTok which absolved Twitter, and Instagram as well to give them some amazing photography, videos, and hidden gems from all over the world.

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