How To Enable Cookies In Safari In 5 Secure Steps

Cookies allow the website to store the information that you have entered. It remembers things like your email address, your preferences or your clicks.

Cookies help the website deliver you personalized information based on the information you have entered before. You need to be careful with the websites you allow cookies in Safari, as the wrong websites can monitor your data and break your privacy.

Privacy settings are essential to keep your data safe. Web browsers may try to compromise your privacy when you enable cookies. Thus you should be careful with the websites you allow cookies for.

What Is Safari?

How to enable cookies in safari
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If you have an iOS device, you probably know what Safari is. For those of you who don’t, Safari is the default browser used for Macintosh devices. If you have a MacBook, you probably use Safari as your browser. Some other commonly used browsers that you may have heard of are Google Chrome and Firefox. Safari does the same job for iOS-based devices and Mac books.

Website Data Stored As Cookies

Almost all websites store some of your data as cookies for a better experience once you revisit the website. Cookies are often seen as a threat to privacy, but it is essential to understand that they usually help the website store the information so that you won’t have to enter it again.

One easy example to explain how cookies are helpful is Gmail. Suppose you log into Gmail once from Safari, do your work, and close the website. Next time you visit the website, you have to re-enter your password. Instead, you can allow cookies to store that data for you.

What Are Third-Party Cookies?

Turning on cookies in Safari
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Third-party cookies can be defined as the cookies set by other websites that you are not currently working on. A lot of debate is held over whether cookies are harmful to your device or not. While cookies are rendered harmless when invading your device with viruses or malware, cookies can invade your privacy.

Another type of cookie, being first-party cookies, is generally considered harmless. They are used to store the site data of the current website you’re working on. Google Chrome or any other web browsers allow you to select cookies you want to allow.

What Is Cross-Site Tracking?

Cross-site tracking in easy terms is when the data of third-party cookies from websites or pages are used for advertising purposes. While it can be termed as an invasion of privacy, some users find it handy as it helps them access the desired product. Safari provides an easy option to turn off cookies and procure your security from certain websites if you find it invasive.

How To Enable Cookies For Mac

To enable, first open Safari on your Mac. Follow these steps to turn on cookies –

  1. Click on preferences on the Safari interface. This will open the Safari general preferences page.
  2. When you find the menu item, click the privacy tab. This will lead you to the safari privacy settings column.
  3. You will find the option’s website tracking > cookies and website data in the drop-down menu.
  4. In the front of website tracking, you will find the checkbox to prevent cross-site tracking. If you mark this option, it will block all third-party cookies. You can now configure it for your convenience.
  5. As far as blocking all cookies is considered, this option will block cookies from the first-party sources. Now, close the drop-down menu on your Mac.
  6. Once you are done with these preferences, close the preferences window. Now you have configured cookies according to your preferences.

How To Enable Cookies For iOS Devices

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To enable cookies for your iPhone, follow these given steps –

  1. Go to the settings menu icon on your phone and scroll down.
  2. You will find an option titled Safari.
  3. Click Safari, and you will find the option to block cookies under the section Privacy and Security.
  4. Now, you can configure if you want to block all cookies or if you want to block third-party cookies.
  5. Select preferences that block all cookies if you don’t want to provide any access to cookies; otherwise, select allow first-party cookies.

Now, you have configured cookies on your iPhone. iPhone is considered a secure mobile device. It provides you various options to manage website data you provide and hide personal information that can lead to data theft and security mishaps.

Other Web Browsers

While Safari is the designated browser for Mac and iOS devices, other software has different browsers to perform the same function. Based on what operating system the computer has, the supported browser is provided. Safari is usually considered one of the safest web browsers present in the market. Google Chrome is another widely used web browser used by Windows devices. This also serves the same purpose and is helpful to visit different websites and log into other places.

Most of these browsers on the computer allow you the option to enable or disable cookies. While you enable cookies, make sure that the website does not seem shady. There are a lot of different websites that are built to track your data and then show ads based on your data.

In this way, you can configure your settings for cookies to best suit your interests. With the different settings available, you can allow access to specific websites and block all cookies from others.

How to Enable Cookies in Safari in 5 Easy steps?

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