How To Get Admission In Cutler Bay Middle School: An Easy Guide To 4 Stages

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Cutler Bay Middle School
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If you are a resident of Florida and looking for a magnet school for your child, one of the options you should consider is Cutler Bay Middle School.

Cutler Bay Middle School is located in the lavish town of Cutler Bay. It has a large suburb-like setting. Many parents looking for a middle school for their kids in the same district, consider this school.

In this post, I am going to talk about Cutler Bay Middle School and what is its admission process.

1. About Cutler Bay Middle School

Cutler Bay Middle School is a public school, for grades sixth to eighth, present in the Dade School district of Florida.

Cutler Bay Middle School’s vision is to provide a nurturing, safe and supportive learning environment where every student achieves literacy.

It has around 900 students. With a ratio of around 4:5 in terms of gender (female: male).

1.1. It’s Rankings

  • Florida Magnet Middle Schools: 149
  • Miami Dade County Public Schools: 115 – 155
  • Florida Middle Schools: 745 – 995

These rankings are in comparison to 997 schools in Florida and are on the basis provided by the government.

1.2. Student-Teacher Ratio

Cutler Bay Middle School
Source: by 14995841 / pixabay

The student-teacher ratio is 16:1. There are about 55 full-time teachers and 4 full-time academic counselors. (Note that this ratio does not reflect the average class size)

This student-teacher ratio is better than other public and private schools in the district. There are also more experienced full-time teachers in comparison to other schools.

1.3. Diversity in Students

Cutler Bay Middle had enrolled about 83% economically disadvantaged students. It also supports the admission of the visually impaired open category of students.

There are children of different races enrolled in this school. The distribution of students by ethnicity (percentage of total students):

  • Minority – 94.5%
  • Black – 32.5%
  • White – 5%
  • Asian – 2%
  • Hispanic – 55%
  • Pacific Islander – 0.3%
  • American Indian or Alaska Native – 0.5%
  • Two or more races – 2.1%

1.4. Education Statistics

Cutler Bay Middle School
Source: by ArtsyBee / Pixabay

The students of Cutler Bay Middle School’s proficiency level in mathematics is around 38%. The test scores in the reading show around 39% of proficiency level.

This state average is quite bad compared to other schools in the same district. In the Dade district around 58% of students tested at or above the proficient level for reading, and around 60% tested at or above that level for mathematics.

Cutler Bay Middle’s performance has been quite bad in math as well as reading in this area compared with students of other schools across the state. In Florida, the state average of students tested at or above the proficient level for reading is around 52%, and mathematics student scores are more, which is around 58-60% of proficiency level.

1.5. School Environment

The facilities provided by the school can be said to have average ratings. Though, the location of the Cutler Bay Middle school is a prime one. But the school environment can not be termed as good. As there are lots of fights happening in the school.

Although in Miami-Dade country schools, fights are not uncommon, the Cutler Bay Middle School is reported to have the most fights in the entire district. Most of the times actions have been taken, whenever such incidents happen. Due to this the number of such incidents has been gradually decreasing.

The good thing about the Cutler Bay Middle school is, it doesn’t discriminate between students of different races. The school also organizes many activities at regular intervals for students.

As per the records, it has the most number of fights in the entire state. Though there had been a decrease after 2015, it still needs to strengthen its rules and regulations.

1.6. The National School Lunch Program

Cutler Bay Middle School
Source: Annie Spratt / Unsplash

The school assists children with free or reduced prices of lunch. This is a very good thing for students as well as parents belonging to economically weaker sections.

As per data collected, around 87% of students were eligible for free lunch and around 3% are eligible for reduced-price lunch (as per data of session 2018-19).

This information, you should look out for this information before enrolling your child in Cutler Bay Middle School. If you are looking for a school in Denver, do check it out!

2. How to Get Admission to Cutler Bay School

The admission process of Cutler Bay Middle School is quite simple and easy.

As I have told you before Cutler Bay Middle is a magnet school, the child’s parents have to apply in the Magnet Application Cycle. Through this, you can not only apply for Cutler Bay Middle but also around 100 magnet schools across the state of Miami-Dade. The application period of this session is 1st October to 15th January.

2.1. Eligibility Criteria (Random Selection)

  1. The child should have a minimum of 2.0 Grades Point Average in each of the core academic-based subject areas, like Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Languages, and other subjects in the last previous year and the first grade period of this year combined.
  2. FSA score and teacher’s recommendation are not required.
  3. The child’s parent/guardians have to schedule any of the required language tests for International Studies programs by January 15th.

Note: There are enhanced criteria for Designated Random Selection Magnets, this included magnet schools like Jose Marti MAST 6-12 Academy, COAST @ Cutler Bay SHS (Grade 9), iPrep programs (Grades 9), and some other schools. Furthermore, for Visual & Performing Arts Magnets, the eligibility criteria are the same but the student has to give an audition or interview.

2.2. Application Process

  1. Firstly, look out for any additional requirements by the specific school, by contacting the school.
  2. Fill out the online application form before the deadline. You can also fill out a paper application or mail it.
  3. The student will be provided an account and information will be emailed to the parent.
  4. You have to give school transcripts (non-M-DCPS students) or virtual documents to the school to which you are applying.

Instructions for Application

  • In the application, you can only select up to 5 schools, according to the sequence in which you prefer.
  • The parents serving military must provide active duty documents for military status consideration.
  • Siblings (older one ) and twins’ information must be given.
  • Review the application properly and then agree to T&C, sign and then submit before the deadline.

2.3. Scheduling, Selection, Notification

All scheduling of tests and auditions has to be done before 1st March. Non-appearance in tests and auditions will be counted as ineligibility. The selection is a random selection, done through the third-party computer system and while considering different criteria.

The results are received by mails on or before 15th March. The results will be any among the following:

  • Accepted
  • Waited list
  • Not accepted
  • No Show

The students have to then declare according to their results.

2.4. Register

You then have to just register with the selected school. The parents should contact Cutler Bay Middle or their selected School for any additional requirements.

Even if you didn’t apply, you don’t have to worry. There is also an Off-Cycle application process. For that, one should contact the school for its complete information.

Cutler Bay Middle School
Source: Rene Bernel / Unsplash

So, this was all about Cutler Bay Middle School and the admission process of this school. I hope this post was helpful, and may your kids have a fun and successful school journey!

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