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Scorpions in Georgia- 5 Ways To Keep them Away

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To most people, the deadliest and scariest creatures aren’t a figment of their imagination. Scorpions are undoubtedly one of the most threatening creatures on our planet. Incidentally, spotting Scorpions in Georgia is not a big deal. Though common, they are still not friendly and need to get ridden of, if they invade your house.

Scorpions in Georgia own a venomous stinger, armored body, and hefty pincers. They have the ability to bounce huge amounts of radiation. Consequently, they are assumed to be one of the creatures that’ll survive on Earth till the very end.

Smaller ones pose a greater threat compared to the bigger scorpions in Georgia. The former doesn’t have control over the amount of venom they release, unlike the latter. Thus the sting of a smaller scorpion is deadlier than the bigger one.

About Georgia

Apart from big and small structured towns and exquisite hills, Georgia has a lot to offer beyond this. Visiting is worth every penny you’ll spend, and locals here can vouch for that. You can even go visit the world-famous Georgia aquarium – the biggest in the Western hemisphere.

Due to the cultural and geographical diversity, it’s a very popular spot among tourists. There is something to do and somewhere to go for everyone here. From toddlers to adults, all the way to elderly people.

Scorpions in Georgia are very common, and even though they are not exactly vicious, they are not safe to be around either. These are mostly dark colored- dark brown, black, or grey. These are easily recognizable because of their identifying features like the tail and claws. To defend themselves when they feel threatened, they make use of their capable pincers or stinger.

Interesting fact: The average life span of a scorpion can be 2-4 years. Scorpions in captivity have even lived up to a long 25 years!

Types of Scorpions in Georgia

Scorpions in Georgia
Image source- Christina Butler / Flickr @2019

There are mainly 2 kinds of species of scorpion that are seen in Georgia. One is the Southern Devil Scorpion, also popularly called the Southern stripe-less Scorpion. Or the other one, Plain Eastern stripe-less scorpions. It is mostly found near the area of North Georgia or in the Piedmont region.

As the name suggests, it has stripes over its body, which are black in color and forms a triangle shape over its head. All over the US, striped bark scorpion is the most common one.

Scorpions in Georgia
Image source- Wikimedia.com

They’re nocturnal Scorpions and rely on large-bodied insects to prey on. For killing their prey or paralyzing it, they use their sting. They prefer an environment that is humid and moist. Special pigments make them glow under UV, black or lunar light.

While there are species whose sting could be fatal, native scorpions of Georgia are not deadly. It might only be as dangerous as a bee sting. Insecticide and pesticides won’t work on scorpions in Georgia. You’ll have to use specific remedies or hacks to keep them at bay.

Quick Facts About Scorpions in Georgia:

  • Since their vision is pretty weak, they hide in dark and damp places all the time. Their eyes can’t bear too much light.
  • They use their stinger to paralyze their prey and save it for later consumption.
  • Scorpions in Georgia not only eat small insects and creatures but also reptiles.
  • If hungry, a mother scorpion would even eat her own babies!
  • They give birth to their young ones, unlike other insects.

How do Scorpions in Georgie Invade your Home?

Scorpions in Georgia
Image source- Shiver / Flickr @2006

Just like any other small creature or insect, they also enter your house through any cracks or small spaces. Even though scorpions in Georgia look deadly and very scary, they’re in fact, boneless creatures.

Being boneless makes it easy for them to invade your home through cracks, crevices or even pipelines. They can even squeeze through holes with a thickness of a credit card, very easily.

Since they get overwhelmed by exposure to light, they use their sense of smell and hearing to locate food and shelter. That’s the reason they are mostly nocturnal.

Scorpions in Georgia can easily climb up to surfaces and things in no time. It can survive underwater for up to 2 days or live in a harsh dry topography. Due to their anatomical adaptations, pest control is very hard if it reaches such a stage.

How to Prevent Scorpions in Georgia from Invading your Home?

1. Get rid of surplus moisture: Scorpions in Georgia come out of their hidings to consume water or food. So make sure your home doesn’t have any pipeline faults where the water might be leaking from. It would be best to avoid water spills.

2. Get your house bugs-free: As we mentioned above, scorpions in Georgia come out searching for prey since they rely on small bugs and pests. So if you get rid of them, you can really save your chances of having to deal with them.

3. Get Sticky Traps: Traps like this, specifically designed to catch small and harmful creatures like scorpions can be helpful. You have to position them around cool places with moisture, and damp corners where they might find shelter.

Scorpions in Georgia
Image source- wikimedia .com

4. Get pets: Some breeds of cats are renowned for their nature to hunt down Scorpions. So if you live in Georgia and are afraid that scorpions in Georgia might invade your house, this can be an inexpensive hack to try. Plus you get a furry friend to keep you company.

Scorpions in Georgia
Image source- wikipedia.com

5. Spread Cinnamon powder: Scorpions in Georgia hate the cinnamon smell so much they wouldn’t get near it. And since it’s all-natural, it wouldn’t be any harm to kids in the house or pets and is also a cheap household remedy.


Scorpions in Georgia
Image source- Cinnamon Vogue / Flickr @2012

Lastly, Scorpions in Georgia are difficult to handle, but not impossible. If you take certain precautions and take care of the minute things, they can be kept well away.

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