Going early to school. Going early to school.

How to Look Good When You Have Early Morning Classes

If making a good impression is powerful on a normal day, making an impression during an early morning class can turn heads. Rather than doing the minimum, what would happen if you embraced early mornings and used them to excel? 

Your class might be more than a place of learning. You might be able to meet your future husband or wife or employment. If you look your best at all times, it will pay off. Here are some tips to help you look great when you need to study early in the morning.

1. Move

If you know, you must go to school early, trying to live near campus makes sense. If you’re out in the boonies, maybe it’s time to move in with some friends or like-minded students and see if you can rent or even crash at a place that doesn’t involve a massive commute in the morning. 

While it’s important to look good, staying safe is critical. When considering sharing a property with others, use Nuwber to check who they are and if they are safe to live with.

If you’re not on campus and moving or sleeping nearby is not an option, the following tips become even more important. For the most part, looking good in the morning starts the night before.

2. Prepare your clothes

Leaving clothing decisions until the last minute increases your chances of terrible fashion mistakes. Odd socks may be the least of your problems if you can’t find anything to wear, let’s say, at 6 am. 

Knowing what you will wear the following day may help you sleep better as you will not have to worry about choosing clothes in the morning. Preparing your outfit in advance will help you avoid early morning blunders that can spoil your mood at the beginning of the day.

3. Choose clothes for comfort and style

Your look for an early morning class needn’t be all or nothing. Rather than tying yourself up inside a business suit or letting it all hang out in workout gear, try mixing and matching. 

You might go for a super-relaxed outfit with a blazer thrown over to dress it up. Sweatshirt dresses can give you an instant balance of comfort, coolness, and class. 

You can also wear a casual outfit with accessories like a scarf or bold jewelry.

Doing your hair might take a long time on a good morning, let alone when you feel tired. However, throwing on a hat or head scarf can save time and help you look stylish.

4. Revise

Looking good isn’t just about your physical appearance. One of the best ways to look good in an early morning class is to make looking good seem effortless. 

Show that you’re on point mentally by re-reading your notes or revising the information the night before. But don’t stay up too late. Try to go to sleep at 10 p.m. to avoid health consequences like high blood pressure, a lower immune system, or just having dark circles under your eyes.

5. Set up coffee

If you count yourself among those who like coffee to get you started in the morning, don’t leave it until you are bleary-eyed to get on the coffee train. Whatever machine you use, set it up the night before so you can make coffee in the morning with the push of a button. 

Even if you make instant, get everything good to go the night before. Knowing that you’ve made things easy for yourself can help you get out of bed. 

6. Get enough sleep 

The many profound benefits of sleep include the following:

  • Better energy levels
  • Better mood
  • Improved mental function, including the ability to concentrate, solve problems and make decisions

Maintaining a healthy weight and having a better immune system are also advantages enjoyed by those who sleep a healthy amount of hours each night. 

Getting enough sleep will help you be at your best, no matter when your classes start. If you have to get up early, go to bed early the night before.

You might feel like you’ve reached retirement age prematurely, but if you spend 30 minutes in bed with a good book and wake up refreshed and ready for class in the morning, your life might change for the better.

8. Start earlier

Give yourself more time in the morning than necessary. You might feel strange being up before the birds, but you’ll have time to do things properly, including your make-up, which is not something you skimp on with an 8 am start.

If you must get up at 6 am to get to class, getting up at 5 am may seem overkill. However, give it a try, and you may appreciate how less stress and rushing makes you more composed, relaxed, and ready to learn.

9. Have a morning routine

A solid morning routine will help you get out of the door without forgetting anything, so there’s less chance of arriving in pajamas or with your sweatshirt back-to-front. A routine can also put you in the right frame of mind to have a great day.

Here are some ideas for an excellent morning routine during early morning classes.

  • Water – you can still glug down your morning coffee, but start the day with water. Drinking water rehydrates you after a night of sleep and signals your body and brain that it’s time for activity.
  • Music – starting the day with inspirational or invigorating music can improve your mood for the rest of the morning.
  • Food – make sure you leave time to eat a healthy, nutritious breakfast before you leave for class. This will help you concentrate, keep your energy levels up, and prevent those gurgling noises that might give you away when you’re trying to look like getting up early was effortless.
  • Shower – showering in the morning before class can take some time, but it will help wake you up. And you’ll smell fresher. Everybody wins.

10. Conclusion

Some students love an early start. If you’re not one of them, these tips should help you get through those early morning classes in style. 

The results will be worth the effort, so take the plunge and transform your style and performance to look good during early morning classes.

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