How To Win In The Battle Against Addiction

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People riddled with substance abuse disorder often find overcoming addiction more challenging than expected. Change is difficult, and it can be helpful to have a guide when attempting to win the battle against addiction. Research shows that you can move closer to your recovery goals by adopting the following steps.

It All Starts with a Choice

The battle between addiction and you or a loved one starts from a single choice. You will often underestimate the significance of willpower; however, it is you who will decide to liberate yourself by eliminating all the hurdles. Get a pen and paper, set aside some time for yourself, and envision what it will be like if you let go of the addiction.

On days you feel like giving up the cause, going through your reasons can motivate you to keep going ahead.

Build a Safe Space

Whether you’re addicted to drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes, the process will become challenging for you if you keep your triggers nearby. Disposing of the temptations can be tricky. Even if you purge your home from the items, you can just as easily purchase it from a store five minutes away.

To make the journey easier, consider surrounding yourself with the people working towards the same goal. Joining a world-class addiction treatment center will provide you with the resources and training to ease your journey. Not only will cutting off toxic people and temptations lower your stress levels, but it will also contribute to better mental well-being.

Understand What Led to the Addiction Problem 

The first step toward recovery is addressing the problem, and the second is seeking ways to treat it. However, patients on the recovery path often fail to consider what led to the addiction problem in the first place. Ask yourself, was it a bad day? Did you want to calm yourself after an argument or numb your painful emotions?

Once you have battled addiction, the negative emotions are bound to come back, and it is essential that you understand what is causing you stress and learn healthy ways to counter it. Experiencing feelings of shame, loneliness, frustration, hopelessness, and anger is a normal part of life. For the treatment to be successful, you will need to work towards resolving the emotions if and when they come up.

Beware of the Cravings and Triggers

Recovery is only a part of the treatment, and your body will need time to adjust to the new normal. For the duration of this period, experiencing intense cravings is typical. However, if you continue to place yourself in situations that led to the problem in the first place, it will not be long before you find yourself going around in circles.

Surrounding yourself with people who support your sobriety journey is a crucial part of the process. Cut off ties or limit contact with friends who may tempt you to slip back into the old, destructive habits. Instead of going to clubs or bars, consider going out with your friends to places that are not associated with drug use.

There’s No Shame in Being Upfront 

Everyday activities do not come to a stop during your road to recovery. You will still need to go ahead and schedule appointments with dentists and medical care providers. You must be upfront about your addiction struggle so that the practitioner can adjust your treatment and prescription accordingly.

Approximately 27 million people worldwide suffer from drug abuse, and the numbers keep growing. Medical practitioners understand the struggle of being riddled with addiction and will make all changes necessary to assist you.

Create Distractions

The urge to go back to old habits is crippling. Invest your time in something productive to keep your mind from continuously thinking of these temptations. Go ahead and call your friends and family, let them know you are quitting, and ask for their support and encouragement.

If you find someone using an object of your addiction, request them to make an exception and not do it in your presence. If you are addicted to drugs, let your supplier know that you will not be buying any more and are quitting. Delete their contacts off the phone, or better yet, block them.

The road to recovery is never-ending, and you will constantly be battling your addiction. It does not mean that battling your addiction will always be challenging. The longer you stay on the course, the easier it will get. Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back once in a while for making a life-changing decision and coming this far.

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