Huntsville Botanical Garden Events: 5 Exciting Events

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Huntsville Botanical Garden events

Botanical Garden is the hot spot of Huntsville, Alabama. Huntsville Botanical Garden Events includes Seasonal events and regular events conducted throughout the year.

Botanical Garden, located at 4747 Bob Wallace Ave Huntsville, Alabama 35805 United States, secures the fifth position on Alabama’s top paid tourist attractions list. It is spread around 112 acres and situated near U.S Space and Rocket Centre.

The Botanical Garden comprises the seasonal butterfly house, aquatic, annual, day lily, fern, herb, perennial, rose, wildflower gardens, and a nature path and collection of Flowering Dogwood trees.

With the mission of ‘SOW, GROW, AND DISCOVER,’ Huntsville Botanical Garden has come a long way to be called ‘THE COMMUNITY’S GARDEN.’

Huntsville Botanical Garden Events

Seasonal Events

  1. Beaks And Barks – Huntsville Botanical Garden Events

An event dedicated to all the Dogs out there. Enjoy a stroll with your puppies or play a game or two with them. These Huntsville Botanical Garden Events take place from Mid-January to Mid-February. Birders are in for a treat as well; what they need is a pair of binoculars. Botanical Garden is a hub for all the local and migrating birds, and the diversity is enriching to watch.

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Photo by Alvan Nee on Unsplash. Copyright 2019

You can also participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count, in which you have to observe the birds for 15 minutes (or more, as you wish) from your backyard and capture images of the birds. This allows everyone to learn about the different environments a bird requires at that time of year, and it also helps in estimating their positions all around the world.

2. Huntsville Blooms – Huntsville Botanical Garden Events

Enjoy the spring season by feasting your eyes on the Bush Azalea Trail, which consists of over 3,000 varieties of Azaleas. Spring Blooming trees, Perennials, and shrubs, featuring beautiful flowering displays make these Huntsville Botanical Events the most pleasing to the eyes.  

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Photo by Agnes Elena Crăciun on Unsplash. Copyright 2018

It takes place from March-April, and different events such as the Region’s Largest Plant Sale, Night of 1000 Flowers, and Bunny Bonanza take place in this two-month-long event. Also, Classes for Adults and Children, Garden walks, and home school programs are also organized to make the event more happening.

3. Purdy Butterfly House – Huntsville Botanical Garden Events

The Nation’s Largest Open-Air butterfly house will let you experience over 3,000 majestic butterflies along with button quail, frogs, turtles, and many more different critters. During these Huntsville Botanical Garden events, butterflies are let out on scheduled dates, allowing visitors to recondition the indoor butterfly population, which is entirely safe and environmentally friendly for the winged insects.

The Purdy Butterfly House opens from May 1 all through September. The butterflies leave in the fall, but the enchanting waterfalls, ponds, streams, and flourishing vegetation can be enjoyed by the guests all year.

4. Scarecrow Trail – Huntsville Botanical Garden Events

The spooky season is celebrated through September-October. The best way to spend the Halloween season is by being a part of these Huntsville Botanical Garden Events. Weekend hayrides, Corn mazes, Scarecrow Trail night hikes, BOOtanica, and so much more are offered at the Scarecrow Trail event.

The displays that the people in business make the trail highlights from the local area, schools, and clubs actively make the trail magnificent. The main highlight of this event is The Pumpkin Display, which starts in October. Topiaries of insects made using pumpkins and squash from Calvert Farms, including varieties such as Kandy Korn plus, Blue Jarrahdale, Sunlight, and Cushaws Gourds make for a perfect spot for clicking your Halloween pictures.

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Photo by Visual Stories || Michele on Unsplash. Copyright 2020

5. Galaxy Of Lights – Huntsville Botanical Garden Events

Welcome the rejoicing spirits of the Christmas season with this beautiful event held from November-December. These Huntsville Botanical Garden events are divided into three categories:

  • Walking Nights
  • Dog-walking Nights
  • Driving Nights
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Photo by Andrew Knechel on Unsplash. Copyright 2016

The 2.5-mile trail of the Botanical Garden is decorated with animated light displays that are larger-than-life. The displays consist of holiday themes, characters, a fascinating winter village, Nursery rhyme characters dance among traditional scenes of the season. The sparkling icicle forest will surely leave you mesmerized.

Along with these seasonal events, Botanical Garden also organizes programs throughout the year. Some of these Huntsville Botanical Garden Events are:

Youth Programs

1. Nature Academy – Huntsville Botanical Garden Events

The Huntsville Botanical Garden events focus on enriching grades K-8 with STEM learning with the tagline of DISCOVERING STEM IN THE GARDEN. STEM, which stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, provides students with problem-solving abilities. In this event, three classes are offered every season:

Fall: August, September, October (total 3 classes)
Winter: November, December, January (total 3 classes)
Spring: February, March, April (total 3 classes)

Every season accounts for a different topic related to science covered in a two-hour-long class at the garden by certified teachers. Nature Academy makes sure that every class is offered throughout the season on multiple dates, making it easier for the students to participate according to their schedule.

2. Seeds To Sprout – Huntsville Botanical Garden Events

The event is solely dedicated to the pre-schoolers. These Huntsville Botanical Garden events generally happen throughout the year, allowing the children to become a part of nature in all seasons. Every class has an exciting adventure waiting to be unraveled by your kid. Season stories, art & craft, walk in the garden, and different interactive activities are organized to ensure they are not bored.

The Botanical Garden not only keeps children in mind but adults also. Some of the Huntsville Botanical Garden Events for Adults are:

Adult Programs – Huntsville Botanical Garden Events

1. Terrariums: Bringing Gardening Indoors

Indoor gardening is fascinating, and Terrariums are one of the best ways to do it.

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Photo by Andrew Knechel on Unsplash. Copyright 2018

2. Pruning For The Homeowners 

Confused about how to prune your plants at home? This virtual class will surely erase all your doubts.

Pruning is merely another synonym for “trimming,” but it is a considerably more intentional operation that focuses on the plant’s health rather than its appearance. Pruning is required for all types of trees, plants, both indoors and outside.

Although this may appear to be a difficult task, keep in mind that not all plants require frequent or regular pruning. Some flourish with only a light cut once a year, while others can grow very well without any pruning at all. Others will require regular pruning in order to reach their full potential.

3. Foodscaping 101: Practical Solutions For Growing Your Food

After taking this class, you will be an expert at growing your food at home.

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Photo by Meg Boulden on Unsplash. Copyright 2021

4. Divide And Conquer: Getting The Most Out Of The Plants You Have 

In this class, you will learn how to divide plants, which will help you save your money and have more plants in your garden.

It’s a good idea to divide your perennial plants as they grow in size. This not only allows you to plant additional elsewhere or share with friends and relatives but it is also required to maintain certain plants healthy.

Plant division is the process of digging up plants and dividing them into smaller parts. While it may appear to be unpleasant for the plants, the division is a simple activity for gardeners that helps plants in the long term.

In The End

Aside from these, Huntsville Botanical Garden also organizes Family campouts in the Garden, Raptor show, Historic Tractor, Wagon Photo Op, and many more.

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