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Instagram Vs Twitter: Mainstream Media’s Inconsistencies!

Instagram vs Twitter is not a new debate topic. But recently in this almost unending debate, one more event attracted everyone’s attention.

Yes, it was Elon Musk’s event with Ron DeSantis (Governor of Florida) to announce his presidential campaign.

1. What Happened?

During the event,  somehow the event got interrupted by some technical difficulties and glitches. And it caused the live stream of the event to suddenly stop.

And that’s it, the media took this very seriously and many articles got written in no time about the failure of Twitter.

Meanwhile, Instagram was also down for many of the users. But guess what? Very few news articles on this problem and not from mainstream media. 

Relating to this situation of hypocrisy Mario Nawfal CEO of IBCgroup tweeted.

“Three days ago, Instagram, owned by Meta, experienced a worldwide server outage, but it didn’t face any criticism for it and almost went unnoticed!”

It’s very noticeable that the mainstream media has always been biased and gave as much as possible coverage for any negative news relating to Mr. Elon Musk.

Forget about technical problems with Twitter, even a tweet from Elon Musk gets reported negatively or shady most of the time by the media.

2. Why Do We Need Citizen Journalism?

Citizen journalism is when common people start participating in analyzing news making, reports, and collecting information.

This citizen journalism is what we need to fight against such biased news. Even if you are not a fan or admirer of Elon Musk, let’s not forget that unbiased news is what we need as an audience.

Today the media houses are biased against Elon Musk, but it could be someone else as well. Well, anyone can guess why Twitter gets all the negative news coverage because of technical glitches when Instagram doesn’t.

Instagram vs Twitter
Photo by The Climate Reality Project on Unsplash Copyrights 2017

It’s very obvious since Twitter is a platform where people can practice citizen journalism without making so much effort.

Mario Nawfal, CEO of the IBC group also tweeted about Citizen journalism. He said,

“This clearly demonstrates the media’s apprehension towards Twitter, as citizen journalism gains prominence while they decline.”

3. Why Media Covers Negative News about Twitter?

Of course, there is a reason why the media focuses on covering negative news about Twitter. And the only explanation that fits here is that the media is afraid that one day Twitter can give tough competition to big media houses in broadcasting news.

And this is not just any other hypothesis because people are already irritated with the hypocrisy of the news channels. Apart from that, nowadays live streams are much more popular and consumable among the audiences.

Live streams are becoming more and more popular because here the audience can also engage in the discussion that is not possible in the news.

If we see the news live broadcast, they get the engagement of around 10-20 thousand people and mostly SPAM.

And let’s not forget that live broadcast is much more crucial in building emotional connection and interaction with the audience.

What are your views on this Twitter criticism; do let us know in the comment section.

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