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Naples is a very famous city in Italy. Its name is derived from a Greek word that means new city. We all know that Italy is famous for its pizza, but not many of us know that Naples is the place where it was first made.

In the immediate vicinity is the island of Capri, a place known for excursions and other historical sites. Apart from that, the atmosphere on this island is also very nice. It hosts breathtaking scenery and wonderful scenic views. It also has a historical significance.

Also, Marco Island has many restaurants for foodies that offer good food and delicious meals, happy hour, drinks, and amazing bars. One of these places is the Island Gypsy and Marina Bar. Island Gypsy and Marina Bar is a very famous tourist place in Capri Harbour.

It is run by one of the local families of the town. This restaurant has received countless positive reviews and ratings from the guests who visit the restaurant.

If you ever make a trip to the islands, you should not miss this fantastic place because it is worth visiting. 

About Island Gypsy

Island Gypsy Cafe offers a wide selection of fresh American seafood and other delicious dishes. The credit goes to the current chef, Sam Philips, and his team. They cook so deliciously that all visitors enjoy the restaurant’s lunch, dinner, and other offerings.

Most customers have given the cafe 4+ ratings on various websites. According to the reviews, this cafe is a nice place to spend a day with family and friends. The drinks are also fresh, and the waiters and other staff members treat the customers with utmost respect and sincerity. They are also very helpful. They are always there for you when you ask for help and solve all your questions without problems.

Most tourists visiting Marina Bar rated it a must-visit cafe for its delicious food and wonderful outdoor seating. The atmosphere of the place and the live music make Gypsy Cafe Marina Bar a fantastic restaurant where you can spend a nice time with family and friends.

How to Reach Island Gypsy Cafe and Marina Bar

The atmosphere of the place and the live music make Gypsy Cafe Marina Bar a fantastic restaurant
Image Source: bridgesward/ Pixabay

The restaurant is located in Naples within Capri Mariana, Florida. You can reach Island Gypsy Cafe by road or waterways. Because of this geographical location, it is one of the best restaurants in Naples.

It is also accessible via the Marco Island Bridge, just a few miles from Island Gypsy.

Working hours

The café is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

Food offered in the bar

The café offers a wide selection of food and drinks. The offer includes onion rings, carrot cake, scallops, fish tacos, ahi tuna, fries, and many other delicious dishes, cocktails, drinks, and the famous banana boat ice cocktail.

There is a wide selection of side dishes, such as appetizers, the world-famous calamari, and staples like coconut shrimp. So do not forget to eat shrimp if you ever have the opportunity to visit this restaurant.

You can find the detailed menu with the seafood and other dishes on the website.


One thing to know before visiting Island gypsy cafe marina bar is that you should have your seats reserved so that your visit is not wasted at the last moment.

To enjoy the meals at Island Gypsy Cafe, reserve your table well in advance. Reservations can be made starting 90 days before your visit. Before that, you will not receive any reservations. Always keep reservations in mind when you plan to visit so you can reserve your table on the spot. You can even casually host smaller parties at the cafe by contacting the managers of the cafe.

The minimum number of guests for which a table can be reserved is 2, and the maximum number can be increased depending on the bookings available that day. You must contact the restaurant directly to book tables for more than 13 guests, as these bookings cannot be made online.

People running late should inform the cafe so that the table is not given to people on the waiting list. They wait 15 minutes before giving the reservation to others.

The restaurant serves American, Caribbean, and seafood cuisine, and you will enjoy the taste in every bite.
Image Source: ShenXin/ Pixabay

Unique features of the place:

1. Island Gypsy Cafe offers delicious food and beautiful scenery, as it is located near the islands of Capri.

2. They offer visitors lunch, brunch, dinner, and late-night meals.

3. The restaurant serves American, Caribbean, and seafood cuisine, and you will enjoy the taste in every bite.

4. Another feature of Island Gypsy Cafe is the vegan dishes, a real boon for vegetarians. The cafe’s fries are fantastic, as a satisfied customer reported.

5. The Island gypsy cafe takes its name from the 65-foot-long ship named Island Gypsy that stands at the bar’s entrance, as it could no longer be used for sailing after it was hit and severely damaged by a hurricane in 2005. The locals tried to repair the boat, but it was unusable. Therefore, the boat sits in the restaurant, giving it an artistic and esthetic look.

6. This place is also a must-visit for pet lovers, as pets are not restricted from entering the restaurant. So, you can take your pet to the restaurant and eat there without hesitation.

7. You can also sit outside and dine by the water, which makes it one of the most popular restaurants for many people.

8. According to the customers’ reviews, Island Gypsy Cafe Marina Bar provides excellent service to visitors. The food served at the cafe is delicious, as reported by another customer who visited the place.

Island Gypsy Cafe Marina Bar provides excellent service to visitors
Image Source: LisaFotios/ Pexels

9. The mesmerizing view of the sunset and the happy hour complement the food served and delight the visitors.

10. The café also has a store with many beautiful gift items and solitaires that can be bought as a souvenir of this place.

11. The restaurant also has a separate children’s menu, so even the youngest can feast to their heart’s content.

12. The cafe offers the possibility to order food online. So, if you cannot visit the restaurant in person, you can still enjoy the delicious food by ordering it online on the café’s website.

Other restaurants in the vicinity

Visit other restauarants to enjoy delicious dishes
Image Source: VincentMAJohnson/ Pexels

If you had a good experience at the island gypsy cafe marina bar, you could also visit the following restaurants near this cafe.

1. z’S Music Kitchen 

The reviews about this restaurant are very positive, and many people have also enjoyed visiting it. They also offer American cuisine and seafood, and the staff is very helpful.

2. Capri fish house

This bar and restaurant is just 0.2 miles from Island Gypsy Cafe and offers guests fantastic dishes and soups. The seating arrangement of this Cafe is fantastic, and the atmosphere is also very pleasant. It is considered to be the hidden gem of Naples.

3. Bistro Soleil on Marco Island

Bistro Soleil is located in the ambience of Island Gypsy Cafe and is another enjoyable restaurant that offers the best service, delicious food like lunch and dinner, and much more. This restaurant offers seafood, American cuisine, and bar service. Outdoor seating is also available here.

4. Paradise Seafood and Gourmet Market

Rated among the top 3 out of all restaurants in Naples, this restaurant offers tasty seafood to its visitors. The food served is fresh, and the preparations are neat. Lunch, dinner, and much more are offered.

5. Sweet annies

This restaurant offers tasty American dishes for house guests. It is also one of the best restaurants on Marco Island and offers lunch, dinner, and late-night meals. It also offers outdoor seating and exceptionally delicious desserts for visitors.

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