Kayaking In Arkansas: Top 6 Incredible Facts

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Kayaking In Arkansas

Kayaking in Arkansas is the perfect adventure sport for all the adventure-loving souls present over here.

You can spot many tourists for this water sports kayaking in Arkansas in the spring every year. You can even go fishing in Arkansas while kayaking.

It is always suggested to travel responsibly even when you explore and do some adventurous sports. Always try to protect wildlife while exploring new places in any area.

The trip for kayaking in Arkansas is always a combination of wildlife experiencing and viewing and kayaking in Arkansas’s wild and calm waters.

Kayaking In Araknsas
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There is so much in Arkansas to offer you while you are kayaking. The place is very soothing. Moreover, kayaking is one of the best exercises for your body.

Kayaking In Arkansas: Top 6 Incredible Facts

1. Why Is Arkansas Famous?

Arkansas is mainly known for water sports because it has many streams over there. It is known for its outdoor living and water sports. In Arkansas, there is a wide variety of flora and fauna to witness.

The scenic beauty in Arkansas is breathtaking. You can witness the scenic beauty of Arkansas while kayaking in Arkansas.

2. What Is Kayaking In Arkansas?

While kayaking, the kayak used is a double-bladed paddle which the paddler uses. And the size of the kayak is smaller as compared to that of a canoe.

Kayaking In Arkansas
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In Arkansas, there are more than 9,700 miles of rivers and streams. And it is an extensive area to go out for any water sport. Arkansas is mainly famous for its white water rivers and streams.

3. Best Time For Going Kayaking In Arkansas

Spring is said to be the best time for going kayaking in Arkansas. There are many wild places to witness in Arkansas where you can spot the natural beauty.

You can experience turquoise blue waters, which is crystal clear water, and you can even get to see the white water river and go out kayaking in those.

4. Places To Go For Kayaking In Arkansas

  1. Mulberry River, Arkansas

Mulberry River is 62 miles long water body. The most traveled area is just a distance of 45 miles in this river.

It has crystal clear water. And the rapids seen here are suitable for beginners to experts in kayaking.

The best time to go kayaking in Mulberry River is from Mid-October to mid-June.

  1. Kayaking In Arkansas: Buffalo National River, Arkansas

Waters Of Arkansas
By Ken Lund/Flickr, Copyright 2021.

Buffalo National River is the first national river in the country and is 150 miles long. It originates from the Boston Mountains.

The scenic beauty is ecstatic. You will really enjoy your kayaking trip over there In the Buffalo National River.

The river is mainly known for its white waters. The river is for people who know a bit about kayaking and not for beginners.

  1. The Spring River, Arkansas

The Spring River is around 57 miles long. And after this, it joins the Black River later when it crosses Arkansas.

It’s the best place for beginners in kayaking. People can go kayaking there at all times of the year.

  1. Cossatot River, Arkansas

Cossatot River is not for beginners. It is for the people who are already in the practice of kayaking. And after a certain distance in the river, it is only for experts. The rapids in its waters are really high.

It is also known as the most difficult white water stream in Arkansas.

  1. Cadron Creek, Arkansas

The waters of Cadron Creek are really very calm. It Is 38.5 miles long. The stream is safe for beginners initially, but later, you need to know a bit of kayaking to cross it safely.

The scenic beauty of the place is mind-blowing. It has wooded banks, caves and pinnacles on its shoreline. It looks more beautiful in winter.

  1. Illinois Bayou, Arkansas

Illinois Bayou is 18 miles long stream in Arkansas. It is safe for beginners too. The waters of this stream are really very calm.

The scenic beauty around this river is also beautiful. It is covered with dense forest all around.

  1. Big Piney Creek, Arkansas

The waters of Big Piney Creek are emerald in color, and this makes this place very beautiful.

The stream is 67 miles long, and the river banks are covered with pine trees and hardwood trees. The stream has different levels for kayakers, from easy to difficult.

  1. Kings River, Arkansas

Kings River is 90 miles long stream in Arkansas. After Arkansas, it merges into Table Rock Lake. It is for the kayakers who are beginners as well as experts.

The stream has different stretches of different levels in it. It has clear waters, and tree lines banks which look really very beautiful.

  1. Boen Gulf Creek, Arkansas

Boen Gulf Creek is not at all for beginners in kayaking. The water flow is very rough in the stream, and the rapids are very high for beginners in the river.

It is basically for kayakers of level 5. If you go kayaking over here in Boen Gulf Creek, you can even witness the 25-foot high waterfall.

  1. Beech Creek, Arkansas

Beech Creek is not at all for beginner kayakers. There are many hazards in the water of Beech Creek, like rough rapids, undercuts and strainers. It offers great adventure sports to those who love to do so.

5. Some Other Places For Kayaking In Arkansas

  1. Mississippi River
  2. Beaver Lake
  3. Table Rock Lake
  4. Little Missouri River
  5. Ouachita River
  6. White River
  7. Spring River

6. Types of trips available for kayaking in Arkansas

  • Buffalo River Day Trips are available for kayaking in Arkansas.
  • Multi-day trips are also available for kayaking in Arkansas.

So here you are, ready with all the information that is needed for going kayaking in Arkansas.

Here you are all set with the list of places to be visited over there while you are traveling to Arkansas.

You should definitely go kayaking in Arkansas because that’s the most beautiful thing the state has in itself to offer you.

While kayaking in Arkansas, you can even enjoy the scenic beauty of the place.

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