Lakes in Michigan: 20 Most Breathtaking Lakes

If you are searching for lakes to visit in Michigan, this is your lucky day. Then, you have stumbled upon the right article for you, my friend. 

Michigan claims the longest coastline of freshwater on the planet and has many inland lakes, a portion of the icy lakes, and some man-made ones.

The more significant part of the Michigan line is encircled by four of the Great Lakes and many sandy beaches, making it a top location in the Midwest for beach getaways.

Lakes In Michigan
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What makes Michigan lakes so enjoyable, in addition to the swimming and water entertainment, is the scenic nature that encompasses them. The waterfalls and forests envelop the typical lakes in the Upper Peninsula, while glorious dunes line many of the great lakes in the Lower Peninsula.

1. Lake Michigan

As one of four Great Lakes that line Michigan, Lake Michigan is one of the biggest freshwater lakes on the planet. It is a scenic place to visit in the State.

Lake Michigan has a rich maritime history and arrives at the shores of Wisconsin, Indiana, and Illinois, standing apart as the top waterfront fascination in Chicago. Lake Michigan is the only Great Lake that is totally inside the United States.

Lakes In Michigan
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Lake Michigan has extraordinary beaches and includes around 35 miles of shoreline in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. The 22,000-square-mile Lake is well known for drifting, cruising, and fishing. Lake Michigan has many beaches. The area is regularly alluded to as the “Third Coast” of the United States, after the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The sand is delicate and greyish, and is also known as the “singing sands” because of the squeaking sound (brought about by high quartz content) it produces when strolled upon.

There are a few parks along the stretch of the Lake, including the famous Ludington State Park, where you can go climbing and see Big Sable Lighthouse, one of the 80 lighthouses situated on Lake Michigan. Numerous cities like Illinois, Michigan, and Chicago lie on the Lake Michigan shore. Lake Michigan is most famous for its bountiful bass fishery, both smallmouth bass and largemouth bass.

The western shore of Lake Michigan starts with the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore and proceeds north to the Chicago River, where it, at last, pours out into the Mississippi River.

2. Lake Superior

Lake Superior in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is one of the most beautiful lakes in Michigan because of its scenery. This Lake is an attractive tourist spot as one can easily stay in the beautiful Munising. Lake Superior is Michigan’s longest Lake.

Lake Superior is known for its excellent water encompassing cliffs, waterfalls, wild, and sea caves. Lake Superior is necessary for the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and streams between Michigan and Canadian borders.

Since Lake Superior is the largest of the Great Lakes, you can expect excellent conditions for all types of water recreation. Besides swimming, Lake Superior is popular for boating, fishing, kayaking, and diving. It is the deepest Lake in Michigan too.

3. Lakes In Michigan: Lake Huron

If you plan an excursion to Mackinac Island, you will appreciate Lake Huron, one of the most shocking lakes in northern Michigan. You can take a ferry across Lake Huron to Mackinac Island or plan a nightfall voyage. 

Lakes In Michigan
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Lake Huron has dazzling sunrises, which is the way it became known as the Sunrise Coast. You can take a picturesque drive along the Lake Huron coast on the Huron Shores Heritage Route, which runs for 200 miles along US-23, or you can get the Huron Shores Coastal Water Trail in Standish and paddle your way along the coastline of Lake Huron.

4. Lake Erie

As the fourth of the Great Lakes that encompass Michigan, Lake Erie is easily accessible. It is found near Detroit and is probably the best Lake to visit in southeast Michigan. It is a fantastic drifting lake, with passages to the water that is not difficult to track down. Lake Erie is likewise well known for fishing for the famous Lake Erie walleye. There are many fishing charters accessible too.

5. Lake Charlevoix

The delightful Lake Charlevoix in northern Michigan is one of the biggest inland lakes in the state. It is situated close to the town of Charlevoix, which is an enchanting spot to visit and eat something after your day on the water. Lake Charlevoix is a decent family-accommodating lake with a few white-sand beaches.

The Lake has 56 miles of shoreline, so it is an excellent lake for sailing, waterskiing, kayaking, and paddling in the more modest feeders that feed into the Lake. There are good fishing options available in Lake Charlevoix too. The top part of the Lake is near Lake Michigan, so you can likewise design your activities, keeping this in your mind too.

6. Lake Leelanau

The northern Michigan Lake Leelanau is probably the prettiest Lake in the state. It is situated close to Traverse City in the Lower Peninsula. It is viewed as a substantial family-accommodating lake, with swimming and sailing being two of the most well-known exercises. You will see many country estates and rentals around the Lake, so you can easily design a get-away on the waterfront and have everything just outside your entryway.

Lakes In Michigan
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Two segments make up Lake Leelanau, each with various profundities, temperatures, and fish species. North Leelanau is the more modest segment, and South Leelanau is the more extensive region. However, both have water diversions. The Lake is near Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, so you can make a day visit to see the dunes and even the recreation center in case you are remaining close to Lake Leelanau.

7. Big Glen Lake

It is close to the small town of Glen Arbor in upper east Michigan. Big Glen Lake and its sister stream, Little Glen Lake, were once a piece of Lake Michigan during the ice age. Presently a huge shoal isolates the little glen lake and big glen lake, yet you can undoubtedly get to Lake Michigan and the Manitou Islands from this place.

The glacial waters of Big Glen Lake make it a spectacular lake for kayaking and swimming. You can lease a pontoon boat for the afternoon or simply unwind on the sandy beaches encompassing dunes. Big Glen Lake has decent fishing options with perch, lake trout, bass, and northern pike. There are numerous waterfront bungalows available on lease on the Lake for an end-of-the-week or weeklong stay.

8. Torch Lake

The northern Michigan lake of Torch Lake is a lovely clear cold lake and the longest and most unimaginable inland lake in the state. Torch Lake is 19 miles in length, with a few shoals well known for swimming and associating with other people out on the water. It is found near Charlevoix and Traverse City in the Lower Peninsula.

Torch Lake offers a piece of the Caribbean in Michigan, and it is not difficult to comprehend why. Its clear waters are known to change from green to searing gold to deep turquoise. Also, the perfect nightfalls and dazzling sky across the Lake are an incredible sight.

There is a two-mile shoal, which is a well-known swimming spot, situated at the south finish of the Lake. Famous exercises on Torch Lake are kayaking and paddling. You can take a windsurfing illustration from a neighborhood supplier and lease gear when you arrive.

Indeed, Torch Lake is something beyond a beautiful lake tucked between the towns of Northern Michigan.

9. Lake St. Clair

Just outside of Detroit is Lake St. Clair, which makes a freshwater boundary between the shores of Michigan and Canada. Historically, it was a transportation channel between Lake Huron and Lake Erie, yet today it is a famous lake for fishing and outdoor recreation. There are a few seashores along the Lake for swimming.

Lakes In Michigan
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This Michigan’s Best Inland Lake is known as the ‘heart’ of the Great Lakes. Lake St. Clair is perhaps the best Lake for drifting among the Michigan Lakes, with around 430 square miles and networks that take into account life on the water. There are numerous waterfront restaurants, and the Lake makes access simple to different ports. Some little channels and feeders are present for rowing and partaking in the normal environmental elements.

The Unique Michigan Lake Experience: Camper’s Perspective

Warren Morelli, a digital marketing agency owner and the author of The Nomad Hive, a blog that helps others make money online and travel, shares their experience camping around Michigan Lake:

“Michigan’s lakes are like a hidden gem, distinctly different from other lake destinations I’ve visited. The blend of historical charm and natural beauty is something you don’t often see. The lakes here aren’t just bodies of water; they’re storytellers.

As you paddle through the calm waters of Lake Michigan or set up camp by Lake Superior, [you’re] surrounded by cultural and natural histories.

You can learn about its deeply rooted in their past, combining elements of Native American heritage, early European exploration, and the development of the American Midwest.

These lakes were integral to the Native American tribes who first inhabited the region, serving as a source of sustenance and a vital component of their cultural and spiritual lives.

The Ojibwe, Potawatomi, and other tribes have rich histories and legends [that are] [intimately tied] to these waters.

From the friendly locals sharing tales of historic shipwrecks to the serene sunsets that paint the sky in hues of orange and purple, Michigan’s lakes offer an experience that’s both profoundly peaceful and richly educational.”

Warren Morelli
Warren Morelli

10. Elk Lake

If you are searching for a more segregated and calmer lake experience, Elk Lake is a pleasant alternative. It is the second most profound inland lake in the state and not as occupied on the seashores and streams as other famous lakes. It is near the town of Elk Rapids in northern Michigan.

Other than the tranquil scene on Elk Lake, guests are attracted to the gorgeous blue water. Elk Lake is essential for Michigan’s Chain of Lakes, a progression of 14 lakes connected framing a 75-mile stream. Elk Lake is incredible for cruising and ice-boating in the colder time of year. This Lake comes to profundities of 200 feet, making it nice for fishing, particularly the most profound spot being in the center, where fishermen can target lake trout.

11. Crooked Lake

Crooked Lake is a decent lake encircled by the waterfront networks of Ponshewaing, Conway, and Oden in northern Michigan. The Lake is genuinely shallow, just coming to around 20 feet down. It is a pleasant lake for parasailing, tubing, kayaking, and fishing. There is a public fishing dock on the Lake and lodges accessible for lease in case you are searching for a comfortable and calm lake escape.

Crooked Lake is a lake that feeds the Crooked River. Situated inside Emmet County in the U.S. territory of Michigan, it is the southwesternmost point of the sporting Inland Waterway. This watercourse utilizes locks to associate Crooked Lake with Lake Huron at Cheboygan. The release of water from Crooked Lake is constrained by the Alanson Waterway Locks situated close to Alanson, Michigan.

12. Burt Lake

Burt Lake is an adaptable lake to visit in the Lower Peninsula since it offers pretty much everything, and its area is advantageous. The Lake is situated near Cheboygan.

Burt Lake has a 2,000-foot shoreline at the Burt Lake State Park, which is one of the few park regions close to the Lake. There is a seashore at Maple Bay Campground where you can easily set up camp and enjoy yourselves.

Lakes In Michigan
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While sailing and swimming are well known at Burt Lake, it is additionally one of the top fishing lakes in the state. Fishers go to the Lake for prize estimated walleye and the huge population of bass, trout, and sturgeon. If you like to kayak along water trails, you can get to the Inland Waterway chain from Burt Lake.

13. Higgins Lake

The glacial waters of Higgins Lake are excessively blue to the point that it is difficult to trust it is a lake and not the sea. It is situated close to the small town of Roscommon in north-central Michigan. The regular Lake has wonderful seashores and warm water for swimming. The waters are excessively clear.

Higgins Lake has a state park at each end, where you can discover seashores, boat access, and camping areas. This Lake is extraordinarily beneficial for water skiing and knee-boarding. Higgins Lake is one of the top ice fishing lakes in the state for fishermen to target northern pike, bass, and trout. There is staggering regular magnificence around Higgins Lake, so you can set aside some effort to partake in the close-by hiking trails while you are here.

14. Portage Lake

The primary milestone on Portage Lake is the lift bridge that was instrumental when this Lake was set up by pioneers to the place and utilized as a channel for shipping lumber onto Lake Michigan. Today, the Lake in northwest Michigan has numerous sporting purposes. Portage Lake is a famous spot for plunging, as there are a few wrecks underneath the surface. 

Portage Lake is near Onekama, Michigan, and is a famous spot for sporting boaters. There are a few boat dispatches. It is likewise a top all-year fishing spot. Water sports are famous, and there are many hiking trails nearby where you can enjoy yourself.

15. Lake Muskegon

Lake Muskegon is a top lake to visit in Michigan, particularly if you are looking for a serene and calm place to visit. The Lake is situated in western Michigan, close to the town of Muskegon.

Lakes In Michigan
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The Lake is well known for boating, water skiing, kayaking, and barge drifting. There are frequently boat races and regattas that happen on Lake Muskegon in the late spring. There are seashores for swimming and simple passageways for kayaking. Fishing is one more well-known action on the Lake.

In case you are staying on Lake Muskegon for a get-away, plan a road trip to take the Lake Express ferry to Milwaukee, where you can appreciate other water exercises in Wisconsin.

16. Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake, the greatest Lake of this name in Michigan, is situated near Lake Michigan in Benzie County around 25 miles southwest of Traverse City and around 2 miles upper east of Frankfort. It checks around 2.5 by 8 miles (4 by 13 km) and has a most outrageous significance of 165 feet with 9,854 areas of land.

It is Michigan’s tenth greatest inland lake. Up to and through the American Civil War years Crystal Lake was known as “Cap Lake” in light of the unending whitecaps recognizable on its surface. 

Exploring Michigan’s Natural Marvels: A Symphony of Lakeside Wonders

Kenneth Scroggins, a seasoned traveler to various global destinations from ItineraryBookmark, explores natural features that enhance Michigan lakes for nature lovers:

  • Lush Forests: Majestic woodlands providing serene backdrops and diverse wildlife.
  • Sand Dunes: Iconic Sleeping Bear Dunes offer breathtaking views and unique hiking experiences.
  • Clear Waters: Crystal-clear waters are ideal for observing aquatic life and enjoying water sports.
Kenneth Scroggins
Kenneth Scroggins

17. Bair Lake

Bair Lake is situated in Jones, Michigan, inside Cass County. The Lake covers around 200 sections of land and is named an All-Sports lake with seven feet deep water levels. Bair Lake is near a lot of towns inside and outside of Michigan. Chicago, IL, is around two hours from Bair Lake.

18. Bass Lake

Bass Lake is a 344-section of a glacial land lake in the northwest of Michigan in the western finish of Grand Traverse County, close to Grawn and Traverse City. The Lake reaches its depth of 28 feet and flaunts stunning sandy beaches while trees give off wonderful obscure regions to guests partaking at the weekend on the water. While the Lake is incredible for a wide range of water sports like kayaking, paddling, and waterskiing, it is likewise one of the more famous fishing lakes with local people.

Fishers come for rock bass, northern pike, and walleye, all of which flourish in the calm lake waters. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has a boat slope that offers public boat access for boaters coming to Bass Lake. While extremely near populated regions, the Lake has the vibe of a wild, isolated place.

19. Clam Lake

Clam Lake is an 18,473-acre lake cuddled between Torch Lake and Lake Bellaire, around 30 miles from Traverse City and 140 miles from Grand Rapids. Clam Lake has turned into a well-known destination for drifting, fishing, skiing, and touring. The Lake’s most extreme depth is 27 feet, and its average depth is 13 feet. Boaters, kayakers, and canoeists use Clam Lake as an entry through the miles of the beautiful streams en route to different lakes, yet its nine-mile-long coastline is thickly populated with all-year and occasional inhabitants.

Around 16% of the lake coastline is protected from development. There are private and public boat inclines on the two closures of the Lake. Shallow bogs along the Lake give phenomenal cover to panfish and pike, and fishermen can hope to get walleye, roost, bluegill, a wide range of bass, brown trout, and crappie. Ice fishing on the Lake throughout the colder time of year is extremely well known. The Grass River Natural Area with seven miles of trails is situated at the southeastern finish of Clam Lake.

20. Elkhart Lake

Located just an hour from Milwaukee and more than two hours from Chicago, Elkhart Lake is a 292-section of land spring-took care of Lake in the core of Wisconsin’s Kettle Moraine State Forest, and it is one of the most profound and most seasoned retreat lakes in the heartland. It has been drawing in guests from around 1860, and a portion of the old retreats popular for washing betting still exist right up ’til today. However, they have been fittingly refreshed.

The Lake is highly famous for cruising, and there are races each Sunday. Clear and spotless, the Lake is great for swimming, kayaking, and looking for Bluegill, Brown, Rainbow, and Brook Trout, Largemouth Bass, Muskellunge, Northern Pike, and Smallmouth Bass.

There is a public boat dispatch kept up with by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, just as a little open seashore. The Lake is exceptionally well known for ice fishing, cross country skiing, and snowmobiling in the colder time of year.

Hopefully, our article was able to do some justice to these beautiful lakes. While preparing your visit to the lakes, make sure you have all the travel essentials and keep the surroundings of the lakes clean and tidy.

Guest Author: Saket Kumar

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