J. Cole and Lil Durk standing together (from left to right) for their "All My Life" collabed song. J. Cole and Lil Durk standing together (from left to right) for their "All My Life" collabed song.

Musical Collaboration Alert: Lil Durk & J. Cole Unite in ‘All My Life’!

Twitter community is repeatedly posting in praise for Lil Durk and J. Cole. The former just released “All My Life,” a song from his upcoming album “Almost Healed.” The song is already a wonderful work and is made even better with J. Cole’s verses.

The two rappers have come together to make a hit that has rap enthusiasts going on and on about rap being great again. Fans say that the song reminds them of the good old days of rap; read on to know more about this groovy and amazing number.

1. Know More about Lil Durk and J. Cole

Donning stunning black and blond dreads is Lil Durk. Dubbed a legendary rapper in today’s generation, Durk is also an excellent songwriter. He owns the label “Only the Family” and is also the founder of it.

Lil Durk made his mark in the industry in 2010, setting his mark as an expert lyricist and wonderful rapper.

This talent of his was seen in his mixtapes titled “Signed to the Streets” and “Life Ain’t no Joke.” His latest song, “All My Life,” has once again put him on the top of charts and discussions.

A Twitter post from Jah Talks Music states that J. Cole is collapsing with Lil Durk's track- All My Life, by quoting a few lines from Lil Durk's song.
Courtesy: @JahTalksMusic on Twitter

J. Cole is also a widely loved American Rapper whose music is known to make greater noise around the world. Apart from being a successful music artist, he has also excelled at being a businessman, songwriter, and record producer.

In the music industry, Cole is known for his extraordinary lyricism and writing skills. His songs hold a greater meaning as well as higher symbolism. Rap fans almost always have some J. Cole on their playlist; he is just that good.

“All My Life” and Everything Good About It

One thing about Lil Durk and J. Cole is that they are going to serve some raw and refreshing music with some of the most touching lyrics you would have heard in a while.

Lil Durk’s “All My Life” ft. J. Cole is trending on Twitter, with thousands of tweets saying the good old days of rap are back. The lyrics are simple but powerful, portraying immense emotions in a vibrant tone.

Lil Durk has also embraced his past through this song, breathing life into the genre of rap yet again. With J. Cole on this song, fans call this song absolute magic. Twitter stans dub Durk the “Certified Chiraq Legend.”

Lil Durk - All My Life ft. J. Cole (Official Video)

Music is a powerful force, and these talented rappers are employing that power justifiably. J. Cole, once again, displayed poetic lyricism with his verse.

“And media thirsty for clicks// I got a new rule// If you ain’t never posted a rapper when he was alive// You can’t post about him after he gets hit.”

While Lil Durk rules the track with his charismatic bars, J. Cole becomes a valuable addition to it with even more enthusiasm. The track is an anthem of newfound confidence and recovery, presenting a refreshed view of healing from trauma.

Lil Durk and J. Cole will continue to create magic with their music and their latest album, and if you are a fan of good rap, you need to check it out!

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