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Living in Anchorage Alaska: Top 5 Amazing Facts

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Alaska is famous for many adventurous souls. So, living in Anchorage Alaska is very adventurous. Anchorage, Alaska, has one of the most diverse populations in the world. It is not only famous in terms of strength but also in terms of ethnicity and culture.

Living in anchorage alaska

1.Living In Anchorage Alaska: What Is There To Do

There are features like fishing salmon, biking the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, or exploring area glaciers at lower altitudes of anchorage.

The mountain ranges in anchorage are speckled with powder hounds, hikers, bikers, and campers. That is why we say Anchorage Alaska is very adventurous.

Anchorage has a group of museums, galleries, and numerous inventive eateries. And also a performing arts center, and craft breweries for those who spend less time in nature. Anchorage is also known as a home to two amateur collegiate summer baseball teams.

People living in anchorage also enjoy myriad festivals throughout the year. Among these, the most well-known is the 10-day Fur Rendezvous festivities. It is leading up to the start of the Iditarod dog sled race.

Snowshoe softball games, outhouse races, the Mr. Fur Face Beard and Mustache Contest, and the running of the reindeer are the features of Fur Rendezvous.

Alaska State Fair, the Great Alaska Beer, The Barley Wine Festival, and the Downtown Summer Solstice Festival are some other events.


2. What is the cost of living in Anchorage Alaska

The cost of living in any area can vary based on factors such as your career. It also depends on the real estate market of that area, and its average salary. The cost of living in Alaska is 28% higher than the national average.

The amount of money needed to live in Anchorage, Alaska depends in large part on which type of Alaskan lifestyle you choose.

Housing expenses in Anchorage are 47% higher than the national average. The utility prices are 4% higher than the national average. Transportation expenses like bus fares and gas prices are 12% higher than the national average of the US.

Anchorage doesn’t collect sales tax or income tax. Their salaries are higher, and the state gives out a dividend to residents from Alaska’s oil fund just for living there. This will begin after your first full calendar year.

The average monthly utility bill in Anchorage, Alaska is $289.73. You can expect winter bills to exceed that amount by a fair margin. Kenai winters are milder than in Anchorage, which is reflected in average utility bills that usually run 5% to 10% lower.

In places such as Fairbanks and even more rural retreats, expect to pay more to keep your dwelling warm. Utility bills north of $300 are not uncommon in Anchorage’s colder regions.

The food cost in anchorage, especially in rural areas, is more than the national average.  Transporting food to isolated areas is expensive, and this cost affects the consumer a lot.

The cost of a meal in an inexpensive restaurant is an average of $13.66 per person in Anchorage.

Transportation is another cost factor that is different from one location to another location in anchorage. Auto insurance is very affordable in Anchorage, while gas is more expensive than almost anywhere in the US.

living in anchorage

3. Best Way Of Living In Anchorage Alaska

Anchorage, in its true meaning, is a melting pot. In the Anchorage School District, nearly 100 languages are spoken by students.

After English, the most common languages spoken by the people living in Anchorage Alaska are Spanish, Hmong, Samoan, Filipino, and Yup’ik.

Living in Anchorage Alaska is simple, but you’ll need a vehicle to reach neighborhoods outside the city center. And also other parts of the metro area, like Wasilla and Girdwood.

When the state sees the majority of its tourists, people spend their summer months working in restaurants and hotels is also seen here.

The municipal corporation of Anchorage is a young area. The majority of the population living here are under 20 years old. The area is not so religious when compared to US metros. This area has more than 120 miles of developed trails.

4. Living in Anchorage Alaska: The Perks

Living in Anchorage Alaska is a great experience because it is one of the most diverse populations in terms of ethnicity and culture.

The quality of the population is due to the large presence of Alaska Natives. Many other states in the US lack this feature.

Due to the multiple military bases from all around the world to Anchorage, the overall demographic is majority white and large.

If you have friends who were of a different race. It helps you to see beyond color and realize how diverse the world actually is.

You’ll definitely see multiple cultures, outdoor activities interact if you come to visit Anchorage or move to Alaska.

Alaskan residents don’t really care about fashion, whether they’re rich or broke, young or old. You will love the Alaskan activities that include northern lights held during the winter months in the frontier state.

When we look into the whether aspect, Anchorage gets 19.5 hours of sunlight in a day. In the sixty-degree Fahrenheit range, the beautiful sunshine is covered by moderate temperatures.

5.Living in Anchorage Alaska: The Drawbacks

Alaska has extremely different climates at times. At this time living in Anchorage Alaska is quite difficult. It is still known for its long winters and nights no matter wherever you go.

Even though Anchorage gets beautiful sunshine almost all day in the summers, in the winters, the opposite happens. We cannot assume that Anchorage is always the happiest place on earth in winter.

But during the winter season, Only five hours of sunlight is received in Anchorage. It means there are 19 hours of an extremely dark sky.

Distance is the biggest sin for people living in Anchorage. Products of all companies cannot be shipped to their regions.

Not only is shipping annoying, but so is the lack of attention Alaska receives from artists and authors.

If you are moving to Alaska without a job, a minimum of three months of living expenses are needed.

The city rarely hosted large acts because they never really had a large venue for famous singers or musicians to perform.

living in anchorage

This is all about living in Anchorage Alaska and these are the pros and cons of the region. You can try planning a trip to Anchorage and this article will help you for sure.


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