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PUBG Mobile: Here are 5 Tips to Improve Your Shooting Skills

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Whenever you think about fps shooter games, the most frequent game that comes to your mind is PUBG mobile. It has gained millions of fans in a short time, and everyone is trying to become the best at it.

Today, we brought you some tips, following which you can increase your shooting skills in the game. You can also use powerful PUBG cheats to become unstoppable in this PUBG mobile game. 

Make Headshots

There is no other way of quickly killing your enemy than headshots. It deals maximum damage no matter which level helmet you are wearing. You will learn to control your gun and aim at the right spots by default with practice. 

If you are a beginner, firearms with less recoil like a scar, m416, and ump 45 should be your weapons of choice. With time you will learn to control the recoils and gain practice to aim at the right spots, and then you can go for heavy recoil weapons like M762 and AKM.

Of course, there is always a possibility of adding specific attachments to your gun to make it more controllable; with time, you will get familiar with all of them.

Use Scopes for Distances

Do not try to shoot your enemy at distances with a red dot, holograph, or iron sight. It will decrease your accuracy, and you will end up giving your position to enemy squads. Find a suitable scope for your gun to shoot at distances; there are various scopes available in the game like 2x, 3x, 4x, 6x, and 8x. 

You can attach them with your weapons to make them more accurate at distances; however, if you take a fight with your enemy in closer ranges, then never open scope by any chance. Otherwise, you will not see anything and will perish. 

Attach a canted sight with scope for close engagements; you can also try hip fire while making quick movements.

Use Attachments

Learn about attachments; what does a particular attachment do to your gun? There are various attachments available in the game like foregrips, compensator, flash hider, suppressor, thumb grip, etc. 

There are also several kinds of magazines available in the game like quickdraw( for fast reloads), extended( to carry more ammo), extended quickdraw( more capacity and fast fill), and zombie survival mode, a jungle-style magazine( 60 rounds in a clip). 

When you know about them, you can choose the best loadout for yourself in the game. 

Control Recoil

PUBG mobile has a suitable weapon mechanism; it gives you a realistic feeling while firing. It might seem incredible, but the recoils kill your accuracy when shooting at distances. There are many ways to control it. If you play with your thumbs, then shoot with one thumb and drag the screen down with another. 

It will help you to control the recoil. Another great way of controlling the recoil is attaching a compensator to your gun; it stabilizes your gun and absorbs most of the recoil. Attach it to your assault rifles and SMGs; you will see the change in recoil before and after. You can also crouch or lay flat on the ground while shooting as it also stabilizes your gun.

Control Your Nerves

The biggest threat to a player in combat situations is panic. It does not matter how good and accurate you are with your gun at ranges. When it comes to close combat and high-intensity shootouts, you should know how to control your nerves. 

If you lose your nerves during the battle, you are bound to make bad choices and eventually die. Keep breathing while in combat and learn to think on your feet. Spraying the bullets is one thing, and carefully targeting your enemy is another. 

If you keep your cool, you will succeed in close quarters and excel in long-range strategy-based fights.


PUBG mobile has intense gameplay, and you have to be on your toes at every point in the game. It does not matter how good you are at camping; you have to have good shooting skills to get chicken dinner finally. 

Learn to use attachments to your advantage and make yourself comfortable with the recoil. Use scopes for long ranges and hip fire in close quarters. Control your nerves, do not hyperventilate if you get stormed by the enemy squad. 

In this game, practice will make you proficient. So, keep practicing until you become a chicken master.

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