How to Repair Mac Videos from Corruption with Stellar Repair for Video How to Repair Mac Videos from Corruption with Stellar Repair for Video

How to Repair Mac Videos from Corruption with Stellar Repair for Video

Video repair software is crucial for restoring damaged or corrupted files. But to repair corrupted videos on a Mac, one needs specialized video repair software with the latest technology.

One such powerful tool is the Stellar Repair for Video. It is specially designed to repair unplayable and corrupt on your MacOS.

Incorporated with a user-friendly interface, it is easy to utilize and helpful in restoring your essential multimedia content. Read on to learn how to repair Mac videos from corruption with Stellar Repair for video.

1. Why Choose Stellar Video Repair Software for MacOS?

Stellar Repair serves you various unique features for your precious MacOS. Have a look:

Repairs Corrupt Video Files on Mac

Stellar Repair is the perfect tool to repair corrupt video files on a Mac. It supports various formats, including MP4, M4V, MJPEG, HEVC, etc. It also repairs high-quality videos like Full HD, 4K/8K/12K, VR videos, etc.

Can fix a Broken Video Shot from any Camera

This software applies to various camera memory cards like SONY, CANON, NIKON< SAMSUNG, etc. It also fixes videos shot from iPads, iPhones, DSLRs, drones, and other devices.

The Stellar Repair for videos can seamlessly fix Quick Time errors, stuttering, black screen, video lag, and other video-related errors on your Mac.

Sometimes your Mac shows errors like ‘video not playing’, ‘videos have no sound’, or frozen playback, etc. Stellar Repair can fix these, too.

Resolves Playback Issues on Mac

Do you also face playback issues due to missing video codec or audio-video sync? This software fixes errors generated by any virus, compression, improper file transfer, or file format conversion.

Preview Before Saving

The Stellar Repair for videos enables you to preview the repaired video. Check the video before saving it on any desired location on your Mac. This helps you to ensure that the file is repaired correctly or not.

Advance Repair and Batch Repair

The two most important features it offers are the Advance Repair and the Batch Repair.

In Advanced Repair, the software quickly identifies the sample file of a corrupt video and repairs Mac videos using that file.

The Batch Repair feature, as the name suggests, fixes unlimited video files of multiple formats on your Mac device.

2. How do you repair Mac videos from corruption with Stellar Repair for Video?

Initiating the process of video repair on MacOS with Stellar Repair for videos is very simple. You only need to follow some necessary steps that demand no extra skill. 

The software is developed on advanced algorithms to analyze the damaged content and reconstruct the video structure accordingly. 

So, here are the easy steps toward your video repair and recovery on MacOS.

Download and Install

Simply download the Stellar Repair for Video on your Mac from their official website. Install it by following the instructions mentioned there.

Launch the Stellar Repair Software

Once it is properly installed, launch the software on your Mac. You will see the options to add files on your screen.

image 1
Website Screenshot-

Add Corrupt Video Files

You only need to click the ‘Add File’ button. This imports the corrupted video files you wish to repair. If you have multiple files to repair, use Batch Processing. All the corrupted files should be accessible and located on a drive supported by the software.

Click Repair Button

Once you add all the files, click the Repair button to begin the repair process. The tool starts analyzing the issues in corrupted files and fixes the issues.

Website Screenshot-

Preview Videos Before Saving

The software provides a preview option after it repairs the damaged video files on your Mac. Use the preview option to ensure that all the issues are successfully fixed.

image 2
Website Screenshot-

Save the Repaired Videos

Click on the ‘Save repaired Files.’ once you verify the quality of the repaired videos and are satisfied with the output. You can also choose the desired folder or location on your Mac to save the recovered videos. It’s always better to keep new video files in a separate folder than the original one to avoid overwriting. 

Confirmation Message

You will receive a confirmation message from the Stellar Repair software after you save the recovered files. Now, you can close the software and access your recovered videos from destination folders on your MacOS.

3. Use Stellar Repair Video Software on Your MacOS

Overall, the Stellar Repair Videos is the best Mac repair tool to fix corrupt videos. Its user-friendly interface, preview feature, and advanced algorithm make it quite popular among most Mac users.

It can repair corrupt videos while editing, converting, or transferring files. It is free to download and you can also check the user-friendly user manual. You can also use its paid version to enjoy all its features.

Restore your damaged video files with this brilliant software by implementing the steps mentioned above.

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