Roulette Strategies for Beginners Online

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Online roulette
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Roulette is a game of chance, where no one knows where the ball will land once the wheel stops spinning around. 

This means that you can never be guaranteed to win, but what strategies could you try in order to boost your chances? 

Decide Which Bet to Place

The very first thing to consider when the betting round arrives is what bet you want to play. The simplest way is to put your stake on a single number. 

This gives payouts at 35 to 1, so if you get it right you can win a lot of money. Still, it’s also the least likely bet to come up, making it a high-risk, high-strategy approach. You can check out some different versions of roulette to practice online here: 

At the opposite end of the scale, even money bets like red, black, odd, or even give you a 1 to 1 return when you predict correctly. There is almost a 50% chance of getting this wager right, with the zero pockets stopping you from getting a 50/50 chance of winning.

In truth, the bets in roulette are cleverly calculated so the house edge is the same on virtually all of them. In theory, this should mean that it doesn’t really matter what bets you place, as your chance of winning is the same. 

However, in practice the difference in the frequency of the wins makes a difference. This is because the house edge is calculated over many, many spins. So, if you play for hours on end you should get a similar result on any type of bet. But if you play for less time then you should see different results.

For example, let’s say you bet on number 17, which some sources suggest is the most popular number in roulette. It might come up on the first spin or you might need to wait 20, 30 or more games for it to appear, so there’s a high level of volatility.

On the other hand, if you bet on red you would expect to win more or less half your games played. So, with 20 spins you should be close to 10 wins and 10 losses rather than possibly still waiting for the first win to come around.   

The one exception worth mentioning is the five number bet that you’ll see in American versions of roulette. It has a far higher house edge than anything else and should be avoided. 

Manage Your Bankroll Wisely

Apart from the type of bet you make, the amount of your wager is the only other thing that you control. This is where you should consider how you plan to manage your bankroll, and it goes hand in hand with the type of bet you use.

For example, imagine you want a low-risk approach that lets you enjoy playing for a long time but aren’t particularly bothered about trying to get big wins. In that case, a low stake on an even money bet will help you to play for longer without your funds running dry.

The opposite approach is to throw caution to the wind and look for a big win on relatively few spins. This strategy isn’t really recommended for beginners but if you’re short of time and just want to blaze through a few games then larger stakes on a single number increase the chance of winning big but also of burning through your funds in little time.  

Look at Progressive Strategies

So far, it’s all pretty easy to understand and anyone trying roulette for the first time shouldn’t have any problem working out what to do. However, things get a little more complicated when we look at progressive strategies such as Fibonacci and the Martingale system.

These are strategies that have been cleverly worked out to give you the best possible chance of beating the house edge. To be fair, opinion is divided over how useful they are but some people recommend them and they may be worth taking a look at.

The idea is that you place an even money bet with a small stake, and then change your bet level depending upon whether you win or lose. In some cases, the stake goes up by a fixed amount when you lose and in others the stake is increased after a win.

You need to make sure that you have enough funds to cope with several increases in the stake, and that the table limits aren’t going to hinder you. In the worst case, using a strategy doesn’t lower your chances of winning, as it’s still a game of chance with completely unpredictable results.

The best thing that any beginner to roulette can do is learn enough about the game to be able to relax and enjoy it. There’s no magic system that boosts your chances of winning, but as long as you take a sensible approach you’ll have a decent chance of winning some money. 

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