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Find the Best WooCommerce Themes on TemplateMonster

People who like to optimize their work and quickly make decisions have bought ready-made goods for websites a few times. Among products is an editable design. An online store created on WordPress has many options for changing the site’s appearance. So, you can easily get lost among the assortment. If you look at examples of WooCommerce themes, for instance, on TemplateMonster, you understand today’s discussion. We are talking about hundreds of ready-made designs for online shops.

In today’s article, we’ll try to understand the rules of choice and how to find a perfect product.

How WooCommerce Themes Work

The use scheme of the purchased product is quite simple:

  • Choose a layout.
  • Order and pay online.
  • Receive a new purchase by email.
  • Installing process.
  • Adjusting the look.

The last point may be long-lasting. It depends on how radically the buyer wants to change the WordPress online store template.

Based on this, we conclude the first secret of the selection.

Rule Choosing # 1 – The Less Editing, The Better

Want to solve a beautiful and well-organized design problem quickly? Choose such an appearance where you don’t need to make a lot of settings. Check out the demo. If you see a lot of editing work, refuse to buy.

There are dozens of similar options on TemplateMonster. An example list for editing automatically generates in your head when studying the demo.

Selection Rule 2 – Easy Change The Color

This point is the most common setting that all buyers make. It’s also one of the simplest. Therefore, when viewing the preview of the appearance of WooCommerce themes, ignore the primary colours. Often, web developers make three or four versions of ready-made colour schemes or the ability to choose shades from the palette and an utterly unlimited choice.

To begin with, you may change the shade of the side and central part of the site by going to the colour menu and selecting the desired one from the palette. However, remember that not all templates provide a rich range of editing options. This point is an essential advantage of paid WooCommerce themes on TemplateMonster compared to free variants. Only some goods that cost money have the editing options you need. The following point follows from this rule.

Rule Of Choice 3 – Check What Settings Are Available

Please make a ready-made list of the essential points in editing. Thus, you may find out in advance and check whether the functions you need are available.

However, there is one point. Not all web developers give a complete description of their product. Sometimes, intuitively understandable characteristics are omitted. As a result, you may not find them after reading the product description.

Remember that, for example, on TemplateMonster, all purchased layouts have free support for six months, and the designs are adaptive to all sizes of gadgets. Moreover, in the case of online stores, they have another important characteristic of being SEO-friendly. The last function means that after setting the layout, the sections and pages of the website become more understandable for search engines, and the faster they assign you a place in their ranking.

If you liked the design’s appearance but doubt whether there is a feature you need, you better clarify this question with a consultant on the site. Fortunately, TemplateMonster has its support service, and you don’t need to write to every web developer directly.

Rule Number 4 – Pleasant Bonuses

In a rush to compete with each other, web developers add more features and gifts to their goods. And that’s great because you also benefit from this situation.

Among the fantastic bonuses, you find the following in the layout option:

  • Additional pictures. This bonus means you receive images from the demo as a prize. Also, some companies add other photos for a greater breadth of choice. What this gives you is a faster project launch. After all, you can fill the gaps in the sections with high-quality images, not those downloaded from Google Images.
  • Free support. The web developer always provides this service. Free WooCommerce themes can’t stand up to this because they need an employee on staff, well-trained in programming, to answer questions. Often, the payment period lasts six months, which is more than enough.
  • Plugins. Advanced versions of goods, where there are many cool visual effects, require the installation of plugins for these effects to work. However, web developers include plugins already in the purchase itself, so you don’t have to worry about anything in the future.
  • Multiple template options. The bonus can start with three versions of the Home page and end with ten full-fledged and separately functioning templates for different types of business. At the same time, each variant considers the specifics of each activity and adds the appropriate functionality or has its own design style. How it works – after installation, you immediately select one of the layouts of your choice and edit it directly.

WooCommerce Themes FAQ

1. Can I edit WooCommerce themes myself?

Of course, it’s entirely possible. Especially if you have a similar experience, but if you are a beginner in editing, you’ll like the instructions from the web developer. In addition, each product has its manual, which describes how and where to make each setting. Therefore, don’t hesitate, but try to figure it out.

2.  How to install WooCommerce themes?

It’s straightforward to do. Some layouts even have a one-click installation option, where you only need to press a few buttons. So, make the installation after downloading the template received from the email. Then, go to your WordPress and find templates in the menu there. In this section, you can download a new one.

3. Are themes, templates, and layouts the same thing?

In fact, yes, because this is a ready-made design for the website. However, there are some differences between the terms theme and template. Therefore, the first term is a more advanced version.

4. Is it worth downloading layouts from my WordPress?

As you know, you may download such a design not only on TemplateMonster but also in the site control panel itself. However, please remember one fundamental difference – hundreds of people download from WordPress CMS. Want to look like everyone else? The question is rhetorical and worth thinking about. The decision is, of course, up to you.

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