Salmon Berries Alaska: 3 Best Health Benefits to Know

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Salmon berries are exclusively found on the West coast of North America, more precisely in Alaska. Hence the name, Salmon berries Alaska.

Salmon berries Alaska is a unique type of fruit that you probably wouldn’t have heard of if you are staying anywhere else on the earth.
Salmon berries Alaska is a wild fruit that is very popular amongst the people of Alaska and is consumed on a large scale.

Not many people or even countries in this world know about the salmon berries of Alaska as not much is exported and it is only used for local consumption.

Salmon Berry or Raspberry?

Salmon Berries Alaska
Salmon berries and raspberries are very different

Salmonberries Alaska are often confused with Raspberries as they look almost alike. But that is not the case. There are so many differences that make raspberries a completely different fruit from the salmonberries Alaska, even though they both are berries.

Talking about the season, the raspberry is more of a seasonal berry and is mostly found and consumed in the summer season. Whereas the salmonberries Alaska are grown throughout the year and have nothing to do with seasons.

The varieties of the berries differ on a very large scale as well. Salmon berries Alaska are confined to just two varieties – the golden ruby and the Olympic double.

On the other hand, the raspberries have a handful of varieties – Latham, meeker, Amity, August Red, Caroline, Boyne, Comet, Dinkum, Dorman Red, Black Hawk and Hayden.

Differentiating them in the terms of the seed and seedless variety; both the berries have seeds in them, though the salmon berries Alaska have a higher seed content.

The whole salmonberry fruit is a cluster of small bead-like structures that contain seeds which form one whole fruit.

About the color, the salmon berries Alaska can be found in Pink, pink-red, salmon yellow, and salmon color, while the raspberry is found in yellow, red, black, and purple.

The area of cultivation also differs for both the fruits – the salmonberry is grown in North America while the raspberry is a fruit of Europe and parts of South Asia.

Both the fruits taste sweet and juicy and have pink interiors, but the salmonberry Alaska is more on the oval side in terms of the shape. The raspberry is comparatively more conical.

Salmon berries Alaska and Raspberries both have high nutritional values. The salmonberries in Alaska do stand a bit higher on the nutritional value point, though.

So, now that we have seen the difference between both these beautiful fruits, make sure you really know what you are enjoying the next time you bite into a berry.

Salmon Berries Alaska

You already read that the salmon berries are a native of the Pacific Northwest coast of America, namely Alaska. The salmon berry is a plant from the rose family and is termed a wild plant. The bushes of the salmonberry Alaska grow 1-4 cm tall with fine prickles or a thorn-covered stem.

Salmon Berries Alaska
Salmon berry flower

The flowers are mainly 2 – 3 cm wide in diameter and can be seen blooming in the early spring season. Most of the time, the salmonberries ripen between April to August.

The salmonberry grows best in a cold environment and hence is majorly seen growing in Alaska. They also need a moist environment with loamy soil and are thus majorly cultivated in the coastal forests and stream margins of the northwestern part of America.

The color variety of the salmon berries Alaska can be red to salmon color or salmon yellow. This resembles the eggs of the salmon fish so it got the name salmonberries.

Another theory about the origin of its name states that this fruit was consumed as a side with the smoked salmon fish by the native populations and thus acquired the name.

The smell and taste of the salmon berries Alaska is sweet and can be enjoyed raw. They are also used to make sweet tasty jams and wines and can be eaten by those people who do not like the seeds of the fruit.

As for the berry picking, they are picked when they are slightly yellow and orange-tinted in color. If the berries get toward the darker red shade, these wild berries start to lose their flavor.

Benefits of Salmon Berries Alaska

Now, for those of you who have started to find salmon berries in Alaska interesting, here are a few health benefits of salmon berries in Alaska, and why you should start eating them.

1) Good Source of Manganese

Salmon Berries Alaska
Salmon berries help aid weight loss

Salmon Berries in Alaska are said to have the highest manganese content in them.

Manganese is a very essential mineral for the body and helps in many body functions like regulating blood sugar levels and maintaining metabolism. Manganese also helps aid digestion and curbs those painful PMS symptoms as well. Manganese helps active vitamin absorption as well.

2) Vitamin A

Salmon Berries Alaska
Salmon berries have anti ageing quality in them and help keep skin healthy

Salmon berries in Alaska have Vitamin A in them, which is pretty obvious because of their color.

Vitamin A is very good for keeping your eye health in check. It decreases the risk of cataracts or glaucoma and helps strengthen your vision.

Vitamin A is also very good for your skin. It helps decrease fine lines and spots and also acts as an anti-aging agent for the skin to stop premature aging.

3) Other Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Salmon Berries Alaska
Salmon berries are packed with essential vitamins and minerals

Salmonberries Alaska have many other minerals and vitamins. The fruit is rich in vitamin C, E, and K – all of which provide our body with amazing benefits.

Vitamin c is best known for aiding the growth, repair, and development of the body. Vitamin E and K work together and increase the efficiency of our immune system and also reduces the chances of blood disorders.

Salmon berries Alaska also have calcium, magnesium, and potassium in them. The trio is a great combination for our body and they work best in conjunction.

Other Uses Of Salmon Berries

If you are into Ayurveda or natural medicine, you would be delighted to know that the fruit of the plant is not the only part that is useful.

The leaves of the salmon berries Alaska plant can be used to make tea which is very healthy. The leaves are also used to make a paste which helps in soothing and healing of burns and other wounds.

A concoction made out of the roots of the salmonberries Alaska plant is said to ease labor pains and other stomach problems.

Salmon Berries Alaska in Food

Salmon Berries Alaska
Salmon berries are used to make a variety of flavoring agents and jams and wines

Salmon berries Alaska can be eaten raw but is also used to make a variety of other products. Many recipes and dishes use salmonberry to kick the flavor, up a notch.

You can find many desserts made out of salmonberries that taste delicious, and of course, the berries are used to make seedless jams and wines as well.

So, if you are a native of Northwest America and still have not tried the Salmon Berries Alaska yet, you should. As for those who stay away, you could order them online or make sure to try them out in case you visit northwest America any time.

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