Variety of craft beers on a wooden table. Variety of craft beers on a wooden table.

Sip and Soar at the Flight of Beer Extravaganza in Chicago!

Be part of Chicago’s Flight of Beer at the Pilot Project Tasting Room for the ultimate beer-tasting experience, organized from Monday to Thursday at varied time slots.

Are you a beer enthusiast and also an explorer of unique hand-crafted brews? Then we have a gem for you which is hidden in the heart of Logan Square, Chicago “Pilot Project Brewing”.

It’s a mixture of the tasting room, a brewery incubator, and a cafe, and we invite you on the ride through the art of brewing, it’s an experience like no other. You can craft your own perfect flight of beer with almost 24 options to choose from.

With this experience, we promise a delightful evening out, where you can find coupled with table seating for two hours and not to forget a dog-friendly patio area. (Based on availability). 

Crafting your Flight

Here you can find endless possibilities, from the rich nutty notes of brown ale to the crisp, and IPA with citrus flavors.

Every sip is adventurous with the availability of options consisting of porter, stout, pale ale, Belgian-style beer, cider, and wheat beer. With your own curiosities and preferences, you can take your taste buds on a flavourful. 

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Your Venue

You can find us at Milwaukee Ave, Pilot Project Brewing creates an atmosphere of passion and creativity.

This space is tailored to take care of connection and inspire innovation, reflecting the lively spirit of the Logan Square neighborhood, and is dedicated to nurturing talent and celebrating the craft of brewing. 

A Hub for Innovation

There is more in store for you in pilot project brewing because it’s not just a brewery; it’s a support for talented artisans, it’s a start-up brewer, a launch pad, and a community that is inspired by the craft.

It provides invaluable assistance with drawing parallels with the music industry, in areas such as business development, production, marketing, recipe refinement, and distribution. In a place notorious for its high barriers, the pilot project is a testament to the power of collaboration and artistic curiosity. 

As the evening arrives in Logan Square, Chicago, Pilot Project Brewing invites you to join the journey through the world of craft beer.

We promise you that this experience is going to be extraordinary, with table seating arranged for two hours, a flight of your own creation, and also with a companion by your side.

The art of brewing and the community that accompanies it await you; book your spot and prepare for a night of unforgettable flavors and memories.

Tickets and Additional Details

The tickets for the Flight of Beer event are available on Fever and the table ticket for 1 is $16.00.

You can join us from Monday to Thursday, with the availability of various time slots from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m, get your tickets now.

You will get ample time to savor each carefully crafted brew because the duration is one hour for this event.

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Also, please remember that this event is exclusively for individuals 21 and above; don’t forget to bring your ID for entry, and for doubts and queries visit us without any hesitation. Make your night smooth and error-free. 

A Quick Recap

  • What – Flight of Beer at Chicago’s Pilot Project Tasting Room.
  • When- From Monday to Thursday.
  • Where – Pilot Project Brewing at 2140 N Milwaukee Ave.
  • Timings11 a.m.- 9 p.m.
  • Tickets-  Book your spot from Fever.

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