Carlsberg Beer Some Amazing Lesser Known Facts About It (2022)

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Carlsberg beer is considered one of the best beers in the world. Founders of Carlsberg beer now offer a massive variety with many different flavors.

In the later section, you will learn about the Carlsberg brewer’s premium and exotic taste experience and its different brands.

Carlsberg beer
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Facts About Carlsberg Beer

Carlsberg beer is said to be probably the best beer in the world. It was founded in 1847. Carlsberg beer is named after Carlsberg’s founder J. C. Jacobsen son Carl. The headquarters of Carlsberg brewery is located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

History and Foundation Of Carlsberg Beers

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Diving into the history of Carlsberg beer, the brewer of Carlsberg beer was a philanthropist and a keen art collector. Carlsberg brew was first exported in 1868 to Edinburgh, Scotland.

Another fact about Carlsberg beer revolves around its logo, which was initially designed with an elephant and Swastik. But later in the 1930s, the use of Swastik was discontinued because of its relation with the political parties of Germany.

In 1875, J.C Jacobsen set up a scientific Laboratory to solve the scientific problems related to brewing, and later, in 1972, Carlsberg Research Center was established.

An amazing thing happened in this laboratory, by Emil Christian Hansen. He discovered a method of propagating yeast and using it in larger. This process was named Saccharomyces carlsbergensis, and the results were so exceptional that Carlsberg shared this yeast worldwide for free. This excellent method transforms the brewing industry.

The majority of the Carlsberg company is owned by the Carlsberg Foundation, after the death of J. C. Jacobsen. This 175-year-old company, or the Carlsberg group, is now employed by 41,000 employees.

In 1966, they successfully brewed Carlsberg outside Denmark in Photiades Breweries in Cyprus.

The flagship of the Carlsberg group’s portfolio is Carlsberg lager. Carlsberg lager presents 155 brands of Carlsberg worldwide. Today, Carlsberg beer has successfully established its foot in the 4th largest brewery.

Talking about the brands of Carlsberg beers that are available in around 140 markets presently. The Unique selling point of Carlsberg beer revolves around the most known masterpieces that are:-

Carlsberg Lager

Carlsberg lager is an international product, most popular, and considered a premium brewer in America. It has been imported in the U.S since 1902. It is also famous for its other name, Carlsberg pilsner Carlsberg beer. This lager gives a fantastic flavor of danish summer apples, hops, grains, pine needles. And, of course, yeast makes it remarkable, as discussed in the above section.


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In 1959, Carl Jacobsen, son of J. C. Jacobsen, launched an exotic taste experience for adventurous beer drinkers with his brewed in Copenhagen and named Elephant. The label of this beer also has elephants on it. This is because Carl got the inspiration for this Danish Landmark Elephant gate from the statue of elephants carved in 1901 by an architect, Professor namely J. L. Dahlerup.

The taste of elephants is rich in both flavor and alcohol content. Also, this beer bottle offers adventurous beer drinkers the flavor of malt and hops, which emerges very well.

The Elephant has become a significant part of the Carlsberg Group and is now brewed not only in Copenhagen, Denmark, but some local markets brew it on their own with the original recipe.

Strong Lager

Strong lager, also called Special Brew, is a well-known beer, but the specialty of this strong flavor beer is brewed in Denmark, Sri Lanka, and the United Kingdom. It is also known as malt beer in the USA. The abv content is vital. That is why it is termed as “Super strength” in the U.K, but later abv reduced to 7.5 % from 9%.

The other Carlsberg group’s portfolio brands include Lav, Holsten, Grimbergen, Kronenbourg, Somersby ciders, Tuborg, Tetley’s (United Kingdom, International), and many more.

Another fact about Carlsberg beer is that Tony Bodinetz created their tagline “Probably the best lager in the world” in 1973. But in 2011, it changed to “That calls for a Carlsberg” in most regions.

Carlsberg Brewery

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Carlsberg group divided their regional operations into the following areas:- North and western Europe, eastern Europe, and Asia.

Baltika Breweries is the largest brewery in Russia and eastern Europe. Baltic Beverages Holding is a company in eastern Europe owned by Carlsberg now, but previously it was a joint venture of Carlsberg and Scottish & Newcastle.

The Northern and the Western European breweries are as follows:- Aldaris Brewery, Okocim Brewery, Falcon Brewery, and Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Company in England. San Miguel is a brand of the U.K that Carlsberg controls. Other European brands of Carlsberg include Kronenbourg in France, Bock in Portugal, Angelo Poretti Italy, Holsten Germany, and many more.

Carlsberg brew is imported directly from Denmark to North America. In Canada, it was brewed in Canadian breweries before 2008. But after that Carlsberg group started importing with its other brands.

In east Asia, Carlsberg exported its beer in China, but during the 1990sCarlsberg Group opened its two breweries in China, namely Shanghai brewery, Huizhou Brewery.

Strong beer is most prevalent in Indian Markets. Carlsberg is available in the many Indian States. In south Asia, Carlsberg’s Headquarters is situated in Gurgaon.

In southeast Asia, Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia was established in 1969. In western Asia, the Israel Beer Breweries produce Tuborg and Carlsberg mainly.

Final Note

Carlsberg set an ultimate example for the beer industry. Have you ever tried the impeccable taste of Carlsberg pilsner or any other brand of Carlsberg? If yes, share your experience with Carlsberg brew with us in the comments.

Also, tell your favorite combination, whether it is the flavor of hops and malts just like in Elephant or the flavor of danish summer apples and pine needles of Carlsberg pilsner.

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