Hockey Hall of Fame, Toronto. Hockey Hall of Fame, Toronto.

The Top Sports Events in Canada

When you ask someone to name something associated with Canada, you’ll probably get answers like snow, scenery, friendly people, bears and maybe even maple syrup. These are all good answers, just ask my Canadian friend who’s always eating pancakes and maple syrup for breakfast while complaining about a bear problem in his snowy mountain lodge. But if you’ve been to Canada, you’ll also know that it’s a sports fanatic country.

Canada’s diverse landscape and climate make it a melting pot for different types of sports, and a great place to hold renowned sporting events. This is why sports is never far from the conversation in any Canadian bar and why Canadians have a culture of enjoying a punt on their favourite teams and sports. But what are some of the biggest sporting events you can attend when visiting Canada?


Did you think that the NBA only took place in the USA? Well, you’re almost right, but there is a Canadian team that participates in the league and sometimes the play-offs. There used to be two, but the Vancouver Grizzlies relocated to Memphis many years ago. Now you’ll have to get to a Toronto Raptors game to watch some NBA action in Canada. You’ll need to visit in the summer or spring to have a chance to see an NBA game, as per the season. 

The Stanley Cup

Ice hockey is the fastest non-motorised sport in the world. And that’s what makes it so exciting to watch, whether in person or huddled around a TV in a Canadian bar. The Stanley Cup is one of the biggest ice hockey competitions, if not the biggest of them all. The competition includes both US and Canadian teams to add a little more spice to the affair.

If you do visit Canada while the Stanley Cup is on, don’t be surprised to see players and supporters with long beards, also known as the Stanley Cup Superstition Beard. There is a superstition that you can win the playoffs if you don’t shave during the playoffs.

Ski Jumping Championships

Multiple ski-jumping championships take place in Canada each year due to its perfect landscape for such competitions. Attending these events can be easily tied into any skiing holiday you book in Canada. And even if there isn’t a skiing competition when you visit, there’s a chance there may be other snowy sports competitions, such as bobsleigh championships. 

Tim Hortons Brier

Tim Hortons Brier is a curling competition involving 15 teams. It’s a great spectator sport on its own, but you don’t just have to go for the curling. The competition is also renowned for being one massive party. The Brier Patch is where it’s at – always located near to the main arena. Here you’ll find music, alcohol, food and just a typical friendly Canadian atmosphere.

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