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How Can Retailers Improve Customer Experience?

In e-commerce development, retailers need to chart out a way to deliver a customer experience that brings in brand retention and sales. Wondering how to do that? Don’t worry. 

Here are the top strategies to deliver a better customer experience. 

1. Delivery

The first and foremost checklist for the customer to rate his experience with an online retailer is a smooth delivery of the product he has ordered. A reliable courier service might only treat half of the problem.

You also need to create a system that enables the user to track his delivery and make the whole process rather transparent. During the setting up of the store, i.e., in the process of e-commerce development, it is necessary to integrate such systems in place.

2. Packaging

Since retailers often do not have control over their delivery because it is handled by third-party organizations, the least a retailer could do is work on the packaging. A simple package can also become a brand.

3. Option to opt for quicker deliver

There also needs to be scope for a user to choose the kind of delivery he wants. Apart from the normal delivery, an option for quicker delivery needs to be ensured. 

4. Registration

Apart from allowing users to purchase as guests, it is necessary to persuade them to register. Allow them to have a personalized experience by letting them interact with other customers and build 24 * 7 customer care, which can be reached through the same website.

In the process of retail development, registration will help in creating repeat purchases.

Make sure to facilitate the user to save his payment method, transaction details, and delivery information. Take, for example, amazon’s one-click payments, which have been very popular with customers.

Also, through this phase of e-commerce development, it is equally important to remember to have easier methods of account and password retrieval. 

5. Customer service

Personalize customer service using social networks. This can help in creating the personal touch offline retail had. The following charts down the possibilities to improve customer service. 

6. Marketing

In the online market, customers are making the first move. They are seeking out products and services themselves. Hence the right form of marketing can enhance the customer experience. After the first purchase, a simple follow-up email can do wonders by suggesting similar items.

The Add to Cart option needs to be integrated with such suggestions. Also, the email service needs to account for the customer’s history and notify him of the items added to the cart but not purchased. A

Also, a simple birthday wish can add an extra layer of belonging for the customer. Reminder emails can also help to bring a customer back after a long time of dormancy. 

7. Rewards

It is important to have a reward system in place for the most loyal customers. There can be offers and discounts for customer referrals. A simple gift can make that important difference. 

8. Make the most of special occasions

There’s no alternative. Either make the most of the special occasions that see frenzied purchases or just disappear into oblivion the next day. Faltering is not a possibility on such days. It completely puts a full stop to the customer experience.

Let’s take, for example, Black Friday. It is indeed one of those days when sales rocket to an all-time high. This is one of such occasions whose potential retailers need to utilize.

Since it is a very busy day for online retail, it is also important to note that customer experience might falter, though sales might increase. This shall look good as a statistic for a single day, but the next day, a chunk of customers would have drifted away owing to a poor experience.

Black Friday tests the e-commerce portal as a whole – it questions the backend plus the innate science and technology of e-commerce development. The first problem might be as basic as the page not loading in time due to heavy traffic.

Since many transactions happen on mobile devices, optimizing mobile phone services is necessary. Hence, the performance of the e-commerce portal becomes the most fundamental key to an uncanny customer experience.

From minimizing third-party scripts to doing A/B testing, tweaking the website might be required for better performance. Make sure to address the customer’s FUD – fear, uncertainty, and doubt via the testing. Also, account for value proposition and urgency messaging. Hence, it is necessary to have an e-commerce solution provider to tackle such problems most of the time. 

9. Conclusion

Customers can only be retained via a great experience, which they value. Retail development is all about delivering that uncanny customer experience. An e-commerce solution provider might be invaluable to the portal.

Remembering that customer retention is more important than customer acquisition is always important.

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