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Wimberley Wonders: Top 14 Things to Do in This Charming Texas Town

Numerous studies have proven that the citizens of the USA prefer moving to Texas, considering various facts- endless job opportunities, warm and sunny weather year-round, and it has gotten popular among young professionals as the state is a little cheaper compared to Florida.

But did you ever know that the state you would love to move to is also home to another beautiful town in addition to its capital city that promises to provide you with the best summer vibes?

Yes, Wimberley has everything you need to make your boring summer memorable and entertaining. Wimberley is a hill country village in Hays County that is predominantly known for ranching and summer activities.

A few prevalent things are spring-fed swimming holes flawless for maintaining the same cool temperature every season, wine tasting in vineyards, and zip lining over Blue Hole Regional Park to relish nature’s beauty, boasting cultures like no other state.

So, for whatever reason you visit Texas, be sure to add Wimberley to your must-visit places list. Are you wondering how you can have a memorable summer trip in this village? Check out the article below!

Best Spots to Explore in Wimberley

While the perspective of entertainment varies from person to person, a couple of things can bring a broad smile to your face. Here is a list of 10 things to do while visinting Wimberley, which most other tourists have enjoyed, and so can you.

1. Visit Blue Hole Regional Park 

Blue Hole Regional Park helps you connect with nature
Photo by Walter Martin on Unsplash

One of the primary and best things you can ever do in Wimberley is to visit the Blue Hole Regional Park. It not only helps you connect with nature but also allows you to enjoy the most popular summer activity, swimming, in one of the top 10 swimming holes in Texas.

The swimming holes never get hot and maintain a moderate temperature fit for summer. Although the temperature of the state is always mild, the swimming holes in the Blue Regional Park are closed during winter.

As the village favors summer activities, Wimberley attracts more tourists around the year, predominantly in summer; it can get overpopulated sometimes. With closed swimming holes in winter (you will have additional activities to engage in) and occupied pools in summer, it is better to go to Wimberley when it is neither winter nor summer.

2. Stop at Wimberley Valley Museum

Did you ever wonder how a small village like Wimberley got popular while there were hundreds of others? Then, taking a moment to visit the Valley Museum.

The Valley Museum helps you solve the question from scratch. You get a complete picture and information dating back decades – rulers of the village, how it was before, who took the initiative to mold the townlet, and every piece of information you need to unravel the secrets behind the town’s beauty.

Wimberley Valley Museum is quite different from the other museums you have been to because rather than boring visitors with hard-to-understand language and boring pictures, this museum goes further by providing less theory, easy-to-understand language, and more visuals like pictures. So, Valley Museum enlightens you, and besides, a trip without learning a new thing can never be fulfilling.

The Valley Museum is open to the public on the first Friday and Saturday of the month from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The entry is free of cost, while the donations are highly appreciated.

3. Climb Lookout Mountain

Lookout Mountain is a hidden gem
Photo by Michael M on Unsplash

Sometimes, hiking mountains can be thrilling, but hiking in Lookout Mountain is challenging as there is no perfect signage and address for this mountain.

Travelers like you have to get directions from locals to reach its peak, and citizens often call this the hidden gem since most people do not know about it, though it is in the center of the community. But you find your travel struggles to reach here fading away once you reach the top of the mountain.

A 360-degree view of the Texas hill country will melt your stress, problems you are going through, and every other negative vibe as the warm hill country air goes past, touching your body, the picturesque sunset, and the beautiful Texas hill country Wimberley view. So, climbing the 250-step mountain can be a perfect weekend getaway station.

4. Take a walk at Cypress Creek Nature Preserve

Although Wimberley is full of trees and greenery across the town, Cypress Creek Nature Park is exceptional when talking of the gardens to rest and get some peace after a hectic work day or a busy school or to go out for a picnic.

The magnificent cypress, pecan, oak, and walnut trees along the creek supply cooling shade, allowing you to take the walking trails at any time of the day, eat your favorite food as you relish nature, and spend time as a couple or a parent with your kids. 

5. Taste the finest wines at Wimberley Valley Winery

Taste some of the finest wines in these wineries
Photo by Kym Ellis on Unsplash

Who would not love to taste some of the finest wines ever produced? If you are a person into wines, look no further than Wimberley Valley winery to satisfy your thirst.

Wimberley Valley Winery and Driftwood Estate Winery are 13 minutes apart and offer some of the best ways to relax, free up your boggled mind, and have fun as you sip some of the most satisfying wines in the world.

Wimberley Valley Winery focuses on a vast collection of wines, from fruit blends to Christmas specials, by adding creativity to the local Texas wine scene. They offer a cozy lobby with a fireplace and the shady oak trees outside to feel the moment.

Driftwood Estate winery specializes in Mediterranean wine styles by using local Texas grapes. Besides the best-tasting offerings, the gorgeous location is another thirst trap that attracts more people. You can experience a once-in-a-lifetime moment sitting on top of the hill, enjoying the spectacular view of their overlooking vineyards as you feel the wine.

6. Shop at Wimberley Square

Wimberley Square, popularly called downtown Wimberley, stays in the heart of Texas hill country and is widely known for its shopping culture and experience. Do you want to buy souvenirs? Or is it that you want to taste the local cuisines? Wimberley town square tops the list.

From regional cookeries to a comfortable stay at Cypress Creek, you will adore every moment you spend here. Hike the Cypress Creek nature trail and preserve to enjoy the refreshing air, shop at the tree house, or dine at the leaning pear for local flavor. 

7. Zipline at Wimberley zipline adventures

Let the adrenaline spike with this adventorous activities
Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash

So, if you are here to enjoy nature too, you cannot miss out on ziplining at Wimberley Zipline Adventures. On arrival, a walking guide will guide you along the path while helping you understand the history of the ecosystem, different plants, trees, and other Wimberley facts.

The real entertainment begins once you reach the mountain peak as you appreciate the aerial views of the small town. There are ten zip lines in the town, and ensure that you choose the one with a high altitude to make your trip a little more adventurous.

8. Shop fresh products at Bella Vista Ranch

If you have thought about village life, or how olives and the oil you eat get prepared, or if you want to buy fresh olive and wine products, consider visiting Bella Vista Ranch.

Bella Vista Ranch is an olive orchard with more than 1200 olive trees and other fruits and vegetables. It is widely known for its fresh and fair edible products like olive oil, fruits, and others. Sometimes, the farmholders even run formal tours to teach visitors about farming and harvesting olives and others in the winery farms.

So, it will be great to visit Bella Vista Ranch as you can bring home the fresh olive products and wines with an idea of how they are made.

9. Look into Wimberley Market Days

Attending Wimberley Market days helps in understanding the local people and their culture
Photo by Gervelemae on Unsplash

Attending Wimberley Market days is a surer way to understand the local people, their culture, and their creativity because every product you come across is of the local brand. Wimberley market days transpire for ten months, from March to December, on the first Saturday of every month.

The second largest and oldest outdoor fair leaves multiple options to purchase local products, enjoy local food, entertain yourself, and many more. A day here ensures that you experience unique fun.

10. Wonder at the glass-blowing demonstration at Wimberley Glass Blowing Center

One of the most popular among tourists is to visit the Wimberley Glass Blowing Center. If you want to make your trip a little more educational, visiting the Glassblowing Center is worth giving a try because you get to know how the stylish glass flower vase in your room came to exist.

From the moment you enter till you leave, you will not stop wondering at the steps artisans heed to create some of the finest glasswork pieces for sale and purchase.

Also, you can dig a little into the history of glass and how it became a prevalent industry in that region. Wimberley Glassworks is open to everyone free of cost from Wednesdays to Saturdays, and the trip inside the showroom lasts for 2 hours.

11. Canoe ride in San Marcos River

Taking a canoe ride alone in the San Marcos River
Photo by roya ann miller on Unsplash

Did you ever want to try something new on your trip? Then why not contemplate taking a canoe ride alone in the San Marcos River? Though this is a little challenging, you will remember your trip to Wimberley forever. Flora around you, aquatic life beneath you, sparkling waters, waterfalls, and yourself struggling to keep up with the water flow can satisfy your stay in Wimberley.

12. Swim Jacobs Well

Another summer activity, yet the dangerous one, is swimming in Jacobs well. Although it measures the death of 30 meters, the deeper you get inside, the more hazardous it becomes.

What makes the well unsafe is that the well is also accountable for the second-largest submerged Texas caves. Free divers diving deep into the well confirmed that they had seen at least four cave entrances.

While some are expansive, others are narrower, making it hard for explorers to explore the caves. A study has said 8 members sacrificed their lives while exploring the caves. It is exceptionally agreeable to swim here unless you do not go deep into the well.

13. Relax at Rough Creek lavender fields

Visit the fields in the morning to enjoy a scenic view
Photo by Antony BEC on Unsplash

Would it not be satisfying to see violet for as long as your eye can see? Indeed, it does, especially if violet flowers like lavenders are a way for your relaxation. It is highly advisable to visit the fields in the morning to enjoy the aroma of flowers or twilights to relish the violet fields hiding the setting sun.

Wander the fields alone to free up your mind, bring out your photography skills, twin your dress with flowers for social handles, make a bouquet, and shop the lavender products like oils, bath salts, soaps, and others are some of the distinguished activities you can do in Wimberley valley.

June is the best month to visit the valley, as flowers show full bloom, and other parts of the year depend on the weather.

14. Sleep at Cypress Creek Cottages

A place you choose to rest after a long, tiring day makes a big difference, and Cypress Creek cottage is one of those places to provide you with a smooth ambiance with trees covering all corners, a cozy stay to rest peacefully, and high-speed Internet to surf and engage on your social handles.

Bottom Line

Wimberley is a beautiful village, unlike most other small towns or cities you come across on your trips. It is unique in a couple of activities that every tourist shows interest in. Many activities can keep you busy the whole day, but choosing the right move is your chance.

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