Things You Can Do with That Spare Space with Nothing in It

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It is officially 2022, and you’re likely still staring into that spare room or garage space with all the boxes you haven’t unpacked in the years since you’ve moved in, and thinking, “I should really do something with this space”.

But what? If you don’t like the idea of a spare bedroom that no one is using, we’ve got some ideas you can take credit for. Read on to see what you can do with your spare room.

A game room

We all need a place to chill out and play a few games. And the best thing about this idea is that you can adapt it to what you like doing. Are you looking to make the hottest spot in town for a round of pool or are you a family man who needs a table to flip when they’re losing at Monopoly?

If you’re going for the former, you can find, or make, your own poker table and turn your garage into your own mini casino. Add a roulette wheel and maybe a dart board and pool table and you’ll have the best place to hang out.

Add a television so that you can watch a game and you’ll have a great place to escape. If you’re a fan of slots or sports betting and you have an internet enabled widescreen TV, you can surf between sports betting sites like Mr Green while you’re watching the game with the potential to build your bets as the game unfolds.

A home cinema

If you’re someone who loves a good movie, has every streaming service, and never misses the biggest releases, you might want to convert that room into a home cinema. It’s easy enough and won’t charge you a new mortgage for a box of popcorn.

The first point of business is to make the room as dark as possible, going against everything the interior magazines tell you. A good pair of blackout blinds, or even some heavy curtains should do the trick.

You can then upgrade the cinema experience by putting in the comfiest, squishiest seats. Recliner sofas, giant bean bags, squishy chairs, or even a bed to bring the comfort level to 100.

But what about the screen element? It’s why you go to the cinema, right? To see the big screen. Well, if your laptop isn’t doing it for you, you can mount a large screen tv on the wall, or even better – get a projector. Modern projectors can be quite small and affordable, and they can hook up to your laptop, so you have easy control of what you want to watch.

An art studio

If you have a creative mind, it would make sense to turn your spare room or garage space into an art studio. Especially if you’ve found yourself in a slump recently. Having a dedicated space to do your art will get you in the mood for it more. It’s the same logic as working from home and it works.

You will need a lot of natural light, so invest in some sheer curtains so you can see what you are doing. Invest in a table and some storage for all your tools, and add an easel if painting is your thing, and you’re on your way to a studio. You can even invest in an adjustable drawing table that will tilt to accommodate easier doodling without breaking your back or bank.

Plus, you can add things you’ve wanted to try but never had the space for in this room. Have you had your eye on a pottery wheel, sewing machine, or weaving loom? Now you can give these options a try.

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