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Top 10 Best Alabama Breweries

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The Alabama breweries produce a large amount of beer for both consumption and commercial use every year. It is exported to many foreign countries as well.

The Good People Brewing company located in Birmingham, is one of the oldest Alabama breweries. There were only 17 active Alabama breweries until 2012. In 5 years, the number of Alabama breweries multiplied by almost twice the number and now there are around 40 active craft breweries.

Alabama breweries produce many kinds of beers in their brewpubs, microbreweries and client breweries. You can sit and drink a chilled glass of cold, fizzy beer brewed right there in one of the cute little brew pubs present in these Alabama breweries, while enjoying the ambience.

Most of Alabama breweries are located in Huntsville, Birmingham, Dothan, auburn, Montgomery and Tuscaloosa.

Here are the top 10 best Alabama breweries:

1) Good People Brewing Company

Alabama breweries
Breweries are a good chill out zone for youngsters

One of the oldest Alabama breweries that is located in Birmingham, they make some of the highest rated beers of southeast. At this microbrewery, you will find that they make different flavored beers out of which, some of them are seasonal flavors.

  • The snake handler double India pale ale is a mixture of aromas of spice, pine, citrus, flowers and pineapple.
  • The IPA brew consists of herbal and earthy aroma blends with a slight caramel touch.
  • The pale ale has subtle caramel aromas mixed with 5 malt specialties.
  • A versatile drink you can enjoy at any time of the day.
  • The brown ale has aroma hints of toasted biscuit and toffee.
  • The hitchhiker, a seasonal beer, has blended aromas of pineapple, grapefruit, orange and a caramel malt hint.

2) Fairhope Brewing Company

Alabama breweries
Try the variety of flavors from Alabama breweries

Located in Fairhope, this brewery serves more than 15 flavors of beers along with occasional ones. A very good stop to drink craft beer, this company has a rustic taproom with live music available. You could go there alone and meet some new people or you could go with your group and have an amazing time.

You may also find a few food trucks parked outside and enjoy your ale with a delicious cuisine. The bartenders are quite friendly and knowledgeable.

You may need a GPS or a localite to guide you to this place as it is a bit off beer trail. This place has a souvenir shop as well, if you wish to take a t-shirt home with you.

3) Black Warrior Brewing Company

alabama breweries
A few Alabama breweries also host dogs

This is one of Alabama breweries that is dog friendly. You can sit with your pooch and family here, chilling and sipping on cold beer and enjoying food that is delivered to your table directly, even if ordered from outside.

This is a small taproom as compared to the other breweries but has a huge selection of drinks ranging from ales to ciders. You will find an entertainment center that has a huge collection of games as well.

Situated in Tuscaloosa, if you love light beers, this place is just for you.

4) Braided River Brewing Company

alabama breweries
Alabama breweries are a must visit for all the ale lovers

This brewing company is seated in Mobile and is very well known for its friendly staff.

This is a very family friendly brewery with great menus and prices. It has an aesthetic vibe to it and you can even sit here all by yourself, while enjoying the ambience.

You can sit here in the taproom on a lazy afternoon while sipping one of their finest brown ale and their flavored beers having quirky names like happy by nature to beer here now. And if you want to try their occasional drinks, make sure to call and ask before about their availability.

5) Common Bond Brewers

brewery tours
A few breweries offer tours too

This craft brewing company is located in Montgomery.

This one of Alabama breweries is located in the downtown of the city. They have an open beam themed taproom. It doesn’t matter if you are new to drinking craft beer or a beer aficionado. Order a pint and you will surely find something new to suite your taste buds.

They serve a large variety of beers from American craft styles to European craft styles. Order an ale and chill out with your group in this cozy taproom.

6) Straight to Ale

beer cans
Grab a can or a pint of ale made and manufactured right there at one of the brewery

This brewery provides tours every Saturday, has 10 taprooms inside it and has food trucks located in almost every corner of its land. it is situated in Huntersville.

Established in 2009, this brewery serves different flavored ales made up of bold flavors and rather innovative brewing techniques.

Their year-round beers include –

  • Brother joseph’s beer – Belgium dubbel
  • Stout at the devil – oatmeal stout
  • Monkeynaut – American India pale ale
  • Chills pills – pilsner

Don’t forget to relish on a few items from ale’s kitchen.

7) Big Beach Brewing Co.

friendly staff
The breweries have friendly and knowledgeable staff

This is one of Alabama breweries that is located in the median of gulf shores. They have a 10-barrel brewing system that brews all types and flavors of ales from IPA to Belgian ales.

They have a system where they have huge vessels behind the bar, which holds the beer to ensure its freshness. They also have a beautiful, open air taproom that serves ales and soda’s as well for non-drinkers. They do not serve food but you would find a variety of food trucks parked just outside the company.

Many tourists love to soak up the sun in the yard of the brewer.

You can enjoy a can of beer with your family while basking in the sun with cool beach breeze hitting your face.

8) Yellow Hammer Brewing

beer on beach
Enjoy the beer at the taproom of the brewery or take it with you to your favorite destination

This is one of the many Alabama breweries which is present in the west Huntersville region of Alabama. It was established in the year 2010. They create premium quality beers and ales. They import and market beers and their beers can be found in many of the eateries in the town.

The taproom here is very spacious. They serve a variety of 20 beers – seasonal as well as year around.

They have a covered patio, where you can sip cool beer while simultaneously enjoying the weather. You can either drink the beer over there or also take it home with you.

9) Salty Nut Brewery

food and beer
Enjoy a glass of beer with food from one of the breweries menu

Their slogan says– we are a handful. This one of Alabama breweries is again located in Huntersville. Established in May 2011, this brewery has grown a lot since then. They have a number of beers like:

  • Lemon squeezy – sour
  • Busted nut – brown ale
  • Hawt blonde – blonde ale
  • Pilsnerd – pilsner
  • Vanilla streusel surprise – pastry stout
  • Hop naughty – IPA

Don’t forget to try the famous and exclusive salty dawg, a meat dog stuffed between in store made Fred bread bun.

10) Red Clay Brewing Company

Alabama breweries
The taprooms at Alabama breweries host many events

If you enjoy good ale with yummy food, this is the place for you. This place not only serves brews but also various relishes like pizza’s and even a few gluten free options. This one of the Alabama breweries is situated in downtown Opelika.

They have a very big taproom of about 3000 square feet space that is also ideal and available for hosting events and parties. They also have a souvenir shop in case you forgot to shop for your loved ones. The food prices are great. Enjoy a full meal with chilled beer by the side.

The list of Alabama breweries can go on and on but here are the top 10 best ones. It doesn’t matter if you are relatively newer to drinking or an already avid drinker, Alabama breweries would definitely make you fall in love with the different ales and their rich flavors.

Also, don’t forget to explore and visit the rest of the beautiful Alabama.


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