Top 10 Best Islands to Visit in Hawaii

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best islands to visit in Hawaii

This article is about some of the best islands to visit in Hawaii. The Hawaiian Islands is a chain of eight islands, several small islets, numerous atolls, and the North Pacific Ocean.

It is the seamounts, enlarging 2400 kilometers from the Hawaiian Islands. In the south to the Kure Atoll in the north shore. The group was formerly known as the sandwich islands to the Americans and Europeans; James cook gave the name to show honor to admiralty’s first lord, John Montague, Sandwich’s 4th earl.

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James, cook, by accident, came through the islands while crossing the Pacific Ocean. In the later stage, he was killed on the island itself while he was returning. The islands’ present name is derived from one of the largest islands, the Hawai’i islands.

Hawaii is a U.S. state that still is not connected to North America earthly. The Hawaiian form contains islands almost in its whole. Midway island, though, is the sole exception, which belongs to the U.S. The U.S outlying islands also have, albeit as unorganized territories.

The Hawaiian Islands are formed by volcanic activities in the earth’s mantle, which are the uncovered peaks of some undersea mountains, also known as the Hawaiian-Emperor seamount chain. From the nearest continent, the islands are near about 3000 kilometers.

10 Best Islands To Visit In Hawaii

There are several islands to visit in the state of Hawaii that are both beautiful and breathe taking. You can experience the most notable sites if you want to visit Hawaii as there are many best islands to visit in Hawaii.

All the different islands have their own different pretty vibes, which one can experience rarely. So, here is the list of some of the best islands to visit in Hawaii:

1. Hawai’i- 

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Hawai’i is located in the U.S. state of Hawaii and is the largest island in the Hawaiian state. There is a huge chain of volcanic islands in the North Pacific Ocean and is on the south-eastern side of Hawaii’s islands.

It has about 63% of the total Hawaiian Islands combined landmass and is the largest island in the entire United States, with an area of almost 10,430-kilometre square. The island is also the third-largest in Polynesia though it has not more than 15% of Hawai’i’s people there. It is behind the two central archipelagos of New Zealand.

The island is also referred to as the Big Island, Island or Hawai’i or the Hawai’i island. , the Hawai’i country is encompassed by the entire island and is the part of the island.

If you are planning to visit the Big Island as it is one of the best islands to visit in Hawaii, then the best tourism places to stay in the archipelago are:

  1. Ka late is the southernmost point of the united stated.
  2. Akaka falls the tallest waterfalls in the big islands.
  3. The big island Hawaii volcanoes national park comprises the active of Mauna Loa and Kilauea.
  4. Volcano House, Kilauea
  5. Four seasons resort Hualalai.

This fantastic waterfall, resorts, parks, hotels on the east side and west coast makes the Hawai’i island or the big islands one of the best islands to visit in Hawaii.

2. Oahu-     

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The most popular Island in Hawaii or big Island is the Oahu island, with 70 percent of the population. Oahu is said to be the heart of Hawaii and the best island to visit in Hawaii. The Oahu island is 44 miles long, 30 miles wide, and it is hundred and twelve miles if you drive around.

The Oahu island is the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands, but it’s the most populated with one million residents. The capital of Oahu is Honolulu and sometimes known as the Manhattan of the Pacific Ocean. Oahu island has some great beaches. The most famous being the Waikiki.

Some boats carry people on a sunset cruise but while Oahu is lined with sandy beaches. Impressive mountain diamond head in the back with lava fields and garden isle, hiking trails one of the most famous make no mistake. This is a buzzing metropolis, a tropical city.

You can drive around the Oahu island in a day, but there is easily a weeks’ worth of stuff here to do, maybe inch mane. Oahu is about one of the main areas. Waikiki attracts 72000 tourists a day them 44% of all the tourists in Hawaii are in Waikiki. This also makes Oahu one of the best islands to visit in Hawaii.

3. Kauai-

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The big attraction on the Island of Kauai is The Waimea Canyon. It is the biggest in size but one of the most popular and world-class, making Kauai one of the best islands to visit in Hawaii. The Kauai island is 10 miles long, one mile wide, and 3600 feet deep. The eruptions of the volcanoes created this Waimea Canyon.

The different layers of sediments other eruption by the volcano. Mark twain is commonly considered to Kane called it the Grand Canyon of the pacific in the Kauai island. The weather is about 10 to 15 degrees cooler. On the Kauai island, there are also significant parking lots having bathrooms these all features also make Kauai one of the best islands to visit in Hawaii.

4. Maui-

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Maui is the second-largest island in Hawaii, but fewer than 1,50,000 people call it home. It is not a big city, and you can quickly drive from one side of the island to less than three hours. Many say that Maui is Hawaii’s most beautiful island and one of the best islands to visit in Hawaii, and when you tour around, you soon see why.

In this North Pacific island paradise, Polynesian heritage and the modern American lifestyle go hand in hand. You can book a helicopter in Maui Island and get a ride to a bird’s eye view of the lush landscape that sprouted up from the fertile lava soil.

It is called “The Valley Isle” because most of the Maui Site is between the east and the west Maui volcanoes that shaped the Maui Island.

On Maui Island, you can enjoy water sports all around the sunny island. There is also plenty of bars, shops, galleries and museum to keep the visitors entertained.

5. Molokai-

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Molokai Island is the fifth-largest island in dimension, 36 miles long, 10 miles wide. Most of the 7000 inhabitants are Native Hawaiian. Here traditions are powerful, and nature is the real queen. The scenery of the Molokai also makes it one of the best islands to visit in Hawaii. Over 30 percent of the Hawaiian Island of Molokai is owed by Molokai Ranch, a subordinate of a foreign-owned corporation.

Molokai ranch has a long history of clashing with the community on land and water rights issues.

Molokai residents, primarily Native Hawaiian know, the best for their island. The Molokai community has invested hundreds of hours into collaborative planning to envision a vibrant future.

There are approx—8000 people living in Molokai, with over half the residents of the Hawaiian desert. The airport is located on the drier western end of Molokai island. Many people who have already visited this place make Molokai one of the Best Islands to visit in Hawaii.

6. Niihau

The Niihau island has been mostly off-limits to the general public since 1952. As a result, its forbidden island has captured the imagination of avoiding travelers.

Who hope to take their bucket lists’ unreachable location. Upon the first impression, Niihau Island looks much like any other Hawaiian island.

It lies over 27 km southwest of the Island of Kauai II and is separated by a stretch of water known as the Kau- Lokai channel. The only piece of land is ten by 30 kilometers in size. Also, thought to be nearly fine million years old. These features of Niihau make it one of the best islands to visit in Hawaii.

7. Coconut Island-


The coconut is about 4 minutes from the condo location. The coconut island is a Hawaii island known as Moku Ola. The coconut island is small, located in Hilo bay, which is in the of stone of gardens and Lili’ Wakalami Park and state park in Hilo off the Hawaii Island.

The Lili Wakalami is a small park that is connected to the island with a small fort bridge. The coconut Islands consisted of some sandy beaches, picnic spots, and also grasslands, this supernatural.

The most popular things on coconut Island are the coconut tree. Also, Jumping from the tower into the water of Hilo Bay. That makes coconut island one of the best islands to visit in Hawaii.

8. Ford Island-


The ford island is situated in the center of the pearl harbor in Oahu, Hawaii. The ford island is also called the Rabbit island, little goats islands, and even mark’s island. The native name of the ford island is moku’ume. The ford island is about 334 acres.

The ford island is 5204 kilometers in length and 121 km in comprehensive. Ford island has a population of about 2000 people. This ford island plays a vital role in the military hosting function at the pacific warfighting entree.

Many films are featured with the ford island, for example- The pearl Harbor and Tora! Tora! Tora! This also makes Fore Island one of the best islands to visit in Hawaii.

9. Moku Manu Island- 


The Moku Manu Island is also called the Bird Island, which is called in the Hawaiian language. The Moku Manu island is located in the islet offshore of Oahu. The islet, which on the adjacent side of the Moku Manu island, is connected to a dike underwater.

The Moku Manu island was created by the flung of debris from the vent of the Kailua volcano. The volcano is 62 m and 202 feet. The Moku Manu island protected is the seabird sanctuary. The features of Moku Manu island also make it one of the best islands to visit in Hawaii.

10. Kahoolawe-


Kahoolawe is also recognized as Kaho’olawe in all eight Hawaiian Islands. It is the smallest. It is 10 km wide and 18 km long, located southeast of Lana’i and 11 km southwest of Maui, with the 116.47-kilometer square. The crater of Lua Makika is the highest point of Kahoolawe, which is about 450 m above sea level.

The Kahoolawe is located in the rain shadow region of eastern Maui’s 1055 volcano. It is of low elevation that is why it fails to give rise to orographic drizzle. From any of the north-eastern trade winds, that is why it remains dry. Also, its annual rainfall is less than 65 cm.

The region of Kahoolawe is scantly populated as there is a lack of fresh water. During WWII, the Island of Kahoolawe was used as a bombing range. The training ground was by armed forces of the U.S. Later. The Island was transferred to the Hawaii state legislature. They then established the island to oversee and restore the island and waters.

Today the island is used only for spiritual, cultural, and subsistence purposes. This makes the island one of the best islands to visit in Hawaii. Because of the traditional subdivisions of Kahoolawe into twelve’ Ali and later combined by eight more, Kahoolawe is one of the best islands to visit in Hawaii.

Hawaii is all over a wonderful and breathes taking place among all other places in the world. There is a fantastic archipelago in Hawaii. If you think of visiting Hawaii, the above listed 10 archipelagos are the 10 best islands to visit in Hawaii. Among those who have already visited Hawaii and all the archipelago, their favorite is Oahu Island.

It is also that Oahu is the best island to visit in Hawaii. No doubt the above rest are also one of the best islands to visit in Hawaii. However, the most visited island is Oahu, so till now. It is considered one of the best islands to visit in Hawaii.

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