Top 10 Classic Songs To Play on New Year’s Eve

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Whenever New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, we all start sifting through our playlist in search of some classic songs to play on New Year’s Eve. Because who wants to stop in the middle of the celebrations to look for a perfect piece to play, right?

So, here we have put together the top ten classic songs to play on New Year’s Eve. Add these to your New Year playlist and get ready to rock and roll.

Top 10 Classic Songs to play on New Year’s Eve

Auld Lang Syne – Mariah Carey (1st among the songs to play on new year’s eve) 

Songs to play on New Year's Eve
Image by, Flickr/ Copyright 2021

If someone cannot find a new year’s anthem – a poppy dance version of Auld Lang Syne by Mariah Carey might be the right choice. It was released in 2010 as part of her second Christmas album – Merry Christmas II You.

The original song is a traditional Scottish 18th-century ballad, written by Robert Burns, sung at midnight. This has been added to the New Year’s playlist since.

It was made famous by Guy Lombardo (Canadian and Italian) band singer in the 20th century. It has been remixed since then, by many singers, from a rock music version to a sweet melody.

Despite receiving criticism for Carey’s more peppy and modern version, she added her lyrics to the liking of the young generation, such as – ‘Happy new year baby,’ and ‘Have a drink on me.’ The song title-Auld Lang Syne itself reminds one of the nostalgic memories of the past year.

Click here to listen to one of the best songs to play on new year’s eve.

I want to dance with somebody – Whitney Houston (2nd among the songs to play on new year’s eve)

Whitney Houston
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Imagine being with someone on New Year’s eve, trying to enjoy all the glamour of the last few minutes left to end the year. The dance song perfect for this occasion would be – I want to dance with somebody by Whitney Houston.

It was released in 1987 as part of Houston’s second album – Whitney. Having to follow up on the success of her first hit – the writers Shannon Rubicam and George Merill did a pretty good job, as the song hit all the right emotions with a dance-pop number.

Although the song received criticism for being non – risky as it was similar to Houston’s first hit, it achieved remarkable success after its release, reaching number 1 on the Billboard top 100, Hot 100 singles Sales chart, and Hot 100 Airplay chart pretty soon.

So, an audience favorite, if you already were able to find someone for dancing, Tap here to groove to the music. This should be on the songs to play on the new year’s eve list. 

What are you doing on new year’s eve by Ella Fitzgerald (3rd among the songs to play on new year’s eve)

Ella fitzgerald
Image by IISG, flickr/ Copyright 2021

Ever been hesitant to ask a love interest out? Then ‘What are you doing on new year’s eve’ By Ella might just be the pick for a fresh start, especially on new year’s day if you wish to begin with someone you like.

Frank Loesser wrote this New Year’s eve song in 1947, first popularized by the Orioles, a group specializing in the doo-wop genre from Maryland. Later, Rod Stewart recorded a duet with Ella Fitzgerald.

But if anyone’s looking for a slow dance version with enough jazz, it is the 1960 version found in her Album ‘Ella Wishes you a singing Christmas’ that needs to be played.

Don’t miss out on this coming new year to record a slow-motion romance with your partner! All the couples need to have this on their songs to play on the new year’s eve list. You may be able to view it here

Let’s start the New Year Right by Bing Crosby (4th among the songs to play on new year’s eve)

Bing Crosby
Image by Insomnia Cured Here, Flickr/ Copyright 2021

To find the past pleasant and a new year positive requires the attitude that is brilliantly encouraged in the song – Let’s start the New year Right by Bing Crosby. Written by Irving Berlin, released in 1942 as part of the Musical – Holiday Inn, and in 1979 as a separate soundtrack.

This can be one of the top songs in any new year’s soundtrack despite being released secondary to the singer’s massive hit – White Christmas.

There is something so moving about the lyrics, where Crosby urges people to start the new year right, not just wishing a happy new year but holding out old and new hopes in a fresh light within a minute left in his slow melodic voice.

Click here; it may be able to push your hopes up for 2022 and begin a new year’s celebration. Your expectations might just get better with this on the songs to play on the new year’s eve list. 

My dear acquaintance by Regina Spektor (5th among the songs to play on new year’s eve)

Regina Spektor
Image by – EMR -, Flickr/Copyright 2021

When starting a new year in a social gathering, one might wonder what may be the perfect song holding a kind note to everyone present on a new year – My dear acquaintance by Regina Spektor might be the best fit.

It was first recorded in 1983 and released by Peggy Lee in 2006. Regina’s version came along a year later. Inspired by the 90’s Alternative/Indie version, it’s sung with a piano tune in a sweet manner. The lyrics simply put in this song is to raise your glass with love and care that we hold for our dear ones and new acquaintances.

Don’t wait longer; listen now and choose it for your next new year’s party playlist.

New year’s Day by U2 (6th among the songs to play on new year’s eve)

Image by U2start, Flickr/ Copyright 2021

One should not forget to include New year’s Day by U2 in their new year’s playlist. The Irish rock band released this song as their third track (lead single) of the album ‘War’ in 1983.

Although it was taken as a love song, the lyrics held a political meaning indicating the persecution of Lech Wales, the leader of the Polish solidarity movement. Whether the music influenced changing the Polish laws is not directly known, but soon martial law was abolished.

The lyrics might give a mixed meaning, starting with being with someone on new year’s day to the scenario of a social movement; nevertheless, it was a huge success.

It became an international hit, ranking 53 on Billboard Hot 100 and 427th in ‘The 500 Greatest Songs of all time’ (Rolling Stone’s list) in 2004. The famous tune even took up Thriller’s Spot (Michael Jackson).

Please don’t wait for us to convince you more; listen here and make it your new year’s jam and one of the songs to play on new year’s eve. 

New year’s day by Taylor Swift (7th among the songs to play on new year’s eve)

Taylor swift
By BipHoo company/Flickr. Copyright 2021

All Taylor Swift’s fans know that each song holds deep meaning to her own life. She thrives on her memories, turning them into hit songs. In all of her hits, New year’s day makes a list.

In 2017, this acoustic ballad was the last song in her Reputation Album. She is also known for writing songs related to her old lovers; however, this one was just a thought about how the romance would show permanence if someone stayed for the aftermath of a new year’s party, not just the beginning of it.

Her co-writer, Jack Antonoff, also mentions how Taylor Swift is great at bringing out emotions in a song, and its result is seen in the country chart, where it ranked 33.

To not only the Swifties but those wanting to listen to this top singer’s releases, try it out on both New Year’s eve and the start of a new year. The permanence is something we all crave, so get it added to the songs to play on new year’s eve. 

You may be able to find the song easily, but if you are not able to find the debut video – Click here. 

Thank U, Next by Ariana Grande (8th among the songs to play on new year’s eve)

Thank U , Next
By Asher Miller/Flickr. Copyright 2021

The pop singer Ariana’s song holds the meaning of loving yourself. Its popularity was well defined when its music video reached 1 million views, becoming the first to do so in a short period.

Just watching the video, released in 2018, would be a pure pleasure from the ample reference to famous teen rom-coms like mean girls and legally blonde, as well as the known cameo stars from Kris Jenner to the singer Troye Sivan. One may be able to see some of her exes.

Wondering why this song is on the New Year’s eve list?

The lyrics themselves hold deep meaning, from thanking her exes for all their lessons to getting herself through tough situations of the past year; one can’t help but get lost in the soulful voice that inspires her to be a better version. Looking ahead with the strength of the past, this one should make the songs to play on the new year’s eve list. 

What better lesson does one need than keeping all the strengths of the past and improving oneself for the new year? Listen to it here.

Firework by Katy Perry (9th among the songs to play on new year’s eve)

By Eliseu Andradee/Flickr. Copyright 2021.

Looking to end the year and start new year’s day with a big bash and a dance jam? Katy Perry’s Firework, released in 2010, would be a good choice.

This song is a single from her third studio album – Teenage Dream. Inspired by her then-boyfriend, Perry states this was one of her favorites in her album. It was her idea to live and go from this wonderful world as a firework – literally referencing it as her “epitaph.”

Though having a relation to her death, she wanted this song to be an inspiration for everyone to ignite their firework by crossing all the doubts and just live life fully. Isn’t this a wonderful happy new year message? Check it out here. To be amidst the fireworks and to think of your life as one might make the songs to play on new year’s eve. 

Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars (10th among the songs to play on new year’s eve)

Uptown funk
Photo by Luke Donegan/Flickr. Copyright 2021.

If anyone wants to start a new year’s day on a dance floor with a song pointing towards having an exciting and rich social life – Uptown Funk is the real deal with its funk and disco-pop tunes. It might just be an all-night-long jam.

The song was released in 2014 as part of Ronson’s fourth album – Uptown Special. Its immediate success came forth when it hit 1 in Billboard’s top 100 charts and the UK single’s chart. The artist himself received great applause for winning the British Best single of the year. It became an international success in many charts of places like New Zealand, Canada, and Australia.

Making the song, however, was not an easy task. Both the singers had to take breaks and think of natural lyrics. Ronson even had to follow Bruno Mars on his tours. But, in the end, it was worth it.

Other interesting facts about the song are: It was the first song with a title word ‘funk‘ to reach the Billboard top 100 lists, and a copyright issue also rose with another band who took part in the profits.

The lyrics give a sense of a carefree masculine attitude in the elite, yet the beats hit all the right parts. It is so catchy that even Beyonce jammed to it. Can any dance challenge in today’s social media reels not be popular? This one inspired many of such videos.

If you are not able to find the video, Listen here and start jamming soon on the dance floor. Party like there is no tomorrow with this among songs to play on new year’s eve. 

Other recommendations on the song’s to play on new year’s eve (equally classic)

Don’t worry, if you didn’t find any music of your taste in the above list, here are some suggestions for you. Below listed are songs that are suitable to be played as both New Year’s eve songs and on the New Year:

The New year – Death Cab for Cutie 

For those who feel melancholic towards a new year starting, this song just helps one voice all the mixed feelings. This makes a list of the songs to play on new year’s eve. 

It was released in 2003 as the rock band Death cab’s first track of the fourth album – Trans Atlanticism. It captures the feelings of being in a strange setting, thinking of old memories, while also trying to gather all the good vibes about the road ahead. Don’t we all feel like that sometimes?

You may be able to find the YouTube video here.

Don’t Stop Believin by Journey

Imagine optimistic music-making one realize hope always exists. Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin exactly does that. Definitely, on the list of songs to play on new year’s eve. It was released in 1981 as part of the rock band’s album ‘Escape.’ 

The story of how this song came to be is that of a father encouraging his son to still believe. Luckily, it worked out great for the singer Jonathan Cain and his band.

It soon reached 9th on the Billboard Singles chart and was used in many famous Tv series like Glee and Sopranos. The users provided the rating themself when it was the first song that was most downloaded in the 20th century.

Don’t miss out on playing this at the next new year’s eve dance party to brighten the mood. One may be able to find the rock song here. 

2012 (It Ain’t the End) – Jay Sean ft. Nicki Minaj

This one is a party playlist item – With Jay sean wanting to party like it is the end of 2012 (The year, which was predicted as the end of the world). It brings an amazing hip-hop tune with Nicki Minaj’s vocals as well.

Released in 2010, as the first single from Sean’s album – Hit the Lights, the singer was inspired by the movie 2012, which he then realized can be taken as a life lesson of how any difficulty faced can be conquered if we just live life like it is the last day. But, one just has to press play on the video track to realize it’s also about having a grand celebration party.

Even though the world ain’t ending, this can very well be on the songs to play on new year’s eve. You may be able to listen to this song here.

Happy New Year – Justin Bieber ft. Jaden Smith

Of course, 2012 from the start wasn’t a bad one – the hope of being together with one’s close group and spending it with just you and your significant other is all captured aptly in the track Happy New year.

It can be considered as part of the new year’s eve songs, as it was released on 31st December 2011. Bieber posted it on his socials, wishing everyone a better year ahead. A reference is made in the lyrics to the Mayans lying and how a couple being together might just mean everything will be alright.

This pop-rap was also released as a video on 2019’s new year’s eve. You may be able to listen to the new track here. There won’t be a regret making it a part of the songs to play on new year’s eve. 

Champagne Kisses by Jessie Ware

For all the die-hard romantics out there, the ultimate song choice would be Jessie’s Champagne kisses released as part of her 2014 album Tough Love.

The music video, directed by Chris Sweeney, looks quite artistic, and it goes well with the pop lyrics where the singer seems to be lost in her lover’s thoughts, fondly remembering all of the kisses they shared.

Every couple, especially those planning to do long-distance this new year, add this on the songs to play on new year’s eve. You may be able to find the song here.

Bringing in a Brand New year by Charles Brown

Bringing in a Brand New year is the perfect new year’s song to capture all the blues ahead. Released in 1964, Brown’s song brings in the funk and soul version of all the glamor that comes with a new start.

Don’t forget to add this to the songs to play on new year’s eve. You may be able to listen to the track that also gives Christmas feels here.

New year’s day by Pentatonix

We started this article with a new year’s day anthem. We will end it with one that might as well be the same, with singing along the spirit of Auld lang syne, Pentatonix (the famous acapella and vocal group) provide a song which tells us to let go of the past and lookout for a great future.

Released in 2015, the baritone singer Scott himself was moved by the finished product, despite being initially doubtful whether it fits their style. The song starts with the famous acapella tuning of the singers, later on turning quite light and poppy.

Even if the songs to play on the new year’s eve list are full, definitely make this a choice. You may be able to find the music video here.

Two other recommendations would be: The Black Eyed Peas – beginning album and the famous father-daughter duo Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus song, Butterfly Fly away. Both of them vary from homely feels to party songs.

Of course, there are many songs left that might remind us of spending a good new year’s eve according to our mood; we picked out the fan favorites here.

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