A black and white image of a person working out in one of the New York gyms. A black and white image of a person working out in one of the New York gyms.

Embark on a Fitness Journey: 16 Trendsetting Gyms in New York

Did you make a New Year’s resolution, want to get over a breakup, or embark on a self-love journey? Well, New York gyms are amazing places to meet those goals.

Walking towards the pathway of Fitness is not easy, and it would be best if you took in all the aspects, including the trainers, crowd, equipment, and more about a gym.

That is why USA Tales is enlisting the top New York gyms below that will make it easier for you to choose the best out of all the New York gyms that suit you.

This list contains New York gyms and a few other fitness studios and classes that we thought might be an interesting way to get your body shaped.

1) Crunch

A close-up view of the Crunch Fitness Building exterior, A brown building with the logo of "Crunch Fitness" made on it.
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Here at the crunch, the initial enrolment fee is $300. Even though this gym is costlier than the other New York gyms, they provide outstanding services and amenities.

The total membership cost of Crunch is $140, after which you can access any of the outlets across New York. Membership includes – online class reservations, group fitness sessions, introductory workout sessions, free Wi-Fi access, and live crunch videos and sauna.

They have excellent locker rooms and restrooms and conduct classes that include body sculpting, spin, cycling, yoga, dance, cardio, action, and sports.

2) Nimble Fitness

This is the most preferred personal training among all the New York gyms.

They provide training under skilled gym instructors with excellent personal or virtual personal training, keeping your goals and aims in mind and making a suitable schedule.

Besides nutritional and Fitness coaching, they also provide workshops, continuing education programs, and certification for various gym instruction courses.

They also have a company wellness program that helps keep their employees mentally and physically healthy by counseling and guiding them with stress and anger management or sleep and nutrition.

3) 305 Fitness

This unique and creative fitness studio involves dancing as its central fitness regime. Kurzban created this live dance class studio with a DJ.

You need not worry about having any dance experience as no prior experience is needed to sign up for this gym.

This gym’s ambiance is like that of a nightclub and makes you feel even more energetic due to the dim lights and great sound system. These New York gyms focus mostly on cardio and could help you enjoyably burn fat.

One class costs $34, and new clients get the second class free.

4) Dog pound

This fantastic personal training gym is a favorite amongst the models and influencers of NYC. This New York gym has trained several Victoria’s Secret models and helped them get their dream bodies.

You could browse the gym’s various options for the training method – in a group, with your friends, or with a personal trainer.

They help you analyze your body type and provide personalized training schedules to achieve your fitness goal better. Their programs include boxing, high-intensity interval training, and many more.

Pricing for one class is $42.

A front view of one of the New York gyms, Blink Fitness by the side of a street.
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Blink Fitness has one of the vastest areas of cardio machines out of all the other New York gyms.

The establishment stands three floors high with several treadmills, cycles, weights, and other weight training modalities. You don’t have to wait in line to use any machine.

They do not offer any classes or other amenities, but they are a cost-efficient gym; you could browse through their membership chart for the package that suits you. Visit their website for more information.

6) P. Volve

This New York gym ensures you don’t get bored and stagnate with their workout routine. They make sure to change their routine daily so you don’t lose interest.

Founded by celebrity trainer – Stephen Pastorino, this gym focuses on toning your lower body and glutes. With hundreds of new regimes, they ensure you achieve that booty you have always dreamt of while taking care of the proper form of exercise and muscle activation.

The cost of classes starts at $40 per class.

7) Work Train Fight

This boxing-themed gym has a majority of female trainers out of all the other New York gyms.

These trainers are trained and skilled in boxing and teach and train you to become an excellent athlete. They ensure you get adequate weight and strength training and your boxing schedules. Here at work, train fight, they do not believe you keep punching the punching bag.

They provide 55-minute classes with a primary focus on proper form and technique.

Even though each class consists of 15-18 people, the trainer can provide individual attention to every student and teach them thoroughly.

They have many membership offers for Bootcamp or monthly training sessions. Visit their studio to learn more.

8) Planet Fitness

The front door of Planet Fitness building in New York. A big yellow board sign with the logo and "planet fitness" written on it.
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Planet Fitness is an excellent option for budget-friendly New York gyms.

The initiation fees for regular membership start at $5, and the total cost is $10 per month. They also offer a Black Card Planet Fitness membership with no initiation fees.

The regular membership gives access to fitness training with trainers along with Wi-Fi.

The black card planet fitness membership costs approximately $22. It gives access to all the outlets, fitness training, massage facilities, tanning booths, total body enhancements, half-priced, more relaxed drinks, worldwide deals on travel, and 20% off Reebok products!

Check out their website for more information and many locations across New York.

9) Y7 Studio

This unique vinyasa yoga class with infrared heating is a cool way to burn those calories. Out of all the New York gyms and fitness centers, this yoga studio promises to help you reach your ideal body type.

Enjoy shaping up your mental and physical health as you perform calming yoga to the tunes of R and B music.

Try going to the studio three or four times a week and see the difference in your body by the third week.

A single class costs approximately $25, and class packages range from $115 to $295. You could also opt for the unlimited monthly membership package that starts from $179 per month.

10) New York Sports Club

A view from across the street of the New York Sports Club building closed during a pandemic.
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The New York Sports Club is an athletic type of gym that offers training in various sports. This one of the New York gyms conducts many classes and training sessions.

Courses they teach include boxing boot camp, athletic conditioning, cardio and kickboxing, yoga, and fitness training.

They provide neighborhood membership packages and passport membership packages, all at different rates.

Initiation fees start at $49.99, and the membership is accessible across all the outlets in New York City.

11) Row House

This spacious facility opened in March 1014 and has been a trendy fitness place out of all the New York gyms.

The idea of this gym is to combine rowing sprints with other fitness training regimes.

They conduct low-impact classes suitable for any level – beginner to advanced. They also specialize in full-body workouts, core training, and endurance training.

This spacious west-side establishment works with you to improve your health and Fitness. Check the gym’s website for membership information, charges, and other available amenities and classes.

12) 24-Hour Fitness

The entrance of a 24-hour Fitness Club with the logo and 'now open' sign in New York.
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They have an initiation fee of $0 on select memberships, while the rates and terms may apply depending on different situations.

The membership costs approximately $79.99 for Ultra Sport, which provides access to all the clubs and outlets across 24-hour fitness New York gyms, but a minimum of 12-month commitment is needed from the client.

The gym outlets are located at Midtown and Madison Square Park.

They offer a wide range of training sessions and classes that include – Studio classes, cardio equipment, free weights, group cycling and exercise, and personal training. They have separate excellent locker rooms for men and women and steam rooms for relaxation.

13) Tone House

This fitness studio is said to have the most demanding workouts of all the other New York gyms. This Union Square studio goes by the tagline – unleash your inner athlete.

The studio’s ambiance includes dim red lights with intense and motivational music playing in the background, making you feel energetic and motivated to work out.

The workout focuses on endurance and strength training that is intense and includes moves like sprints, jumps, and burpees.

They have a famous prop known as the resistance harness, which enables you to run with some resistance pulling you back.$

The price of a single session is $40, a five-class package costs $185, and a 20-class session costs $620.

14) Chelsea Piers

The Chelsea Piers is an up-and-coming fitness studio amongst all the other New York gyms and offers excellent fitness training. They conduct Classes that include – Strength and conditioning, cycling, yoga, Pilates, barre, HIIT, and more.

Besides Fitness, they also focus on their clients’ comfort and relaxation and have a wide range of amenities like a massage for ultimate body relaxation, physical therapy for proper form and muscle health, a sun deck for tanning, a communal workspace, and a café.

You could enquire about their initiation fee by calling their outlet. Their membership costs vary from location to location of their outlet.

They are located in Chelsea and Brooklyn.

15) Athletico

The workouts here at Athleticore typically consist of an amalgam of traditional barre classes and fitness training.

The trainers here train each muscle in the body and sculpt the whole body according to the client’s needs.

Students can also combine dance and Fitness for a more fun training session. You can start to feel the effects of the workout as soon as you start, and the results depend on how consistent and dedicated the student is.

You could join their class twice or thrice to see the progress. A single-stocked method session could cost up to 32$, and a live stream of workouts online could cost up to $39.99 for eight streams.

16) Equinox

A view of the front gate of the Equinox Gym in New York.
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Equinox is one of the most popular chains of New York gyms.

Their initiation Fees vary across different outlets and can cost approximately 300$. If you are interested in having access across all the outlets, the initiation fee is 500$.

Their membership also varies across different outlets and locations. Some gyms start at $185 a month.

They are located in the following areas: Columbus Circle, E Madison Avenue, E at Columbus Circle, East 61st Street, East 63rd Street, West 76th Street, West 92nd Street, Bryant Park, East 43rd Street, West 50th Street, and other places.

They conduct various classes and sessions like – Cycling, HIIT, barre, boxing, bodybuilding, cardio, Pilates, yoga, running, dance, and personal training sessions.

They have posh locker room services and spas for relaxation.

Closing Thoughts

All these New York gyms have potential and will help you reach your fitness goal. Not just that, these gyms have the best trainers and instructors that would benefit motivation and fitness in the long run.

All the best to accomplish your fitness goals!


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