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Top 3 Reasons to Start a QA Course

When it comes to this modern and more technological world, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by all the possibilities and challenges that technology brings to the table. But despite appearances programming can be much easier and more rewarding than it seems at first glance.

This is why today we want to take a look at the world of QA courses and other Quality Assurance matters to let you know why it might be a good idea to start a course today.

1. It’s one of the happiest jobs in the world

It might feel like a weird spot to start with, but did you know that QA testing is consistently seen as one of the happiest jobs in the world?

Forbes (nofollow) first listed QA testing as its number 2 happiest job in the world in 2014, and since then it’s constantly been brought up in similar polls and articles all over the world.

In a time where so many people struggle to find joy and meaning at work, QA rises as one of the few professions where everybody is enjoying their time. And that’s undeniably a huge advantage to it.

2. Everybody can do QA

One of the most interesting aspects of QA work is that while it’s undeniably tied to programming and comes with its hurdles and required skills, it is also much more straightforward than it might seem.

QA testers first and foremost test existing software, which often relies on the use of specific software which gives the profession an overall sense of stability compared to other lines of work. Additionally, QA testers are rarely programmers themselves, which tends to be the most complex aspect in the development of any software, so it’s generally agreed that QA work is smooth and enjoyable.

QA is so approachable that Test Pro‘s courses focus on teaching you how to get started on this career path, even if you have zero background in the field. So if it’s something that interests you, rest assured that anybody can become a great QA tester.

3. It’s always in demand

We’ve already touched on how QA is considered both enjoyable and approachable, but perhaps the most important aspect we will be covering today is the demand for it. After all, when it comes to QA work, almost every company and business out there needs someone ready to do QA work for them, if not a team altogether.

The reason why there’s still such a considerable demand for QA is rather simple: Every company needs software. Whether you have a bakery, a production factory, or even a global freighter every single company in our current world relies on dedicated software for their operations. And if said software is unique to the company, then they’ll need to do QA processes, which is where testers come in.

Final Say

There’s simply no way to push and release new software without a QA process behind it, and coupled with the sheer amount of new code and programs that are being written all over the world right now, there will always be a demand for QA processes in the industry, making it a great career path in today’s world.


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