Top 5 Apps for Calorie-Counting 

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People get inspired by professional athletes. They wonder how they run so quickly or swim faster than dolphins. This way, the number of users who bet on the latest odds with 20Bet increase and more and more people are dreaming to become professional athletes themselves.

However, becoming a great sportsman, one has not only to work out regularly but also control his food intake. But keeping track of important indicators on paper is quite problematic. It is much more convenient to do it on your smartphone. Here are the best apps to help with that.


In MyFitnessPal, all you have to do is enter your information, set your goals and read the daily calculation of your GI. After that, all you have to do is enter all your meals and monitor your allowance. The tracker has a large food database, and you can add your favorite foods or create recipes to your food ranking.

MyFitnessPal also offers a huge exercise list. With it, kilocalorie counts will be more accurate. All you need to do is specify the type of activity for the day or set up a sync with a sports app or fitness bracelet. All this will reflect on the balance of the calories and help to achieve better results.


YAZIO is equipped with an advanced calorie counter, a user-friendly interface and a database of healthy foods. After you enter the basic information you will be able to track your nutrition. The program will immediately start calculating kilocalories and display your exact calorie allowance. After that, you need to enter the list of foods and meals you have eaten.


YAZIO is not only suitable for controlling nutrition. You will be able to indicate the exercises performed during the day and keep activity diaries. Calories consumed will be added to them and the program will start counting kilocalories with the exercise.


YAZIO will also help you start interval fasting. This will quickly affect your weight changes and you will lose extra pounds even more effectively.


Lifesum is suitable for counting calories and introducing you to healthy eating. With a built-in database of products with the ability to add recipes will be able to track the rate of nutrition. If you do not have a clear plan, you will be able to use the available ones. Lifesum offers to keep track of your daily protein, fat and carbohydrate intake according to the schemes designed by nutritionists. Built-in diets are intense and presented with ready-made recipes that are accompanied by photos.


Lifesum also helps you keep track of your water balance. Along with an indication of the kilocalories consumed, you need to enter every intake of clean water. You will be able to switch to healthy foods and bring your fluid intake back to normal. These criteria always help to lose weight.


Lifesum syncs with other activity trackers. It takes into account workouts and adjusts your daily rate. All of this goes straight into weight loss statistics.


In EasyFit, you’ll be able to track your food and water intake. For each meal, there is an accurate kilocalorie. If you can’t find a product, you can add it yourself. 


The program’s easy-to-use functionality is well complemented by personalization options. You can choose from 42 built-in themes for more comfortable diet control. EasyFit also contains a game to improve your memory.


Effective weight loss with EasyFit has become more convenient with the appearance of widgets. You can set them on your desktop to quickly mark nutrition or activity.


XBodyBuild is suitable for tracking weight or changes in other body parameters. After calculating the norm, XBodyBuild will offer to mark meals, exercise and analyze the results. The tracker has a built-in nutritional rate calculator that you can use to calculate your BMI, body fat percentage or water balance.


You can add workouts to XBodyBuild from the built-in database. It contains more than 120 exercises for home exercise or fitness clubs. They are synchronized with kilocalorie consumption. So the app will mark the information it receives when it counts. It will also notify you when the calories burned will allow you to extend your daily norm.


XBodyBuild takes body parameters into account. So, you should periodically take measurements. Perhaps one day the tracker will even allow you to eat an unscheduled dessert.

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