Top 6 Amazon best seller books Top 6 Amazon best seller books

Top 6 Amazon Best Seller Books & What Makes Them So

If you are a reading enthusiast and your first instinct after any minor inconvenience is to jump on websites to purchase new books, or even if you have a hobby of buying books you promise to read, you might visit Amazon often.

Top 6 Amazon best seller books
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Since the best-selling list always has the eyes of a reader hooked, have you ever wondered what determines which book goes on that list? Probably not.

Below is how the list is made and then the top 6 Amazon best-seller books so you can decide better next time you want to buy a book out of nowhere.

1. How Does a Book Become a Best Seller on Amazon?

The books on the best-seller list aren’t the only ones with good sales. So, what makes them special to be on that list? And who decides that?

1.1 Sales

Top 6 Amazon best seller books
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The first and foremost thing to get the orange badge is sales. The more a book sells, the higher the chance it gets on the best-seller list.

Other things also determine a book’s sales, like the Amazon algorithm, reviews, and a catching title. Below are some things that increase sales and what authors do to increase them.

1.2 Category

If a best-selling book in a category sells 1000 copies a day, it can be difficult for an author to gain that spot, but if a book in another category sells 50-100 copies, it can become easy to reach there.

Amazon has many categories, and authors manipulate them to get an orange badge to increase sales.

So buy books after reading a quick summary and reviews rather than just buying off the list. But authors do so because, at the end of the day, it matters, and it shows the desired results.

1.3 Kindle or Paperback?

If you are buying books, it is important to see if they’re e-books or paperbacks. A best-selling e-book might be at the bottom of paperback rankings. Authors usually use e-books when they already have a digital presence and can promote them easily.

1.4 Title and Design

Top 6 Amazon best seller books
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No matter how much people promote the idea of not judging a book by its cover, it is true that these things matter, especially when a customer is buying them online.

A catchy title and a good hardcover or even front cover pages are sometimes enough to attract many customers. The good calligraphy on that book is like a cherry on top.

1.5 Reviews

Good reviews and ratings increase the authenticity of the product when buying online. This is where it becomes difficult if the authors manipulate categories.

Customers add reviews and ratings, leading to fewer sales and no badges. Whether or not the items ship in good condition and to the right address can help increase the review ratings.

1.6 Book Promotion and Discounts

Authors make sure to get recommended by their family and friends with an audience, like YouTubers or influencers. This exposes a different audience, which increases the authenticity and helps with sales.

Another method is to go on book promotions, given they already have an audience and to give discounts or free or signed copies. It usually works before and just after the book launch, increasing the sales and hence the chances of getting a best-seller tag.

1.7 Amazon Algorithm

Next to sales, what matters the most is whether Amazon likes a book. If a book does well before and after launching and gets reviews, ratings, and good sales, it is likely to be recommended to others through e-mails and notifications.

It can be easy to manipulate the algorithm to get a badge in a lesser-known category, but if Amazon likes a book, it helps increase sales rather than the other way around.

2. Top 6 Amazon Best Seller Books

No matter the algorithm, a best-selling title, selling a thousand copies a day is worth giving a chance.

Here are the top 6 Amazon best-seller books that might not be on the bestseller at the time you are reading this since the top position is updated hourly but they have stayed in the game far too long to be considered average and are worth a chance.

2.1 Fiction

2.1.1 It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover

Top 6 Amazon best seller books
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Dominating the top 6 Amazon best-seller books in fiction, you’ve probably heard or seen this book on your social media or in life unless you are living under a rock.

After the book left the readers begging for the sequel which was among best sellers in new releases- It starts with us, this book is exactly how USA Today described it- “glorious and touching.”

The book revolves around three people- Lily Bloom, Ryle Kincaid, and Atlas Corrigan. Unlike other romance books, it deals with emotions as no other can. It revolves around past trauma and exploring love and its complexities in all forms.

Summary (Spoiler Alert)-

Lily grew up in an abusive household, witnessing domestic violence, and is traumatized by it. As she’s reminded of her suffering from her father’s passing away, she meets Ryle, and they click instantly. As the relationship is sailing smoothly, coincidentally, Lily meets her first love- Atlas.

As she keeps bumping into him occasionally, Ryle, out of his anger issues, hits Lily and leaves him since she doesn’t want her daughter, whom she had just given birth to, to grow up in a house like hers.

As she is no longer with Ryle, she thinks of giving Atlas a chance but knows the complexity since Ryle is involved in her life due to her daughter.

2.1.2 Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

Top 6 Amazon best seller books
by: Matheus Bertelli/ Pexels Copyrights 2022

Published in 2018, this book is in the highest rankings in the fiction category. The New York Times book review has described this masterpiece as “painfully beautiful,” “murder mystery,” “coming-of-age narrative,” and a “celebration of nature.”

With a sales record of 15 million copies, Reese Witherspoon said, “I didn’t want this story to end!” describing every reader’s feelings.

Due to its fame and captivating plot, the book was adapted into a movie with a song that dominated the charts: “Carolina” by Taylor Swift. This increased the attention on the book version as well, making it become one of Amazon’s best-sellers again!

Summary (Spoiler Alert)-

The book is based in the mid-20th century in the quiet town of Barkley Clove in North Carolina. There are stories in the town about a mysterious girl called ‘Marsh Girl’ who lives alone in the rural area nearby.

Left by her mother and siblings to avoid her abusive father, the father also leaves shortly after, and Kya Clark has been living alone, finding company in nature. While she is intelligent and strong, she has a hopeful heart that longs to be touched and loved.

Her life takes a turn when Chase Andrews, a handsome guy from the town, is found dead. The people suspect her, and her life unfolds most unexpectedly.

The book is sure to get your interest and keep you occupied forever. Grab a copy for yourself on Amazon and start your journey with what Taylor calls her- Carolina.

2.1.3 Verity by Colleen Hoover

Top 6 Amazon best seller books
by: Cottonbro/ Pexels Copyrights 2021

After being for more than 44 weeks in the New York Times, a best-seller according to USA Today, the Globe and Mail Bestseller, and Amazon Best-sellers, Colleen Hoover also amazed people with this genre.

Verity, published in 2018, is a psychological thriller about truth, trauma, and violence.

Summary (Spoiler Alert)-

The story starts when Lowen Ashleigh and Jeremy Crawford meet and later share their personal feelings as they keep bumping into each other. Lowen later finds out that Jeremy is the husband of Verity Crawford– a famous writer who is writing a book series but can’t finish it due to an accident.

Lowen, as asked, accepts the offer to finish the series as she is financially struggling. She leaves for Vermont to be with the Crawfords. Amongst Verity’s stuff, Lowen finds her writings, which she knows will hurt Jeremy.

As both Lowen and Jeremy start to get close, Lowen and Verity keep an eye on each other, and Lowen even confronts Verity. With Jeremy finding out the ‘truth’, he takes his justice his way, but there’s a saying that there’s a thin line between truth and lie and it’s often blurred.

2.1.4 Fairytale by Stephen King

Dominating the New York Times list for five weeks and being an Amazon best-seller, Fairytale is a realistic fiction. It has suspense and thrill and revolves around the ‘good’ and ‘evil.

Summary (Spoiler Alert)-

Charlie Reade loses his mother at the age of 10, and he raises himself and his alcoholic father. When he’s 17, his fondness for the neighbor’s dog- Radar increases. The neighbor lives on a hill nearby, namely- Howard Bowditch.

After his death, he leaves everything for Charlie, which is too nice to be true. Rightfully so, he also leaves a tape telling him something surreal.

Howard tells him about the parallel universe. A world where time can be reversed, buildings cross the clouds, and good and evil are at war. The story then continues when the high-schooler becomes a hero due to the circumstances and a huge responsibility trustfully given by Bowditch.

2.2 Non-Fiction

2.2.1 I’m Glad My Mom Died by Jennette McCurdy

Top 6 Amazon best seller books
by Mikhail Nilov/ Pexels Copyrights 2021

Every Disney kid who grew up watching Sam and Cat should not miss reading this fantastic masterpiece, which tells so much behind the scenes and how actors have a very different life than we just see on camera.

The book deals with trauma, overcoming it, and becoming independent. With humor and uncomfortable details about her mother, readers are surely moved by her journey without a doubt.

Summary (Spoiler Alert)-

The book is divided into two parts: before and after her mother died. Jennette started as a successful child actor. Coming from a poor financial background, she started acting when she was 6.

Her mother, Debra, wanted her to become famous, so Jennette was kept on an extreme diet and workouts.

Due to gaslighting and other methods, she did everything asked to please her mother.  Jennette had no privacy to the level where her mother used to bathe her till she was 16. She controlled her e-mail, diaries, social life, and also her income.

Due to this, Jennette starts developing issues like anxiety, depression, and self-hate, all of which lead to an eating disorder.

After 2013, when her mother dies, Jennette tries to live in denial of loving her mother but, due to circumstances, is forced to feel her feelings and come to terms with her trauma. She soon quits acting and starts to write, including books like ‘The Wall Street Journal.’

2.2.2 Atomic Habits by James Clear

Top 6 Amazon best seller books
by: Ihsan Adityawarman/ Pexels Copyrights 2019

This New York Times best-selling book has been an Amazon best-seller for weeks. Atomic Habits will surely transform your life, with more than four million copies sold.

It talks about how to make good habits in daily life, stop the bad ones, and help achieve the aim irrespective of what it is.

Summary (Spoiler Alert)-

James Clear explains the power of Atomic Habits, a strategy to improve, which is experienced by many and is proven.

Clear breaks the jargon and methods taken from biology, psychology, neurology, and other science streams, making it a lot easier for people to understand them.

He tells methods to easily develop these habits with examples from real-life people like artists, business people, and Olympic medallists, impacting readers.

The book is divided into 20 chapters, and to narrow it down, Clear touches on three things- atomic habits are small changes, bad habits repeat because of a bad system and not because you don’t want to change, and lastly, how the small changes can be uncomfortable sometimes and seem unimportant but will lead to a result with time.

Even though these are three topics, James Clear explains there’s so much more to it to help you achieve your goal.

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